Day Six

Portugal: Day Six (sexto dia) / SECOND Portguese Gym Day!!

John and I got up around 10:00am and John took Romeo for his morning walk while I checked on the laundry I did before bed. I was hoping that since Carla showed me how to drain the water in the dryer and how to turn the spin cycle in the washer all the way up we would actually have dry clothes, I was somewhat disappointed to find otherwise. Our dri-fit stuff (thank you, Nike) is dry, but everything else is slighty damp. Not as bad as before, but still needing to be hung. John and Romeo came back, and John and I went off to meet Ken & Bobby at the gym. Lucky for you, I remembered to take pictures this time.

IMG_0161My walk up the alley way. To my right is Lina and Ernes’ restaurant: Toronto Nights.

IMG_0159This is ALKE Fitness.

IMG_0157This is the first room.

IMG_0158This is the second room. What you can’t see is one treadmill, one rowing machine, one bike, and one stairmaster. This is where the two stability balls are. This is Ken&Bobby. Ken on the right, Bobby in the back. John says photography’s not really my thing. #bettersticktowriting

About halfway through our workout, Lina and John found me on my way outside to do box jumps (read: oversized curb jumps). Lina was explaining to John that 5:30pm was too early to do a group exercise class because people are not really home from work or picking up their kids yet. John can’t do any later because he is the strength & conditioning coach for the junior Mira Mar team. John told Lina that I could do the class, and it was decided that I would teach from 6:30-7:30pm Segunda a Sexta-feira (Monday – Friday). After I was done working out, Lina showed me the space that Ernes showed John on Monday. It is the banquet hall above their restaurant. It’s decent-sized, has mirrors, 20 aerobic steps, and 13 stability balls (that need to be blown-up). Lina will translate the class as we go. If the class goes well and more people want other times then John will start to teach too.

FHers! Our 2nd workout was this:

Supersets, 3 rounds of each:

A. 1. “Box” jumps x15  2. SB pike-to-push up x15

B. 1. Hanging leg raises x15  2. Declined full sit ups w/weight x15

C. 1. Lateral squats w/weight x10E  2. Inverted rows x10

 IMG_0156John and Ernes. I think my camera-skills are improving.

John said he was going to do a shoulder-arm circuit at the end, but since I was feeling beasty enough, I opted for some single leg RDLs. My biceps are starting to get in the way when I dry my hair with my new blow dryer. HA.


We stopped at Pic-Nic and had some galao and we saw Rui who we can’t really talk to until we learn some Portuguese. It was another rainy day, so we do lots of reading and watching movies. I took Romeo for a long walk so I can take some photos of my run-route for you.

IMG_0782First off, let’s discuss what constitutes as a “sidewalk” here in Povoacao.

IMG_0775Because there are so many street dogs here, there is also street poop. This is a pile I stepped in whilst trying to stop Romeo from peeing in the flowers pictured below.


IMG_0754Once you get past the gas station, the beach is almost in sight. It is on the other side of that tiny little footbridge. I have been running over the footbridge, then up around that ledge you see on the left, and back down the car bridge I pointed out before.

IMG_0758After that, we run around the gymnasium and down along the harbor.

IMG_0762Then we head back up toward the square through this other sweet little spot. I took a picture of the plaque here so I could Google Translate it later.

IMG_0764The rough translation is that this garden is dedicated to Manuel Antonio De Vasconcelos for founding the Azorean Newspaper and for being the eastern defender of the county of Povoacao. Maybe: I’ve learned that google translate lies.

IMG_0763John says it’s weird to post pictures of Romeo relieving himself, but he likes this tree. And people like Romeo.

IMG_0766After the garden, we head back up toward the square. This is DAP, where I finally bought my hair dryer. Secador de cabelo.

IMG_0767This rua eventually becomes our rua.

IMG_0768IMG_0773IMG_0771This is the barber shop, but because there is no sign you just have to know it’s the barber shop.

IMG_0776This sidewalk is slightly more forgiving than the other one I showed you. See that green house? It’s just before the dentist. We’re almost home.

IMG_0778This is part of the holy grassy knoll opposite our apartment.

IMG_0781And finally, this is where the high schoolers canoodle after school. We can here them giggling through our bedroom window. Oh, young love.

John has to train the juniors again tonight but he doesn’t have practice himself, so he’ll be home early (before 8:00pm). We bought a tiny frozen chicken the other day when Serenela took us shopping, but I forgot to take it out early enough to let it defrost. I probably took it out of the freezer at about 4:00pm. I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before, so I got really nervous that it wasn’t going to defrost in time for dinner. I put it in a pot of water and turned the burner to simmer. I went back to reading (I’m at 91% of Help for the Haunted!!) and forgot all about the chicken until she is basically boiled. Oops. Once John leaves for practice I caramelized an onion (cebola) and put that in the bottom of a glass dish, put my little chicken on top, and sprinkled on a greenish-yellow spice that I don’t know what is but smells pretty good. I cooked some (frozen) vegetables in soy sauce and made some—what else?—white rice. John thought this meal was amazing, so I guess I can say I know how to cook a chicken.

After dinner, which we got to have at a reasonable time because he didn’t have practice, we went down to Pic-Nic to get a dessert cappuccino. And it is true what they say; European coffee really is a whole lot better. We sat down with Rui again and he tried to ask us how long we planned to be in Povoacao. John said until May, through the end of Mira Mar’s season, which he seemed to understand. He tried to tell us about a party on Saturday night, which I determined started at 10:30pm after he wrote it out on the table with his finger. He then found a flyer so he could show us where it was. Turns out there is also a party at Toronto Nights which is the restaurant that Ernes and Lina own next to the gym, so we might actually have a night out this weekend! Stay tuned.

Rui was excited that we were going to be here until May because that means that we’ll be here for his birthday, which after much prodding and use of my iPhone app Pocket Lingo we figured out is vinto e um Fevereiro (February 21st). After that, he wanted us to buy him a cafe, which we did. Then we headed home to watch 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan and Anna Kendrick which is hilarious and sweet and deserves a watch if you are looking for a good movie.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, so I asked John if we could go to the beach. He said we could and I am SO SORE from Monday and today in the gym that I am absolutely not going tomorrow. I will take Romeo for a run (who is eating normally now, thank you everyone for your grave concern and offers of American dog food!) My abs hurt from the hanging leg raises and I can’t even sit myself up without using my newly enormous arms, that’s how sore I am. #nopainnogain



One thought on “Day Six

  1. I’m loving reading about all of your adventures and I’m so glad that Romeo is feeling better and eating normally 🙂 I also thought the comment on the pic of him “relieving” himself was precious because yes, people do like Romeo 😉

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