Day Seven

Portugal: Day Seven (setimo dia)/ First Beach Day!

We have been here a whole week! Settling in is not hard and I’m not homesick yet (though I am getting a ton of love and support from home at all hours of the day, so that helps). I told John a week is still vacation-length—check in on me at a month and see how I’m feeling. John and I sleep in everyday here and day seven was no different. We got up around 10:00am and took Romeo to the small beach. It was super sunny when we left, but the weather here can change on a dime, and usually does. After about an hour and a half of lounging and reading, it began to get overcast. We hadn’t had coffee yet, so we dropped Romeo off, showered and ate, and then went to Pic-Nic. My head was pounding at this point from the lack of caffeine.


After our belated galao we went home and swept up Romeo fur which, if you’ve ever been around him you know, is a daily (sometime twice daily) task. I absolutely could not go to the gym because I was still reeling from the day before. And Monday. I chose to take (drag) Romeo for a five mile run while John went to do a little light lifting. Again, a five mile run here is sort of like a four mile run, with one extra loop around the village. This time I reversed my bridges so that I ran up the car bridge and down the ledge and then across the foot bridge. You know who hates hill running even more than this girl?

IMG_0376This dog.

Thank goodness I ran into John at mile 3.8 (which effectively relieved Romeo of his running-buddy duties), because I was physically dragging Romeo at this point. It is hilly and humid here, and just before I ran into John, Marco saw me as he drove by. He didn’t see us running, he actually saw Romeo throw himself around a lamppost to save himself from the rest of our run. I was untangling his leash when I heard Marco yell my name. The funny thing about my name is that it doesn’t exist here. Pedro and John had a conversation the other day about how to say my name. “Lisa?” Pedro asked. “No,” John said, “Liza, with a Z”. “Luisa?” Pedro asked, and S’s are all pronounced “shhhhhh” here so this sounds like “Luisha”. “No,” John said, “not Luisa. Liza. Like Liza Minelli?” which he makes fun of me for saying, but then no one forgets my name. Pedro is not familiar with Liza Minelli so this reference is not helpful. We’ll have to work on this.

After my run and John’s trip to the gym, we sat at the kitchen table. Then the doorbell rang. It was Lina! And she brought us a pizza so we “don’t have to eat rice and beans again!” She brought it from their restaurant Toronto Nights. She has been reading my blog and has asked if she can pass it along to her Canadian family. I am flattered and humbled by her kindness. I put the pizza in the oven so we can eat it when John comes home from practice.


John walked to the guys’ apartment so Pedro can pick them all up for practice at once. After I showered I tried to go to a market I hadn’t gone to yet to find out that it closes at 6:30pm. It was after 8:00pm. I went home and Skype with my cousin Meg. Romeo got to see his brother Mighty who he hasn’t seen since we moved in August. When John, Meg, Romeo, Mighty and I all lived together, this was a common way to find them:


They didn’t seem to care about Skyping with each other, so Meg and I continued to catch up. It is nice to see faces from home and Meg is the second person from home to see our apartment. I got to show Anna our new digs the other day. Because we share the wifi with the nail salon, sometimes the picture cuts out or freezes. I was able to catch up on family gossip and have a laugh with Meg.

When John got home I broiled the pizza that Lina brought us, because it reheats pizza really well, but mostly because it’s the only setting I know how to use. I must remember to ask Carla about this, but since I know she reads my blog she will probably pop out of her shop tomorrow to tell me.

Because I don’t actually eat cheese, I scraped that part off but put the toppings back on. It was really good! I put my dissected pizza-cheese on top of Romeo’s kibble and he ate like a good boy. John ate it like a normal person and we watched The Way Way Back with Steve Carrell which was filmed in Green Harbor (#GH) which is where we have our beach house. Another good film if you can handle watching a 14-year-old boy at his most awkward stage in the worst summer of his life. #weveallbeenthere

Image 1One of my long time old girlfriends put this on Instagram maybe a month ago. Far be it from me to deny you from seeing me at my most awkward.

Other things I’ve learned since we got here? Some skills are non-transferable when it comes to international travel. For instance, my ability to decide when fruit is ripe? Totally useless. I didn’t even know these were BANANAS.

IMG_0378This isn’t a plaintain?


4 thoughts on “Day Seven

  1. Freaking awesome view bro!

  2. My biggest concern from this whole thing is…. WHAT IS WITH NO CHEESE?!?!?
    And also… Glad you guys the settling in! Maybe eating cheese would help though…

    • Leslie! I haven’t done dairy at all in almost a year!! I feel great. Just before we left I started eating it a little because I figured I’d be eating it here but I just felt awful. So far, milk is fine but I did find soy milk (which costs more than three times what regular milk costs)!!
      Thanks for reading, Leslie. The support is awesome! I’m going to place an order soon—you deliver internationally, right??
      Xo L

  3. […] to learn how to do lots of things I didn’t know before. I have had to learn how to tell when bananas are ripe, I have had to learn how to do laundry, and I had to learn how to cook sauce from nothing. I fully […]

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