Day Eight

Portugal: Day Eight (oitavo dia)

Gym day #3. John and I got up, I walked Romeo and we headed toward the gym. John is still sore and they have a big game tomorrow so he decided to ride the bike for a while and just do some core. Ken and Bobby are coming a little bit later, so I’m on my own. I decided to pay homage to the FIELDHOUSE and put sprints into my routine. Since you’ve seen the gym, you know I have to do these outside.

I did two supersets, 3x:

  • 89lbs Deadlifts x10
  • 25yd repeat x3
  • Burpees: 30 / 20 / 10
  • 25yd repeat x3

Not only do I do my repeats outside on the sidewalk from the gym driveway to the high school (I think it is about 25 yards), but I also do my burpees outside. I use my sweat towel to protect my little hands. These end up being significantly harder than regular burpees because when I jump back to a push-up position on the gravel, I have to use my core to keep my feet from sliding so far back I land on my face. However, since I’m on gravel, it saves me from having to do burpee SPLATS.


I finished with planks; one minute on each side. Now officially sweating like a beast, we head to Pic-Nic. We see Adam and Majiid who I haven’t seen since we got wifi. I have been asked to post a bicep picture to prove I am not overreacting. Stay tuned and maybe I’ll get up the courage to post pictures of myself that could later be used as evidence that I am a tranny.

Today there are a few big games on (Belgium v. Croatia, Israel v. Portugal) so after we went home to shower and eat, we headed back to Pic-Nic. We see Ken near the square—he just got his hair cut at the barber shop:


Bobby is getting his cut, and then they will both come to Pic-Nic. The barber lines everyone up with a straight razor. Apparently, Widow’s Peaks are not a Portuguese thing, as the barber decided to shave Ken’s off completely.

Ken and I trade blog stories, and I told him I would highlight his blog on my blog. See, Ken actually writes about the Azorean Footballing Experience, so if any of my readers care about the details of their games that I fail completely to provide you can find them here:

It turns out that their game Saturday doesn’t start until 8:30pm and Ponta Delgado is at least an hour away. No one I know is going, so I am going to sit this one out. Toronto Nights is having a party, and I know Carla and Lina will be there. I am trying to convince Serenela to go with me 🙂

Quite often when we are walking, we see the cat-who-attacked-Romeo. If you missed my Instagram video memorializing their first meeting, you can find it here:

Maybe a day or two after that happened, they met again. John was taking Romeo for a walk and Romeo came back with these cuts above his lip:


After we sit at Pic-Nic for the Croatia v. Belgium game (I’m pretty sure Belgium won) we waited another hour or so for the Portugal game to start. I am on at least my fourth galao of the day, so I am wired, but everyone else seems to be fading. Ken&Bobby head home. John and I head home. This game is so big it is shown on the regular cable channels that we both have in our respective apartments. I, obviously, don’t watch it. I Skype, and iMessage, and read what I have deemed the next book club book because I finished the last one already: A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett.

I throw some laundry in and work on my blog. John falls asleep. #lifeisgood



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