Day Nine/ Sabado

Portugal: Day Nine (nono dia)

John and I have invited Ken&Bobby over for a pre-game carb load brunch. I bought some massa (Portuguese sweet bread) the other day and have been wanted to make french toast out of it. After I go to the market and we, of course, get a galao at Pic-Nic, we met the boys on the way back to our apartment, and began to cook. On top of the massa french toast, John made home fries and I made bacon and eggs. We feasted.

Before we went to the market, John had taken Romeo for a walk. On the way home, Romeo decided to jump in the fountain across from our apartment, which happens to be full of coy fish and algae. Romeo now smells like algae and dead coy fish, and if you for some reason couldn’t smell him, you would know something was up because his feet were green. GREEN.

IMG_0778Yes, this nasty fountain water.

So, after brunch I took Romeo to the beach with me. I wanted to read in the sun, but I also figured salt water and sand were a better kind of dirty than algae. Romeo likes the water, but he is terrified of the waves. So, each time he delicately prances toward the water, he immediately turns and gets the F&*!& out as fast as he can to avoid the big scary waves. I considered leaving him behind so I could get in the surprisingly luke warm water, but if you know Romeo, you know why I can’t do this. Romeo is an escape artist and has been found in all sorts of places all over Sudbury, Newton, and most-recently, Framingham and thanks to many very kind strangers, he has been returned over and over again. Since I couldn’t get in the water, I headed back to my blanket and read.

I love the weather here. Even though when it is only 70 degrees, in the sun it feels incredibly hot. And even when it’s overcast and breezy, it’s still warm. It was really windy, but since the beach is blocked by a mountain, you don’t feel it there. After about an hour, I headed home with a different-kind-of-dirty Romeo. Success.

John and I showered and got ready, and decided to go watch the juniors play. Since we couldn’t find a ride, we walked (hiked) up the lomba that leads to the desportivo complex. I have recently learned that there are seven lombas in Povoacao. Two of them are not that bad in terms of hill grade. This is one of them.

We got up to the stadium in time to see the last 10 or so minutes of the Infantis game. These kids are probably between 9 and 11, John and I decided. We saw Mira Mar rip four goals in those final minutes. Felipe, who plays with John on the first team, coaches these youngsters. When the game was over, he joined us in the stands to watch the junior game. We asked him what the final score of that game was. Oh, desculpa, what was that? Yeah, 21-1. #miramarSC

We watched the first half of the junior game and they were winning 2-0 when we convinced Pedro to drive us home. John had to change and grab a lanche (snack) before Pedro picked him up again at 6:00pm for their game in Ponta Delgada against Sao Roque.

I hung around, worked on my blog, chatted with Serenela, had a galao at Pic Nic and mostly waited around. I finally went home around 12:30am and John was still not home. I sent him a text message (which he can’t get unless he is on wifi), hid the one key we share, and headed to Toronto Nights. Lina was there (working) but Carla was not. Lina introduced me to her English-speaking friend, Paula. We drank and danced and finally John (with Ken&Bobby) showed up. He didn’t get my message about the key, they wouldn’t let him in wearing shorts, and they had lost their game 3-2. Something else you might not know about John? The only thing he likes less than wearing his shirt is losing.


If you want to know the painful details of their loss, check out Ken’s blog.

We walked home together, he changed, and we headed back to Toronto Nights. By the time we got there, Ken&Bobby had left, probably because they, like me, didn’t know anyone else there. We had one beer each and were home before 2:00am. Woo hoo #bignightout ! Even though they lost, John did score his first goal of the season! #soccerstarjohnny

ImageToronto A Noite


5 thoughts on “Day Nine/ Sabado

  1. Bibiana bernardo

    Liza have you been to ponta Delgada? Much to see and do. It’s beautiful along the waterfront.

  2. […] game that night against Sao Roque. John and Ken have played against their senior team and lost (see Day Nine). This time, John&Ken (it just doesn’t have the same ring!) were on the roster as […]

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