Day Eleven

Portugal: Day Eleven (decimo-primeiro dia)

So, after several successful gym days here in Portugal, the time has come for me to teach my first Portuguese group class. Aside from having never taught a class in another country, I’ve actually never coached a class in a culture other than the FH. Other than a language-barrier (which turns out to be minimal), there is a serious difference in equipment and space. The class isn’t in the gym, but in the banquet hall above Toronto Nights.

First things first; it was pouring when we woke up. John’s upper back was bothering him last night, and in the morning he could hardly move without pain. I walked Romeo and then hit the gym solo. Ken&Bobby were already there doing their own thing. I did 5:00 on the bike to warm up, then did 4 rounds of:

  • Split squats x10E with 20kg
  • SB roll outs x15
  • SB knee tucks x15
  • SB single-leg leg curls x10E
  • Decline push-ups x10
  • :30 Mountain climbers

I finished with core: 3:00 plank, 1:00 each side (direito, esquerda, centro),

By the time I got home it was 1:00pm. See what I mean about being good at wasting time? John cooked lunch, (John cozinho almoco), which was fiambre, ovo, e queijo (ham, egg & cheese) sandwiches, nao queijo for me, of course. We used eggs from Lina’s farm; when I went to walk Romeo this morning in my PJ shorts and sunglasses, Lina called to me from Carla’s salon. She had at least a dozen eggs, a huge thing of bananas (that actually looked like bananas) and fruit and a plastic cup of something gelatinous and orange which Ken thought was maybe passionfruit, but later Lina told me it was homemade applesauce from the macas that she grows. It was incredible. So were the egg sandwiches.

I figured out the address where I can have my family send us things. I had started an “American Wish List” so I would be ready for this moment.

My American Wish List:

  • Peanut butter… lots of peanut butter
  • anything from real deal snacks.. like ANYTHING
  • proactiv that was delivered after we left
  • dove soap that I bought in bulk before we left and then decided not to pack
  • mary kay eye make up remover, travel size for our upcoming trip… Spain?!
  • mary kay primer.. and beige 1 mineral powder… and mineral brush.. MK reps: I know you read this!!
  • Romeo’s bones that we thought we threw inside his crate, but didn’t
  • doggy treats
  • tweezerman (desperately)

John and I have been starting to think about and plan our Christmas/New Year’s trip. We figured out before we got here that it would cost us a lot of money to go home for Christmas. So we decided to spend a lot of money to go somewhere else in Europe. Right now the plan is to go to Madrid for New Year’s and then Barcelona for the Three Kings Festival and, what else?, an FC Barcelona game. We have also been invited by our friends, Anne & Joseph who are sailing the world, to go to Turkey which everyone says is awesome.

At one point we met up with Ken&Bobby to do our grocery shopping on Mira Mar’s tab. We go shopping probably every other day, so we don’t need a lot. The one thing I was worried about finding here is soy milk. Which I did find. They sell it at the big market halfway down our rua. They have it, but it is about 5 times as expensive as leite de vaca (cow milk). I have been trying to use it sparsely; cereal is my top priority, because you can actually taste the cow teet. In my galaos, the expresso has so much flavor it’s ok.

While we were out shopping with Ken&Bobby, Romeo vomited. John and I spent a few minutes disagreeing about what kind of bodily secretion it was; I was sure it was pee, it was bright yellow! And John knew it was vomit. He was right. When we wiped it off the tile it was thick and slimy. I promptly flushed the disgusting paper towels down the toilet. Which is something I learn to regret (muito desculpa) on Day Twelve.

I spent a few hours in the afternoon putting a routine for my class together and translating some words into Portuguese so I would be ready. In fact, most of the women in the class spoke English and I also had Lina there to interpret. But I’m still trying to learn. I borrowed Bobby’s HDMX JAM speaker and used my iPhone for music and the tabata timer. The banquet hall has some serious DJ equipment that I wouldn’t even know what to do with. Since the tiles are slippery, they have a large area rug they unroll for these classes. They also have plenty of yoga mats and aerobic steps for everyone, plus 10 stability balls (there are 2 more in the gym). After we did an in-place version of an FH dynamic warm-up, this is what we did:

First circuit: Primeiro circuito:

  • 1:00 work / :30 rest um minuto trabalho / trinto segundos resto
  • Plank
  • Squats Agachamento
  • Full sit ups
  • X3 tres vezes

Second circuit: Segundo circuito:

  • :30 / :20 trinto segundos / vinto segundos
  • Push ups
  • Split squats R
  • Split squats L
  • Toe touches
  • X3 tres vezes

Third circuit (with aerobic step): Terceira circuito:

  • :30 / :20
  • Lateral step up R
  • Lateral step up L
  • Dips
  • Hip raises/bridges
  • X3 trez vezes

CORE: :30 each

  • Full sit ups
  • Toe touches
  • Russian twists
  • Leg raises
  • Holding V
  • Plank

The women were awesome. Thirteen total (including Lina) and a wide variety of ability, flexibility, coordination, and strength. Different than the FH, for sure, but I am happy to be here.



2 thoughts on “Day Eleven

  1. Gerald Williams

    The Three Kings Festival sounds awesome! That is something that I would definitely like to do some time. I have celebrated Three Kings Day (Dia de Reyes) all of my life! I guess I’ll have to wait for your epic pictures! So glad you, John, and Romeo are adjusting well to island life!

  2. […] sometime on Saturday. It was doing the same thing it did after I flushed some paper towel on Day Eleven. It was trying to flush, but the bowl would just fill with water and then drain very, very slowly […]

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