Day Thirteen

Portugal: Day Thirteen (decimo terceiro dia)…Ponta Delgada!!

I got up early enough to shower and have a galao with John before Lina and Carla picked me up at 11:00am. They were right on time and we headed up the lomba that takes you to Mira Mar’s stadium and eventually into Furnas (hot springs). It took us about an hour to get to the capital because Carla was driving; if it had been Lina, we could’ve been there in 45 minutes.

We went to Lina and Ernes’ house in Ponta Delgada first to drop off some homemade cooking for Lina’s daughter, Xana, who is a freshman at the university there. She is living in their house with two other girls. We dropped off the food and picked up the shopping list she’d left for Lina. We headed off in search of a spot to have a Portuguese lunch.

We stopped at a spot on the water that was pretty empty when we arrived. It quickly filled up with tourists, which it must do often because the menu was complete with English translations for each item. I chose a peixe dish (egg battered and fried mackerel with boiled potatoes and salad), Lina had a steak with egg (because everything here comes with an egg on it), and Carla ordered octopus. We started the meal off with some of the most buttery-garlicky garlic bread I’ve ever had; all the food was amazing. We opted out of dessert at this restaurant to find a bakery instead.


We went to Pao de Rei which I think is a chain, because we passed at least one other while in the city. I got a delicia crème de ovo and Lina and Carla both got a tiny little tart filled with caramelized custard. We had galaos. Once we finished, we went to the mall. We poked in a few shops, I bought a pumice from The Body Shop (which was on my wish-list!!) and then we went to the supermarket in the mall: Continente. Lina did her shopping for Xana, and Carla and I started out grabbing “just a few things”. By the time we got to the register, we were balancing items on top of our shared cart. I got a few things we really did need: a spatula, a vegetable peeler, a can opener, plus some other goodies like soy milk (SO much cheaper here!) and cookies. This store was like a super Target, complete with a Tofa (like Starbucks) near the entrance.

We went back to Lina’s house to drop off Xana’s food. After that, we went to a beauty supply shop so Carla could stock up for her salon. I got tweezers (also on my wish list!). We had one more stop before we headed back to Povoacao: we went to the harbor to have one last galao and so the girls could show me the pier.

IMG_0209I am leaving this picture small so you can’t see how bad it is of me. Carla (left) and Lina (right) look awesome, so here it is!

The weather was beautiful; a little cloudy but warm. Ponta Delgada was basically what I expected: much more shopping and housing, and restaurants and cafes, than Povoacao, but still very much a Portuguese archipelago city. Low buildings, cruise ship port, delicious food, fresh produce, and NO traffic. We left the city around 5:00pm so Lina and I could get back for class at 6:30pm. While there were a few cars on the road, and a few tractors we had to pass, the ride was basically the same as it was at 11:00am in the opposite direction. The roads are very windy across the island, and cars are constantly ascending and descending along the mountainside. I was working on writing up my routine for class on my iPhone when I felt a wave of something. Was I really full? Was I dehydrated? The feeling was unrecognizable. All of a sudden it hit me: I was nauseous. I didn’t know the last time I felt this way (probably because I was simultaneously inebriated). We were about to head into Furnas, only about 15 or 20 minutes from Povoacao. Carla asked me if the curves were making me sick, and I told her they were. Lina said the road from Furnas to Povoacao was the worst, and Carla told me she would pull over if I needed her to. We made it back to our rua without having to. I had just enough time to throw the perishables in the fridge, change into my gym shorts, run to Bobby&Ken’s for the speaker (which after several attempts to knock down their door it was apparent they were not home and I was going to teach class speaker-less), and hustled upstairs at Toronto Nights. While I remembered to get my tweezers and my pumice stone and my soy milk, I forgot completely to look at a bluetooth speaker. That item remains on my wishlist.

After class (if you want to see the routine, I’ll include it at the bottom of this post) I ran home to shower so I could be clean for my Skype date. On the calendar for tonight was the Luccheses:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 8.31.41 PM Image 1

Carrie, Grace, and I got to spend about half an hour catching up before John came home in time to hear about how Carlos scored a goal in between periods at a Bruins’ game at the garden. He also wanted us to know he’s mastered scoring goals with both feet at Sudbury Youth Soccer games. We said our goodbyes and our I-Love-Yous and got off Skype to have dinner: frango again.


I am slowly introducing my group of ladies at ALKE Fitness to FH warm-ups. We did shuffles and the supine series (most of it) Tuesday night, and Wednesday I showed them cariocas and the quadruped series. They don’t know it yet, but tomorrow is Black-Band Thursday. John brought some home from Mira Mar’s complex for me. Boo yah!

Wednesday’s workout:

Yoga mat: :35 / :15
Sky divers
Alt pointers

Stability ball: :30 / :15
SB crunches
Side crunches
X4 (2R 2L)

Roll outs
Side plank R/L
X4 (2R 2L)

Aerobic step: :30 / :15
Knee punch (sprinter’s step up) R&L
Single arm Push up plank ALT

Box blasts
Side plank

20 Throwdowns with a partner.


4 thoughts on “Day Thirteen

  1. Heather Pendergast

    Dear Liza and John you are both always good looking! Miss you in Sudbury but love reading all about your adventure on this blog. Keep writing xo!

  2. great blog Liza.. how do you remember what everyone ate? I enjoy you posting the workouts too cause I have been using them! Awesome!

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