Day Fourteen

Portugal: Day Fourteen (decimo quatro dia)

Two weeks! I sort of can’t believe we’ve already been here for two weeks, but in a way (because everyone has been so welcoming) I feel like we’ve been here a lot longer.

I slept until 11:00am (shocker) even though we went to bed early. Going to the city, shopping, eating, and (unbelievable!) having to work for an hour on Wednesday just totally wiped me out. It is by far the most action I’ve seen since we arrived. I have made a goal of running 15 miles each week (I did 18 in the first 8 days) and I’ve only run 3.5 this week, so it’s time to hit the pavement. I was thinking about doing 5 today and then 7 this weekend, but I decide to turn up my speed and only do 4 (it’s called “compromise”). I will worry about the other 7.5 another time. John headed for the gym to meet Ken&Bobby and I vowed to meet him there to do a little lifting (I love teaching this class @ ALKE, but since I can really only do bodyweight stuff, I’ve been skimping a little). My goal for the day is 4.0 in under 36:00; I finished in 35:30. I steered clear of the lombas so I could make my goal, and because hill running is hard. #runnerprobs

I did meet John at the gym where he and the guys were finishing up. I did three rounds:

  • 89lb deadlift x10
  • 45lb front squat to OH press x10
  • Pull-ups x 7 (because that’s all I can do, and the third round I didn’t do any. I substituted them with 15 hanging leg raises. There’s that word again: “compromise”.)

We headed for Pic-Nic afterwards to get our morning (1:00pm) galaos and John got a Fofa, which is like an eclair. This is the only pastry at Pic-Nic that is made fresh in Povoacao and delivered daily, I learned from Lina on our trip to Ponta Delgada. There is a bakery up in the same lomba that takes you to Furnas: Anjo Doce. After we showered and ate, I took my laptop back to the square to work on my blog and soak up some rays. Did I mention I love the weather here? I guess it’s a little humid, but it’s almost always sunny and when it does get cloudy or even rains it never lasts. The locals all wear long pants (either floral leggings or skinny jeans), long sleeves, and Merrill hiking shoes (the hills are NO JOKE). I sweat just looking at them; I am sticking to my normal dress code of cotton/spandex whether it be gym shorts or flowy skirts.

Pedro (Mira Mar’s driver) saw me sitting in the square and came over to sit with me. We talked for a few minutes, and he told me he would come pick me up separate for the game this Sunday after he drove all the players so I wouldn’t have to sit at the stadium early. Did I mention how nice every person we’ve met is? Because they are. John and Romeo met me and we took a long walk down at the harbor, but did I bring my camera? No. You’ll have to wait for pictures. Desculpa.

We decided that we were going to have more massa french toast for dinner because we had a big fat loaf of it in the freezer from our feast on Saturday. We also decided to get some vinho which we haven’t had yet (but is ridiculously cheap. And good). I got a bottle at the market below the guy’s apartment on my way home from work for €1.79. I bought it from Marcelo’s mom who also takes my class. She must have had someone cover for her for the hour so she could come to ALKE/Toronto Nights.

IMG_0220Street cat, chilling @ Toronto Nights.

After John, Romeo, and I took our long walk, John made me a fiambre e ovo sandwich with Lina’s farm fresh eggs. Some things here really are much fresher, and John reminded me that even things that are “imported” only come from Ponta Delgada (or other Azorean islands) which isn’t very far. I got ready for my class, and John headed off to train the juniors.

The assistant coach for the Mira Mar first team (John’s team) quit before the head coach did. But since the head coach left, he showed back up at practice Thursday night. This alleviates John’s stress of being a player/coach and he gets to focus on playing again, which is why we’re here. He has his whole life to coach, but if he wants to play he’s gotta do it while he’s young! (John thinks he will be young and vibrant and fit forever. For. Ever.)

I went to Pic-Nic after I cleaned up so I could post my blog and have some verde cha (green tea). Rui was there and he has gotten used to John and I picking up his tab (usually amounting to €0.60). I bought him a cafe but can’t understand a thing this guy says. He knows a few American phrases, but I think he actually memorizes them rather than understands them. One of his favorites is Joey from Friends: “How you doin’?”

We tried to talk to him the other night using Google Translate. Remember when I said that Google Translate lies?

IMG_0212-2No, Google. I don’t want you to translate the word “Portuguese” to “English”. Say what?

It turns out he doesn’t know John’s name at all and actually just refers to every guy as “Johnny”. It was working until he called Bobby&Ken “Johnny”, too. Now the jig is up.

After I posted my blog, I went to pay. The girl who works at Pic-Nic told me she READS MY BLOG. I was so excited to learn this; she told me Marco (Mira Mar’s captain) told her about it. I smiled the whole walk home.

I got home and cut up a bunch of batatas and a cebola for home fries and the massa for the french toast. I still had about an hour until John got home. I put the potatoes and onion on the stovetop and realized I didn’t have a bottle opener for the wine. I went to check, hoping it was a twist off. No such luck. I rooted through all the drawers (twice, as if that would help) but there was nada. I grabbed the bottle of wine and walked back to Pic-Nic so my new friend (and READER!) could do me a solid.

She did. John came home and we ate. Boa Noite.


Thursday’s Workout:


1/4 squat walk (ankles)

Above knee squats

Above knee fwd/bkwd walk

Clams x10E

Knee punches x10E

First circuit: :20/:10

Reverse lunge to knee punch R

Reverse lunge to knee punch L

Band on wrists hands at hips : open/ close

X 4

Second circuit: :30/:15

Lateral lunge/squat

Alt V up

Hold push-up-plank


Third circuit: :30/:15

Mountain climbers

Full sit ups

Hip bridge, alt. leg lifts 

X 3

Final kick: :40/:20

SB plank hold

Squat jumps

X 3



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