Day Fifteen

Portugal: Day Fifteen (decimo quinto dia)

I am trying to get up earlier/get on some sort of schedule. I woke up to Romeo breathing on my face (his way of saying “mom, I have to pee”) at about 9:00am. If you ignore him long enough, he will go back to bed, in one of the following positions:

IMG_0216 Image 1 IMG_0213IMG_0298

But I got up and took him for a walk. I came home and made myself a cup of the white pomegranate tea I got in Ponta Delgada the other day. Did you know that Sao Miguel is home to the only tea-leaf orchard in all of Europe? I didn’t either, but Lina told me on Wednesday when we drove by the fields. I’m not sure that’s where this particular box of Lipton came from, but it is delicious nonetheless.

I still wanted to run 7.0 on Sunday, so I had to run at least .5 Friday. John and I headed off to the gym and I did a 1.0 mile warm-up before I joined him at ALKE. I burnt it out in 7:38. We brought a TRX with us, and this is the first time I’ve tried to use it since we got here (John tried in August when he was here). The space is small, but there were not a lot of people there. We attached it to the pull-up bar, which is a good height, but the floor is so slippery that you just keep sliding. Trying to do rows was pretty much impossible, even with two 20kg plates as a footrest. If you bend your knees, you don’t slide. I did four rounds @ 10 reps with the TRX:

  • Rows
  • Fly’s
  • Tricep curls
  • Trail leg squats (10E)…probably my favorite exercise ever.
  • Pike-to-push up

I finished off with three 1:00 planks (side dips right & left and Navy Seals in the middle) supersetted with 15 decline sit ups with a 5kg plate.

We went to Pic-Nic to have our galaos and John got a fofa. We headed home to shower and get ready for our day. There were two things I had on my agenda for today (other than go to work @ ALKE for one hour): go to the fruit market Lina told me about, and reserve a rental car for Saturday. John and I wanted to go into Ponta Delgada together. He has been many times since the first time he came in June, and has spent as much time there as he has in Povoacao. There is a bus that goes from Povoacao to Ponta Delgada, but it doesn’t run a lot on Saturday and not at all on Sunday. It is hard to find information about it, but I was able to find out that it takes two hours as opposed to one hour because it makes so many stops along the way. Ken&Bobby may come with us, but either way; we are renting a car. I am a working girl now, so I can afford it.

We tried to go to the rental car place right after Pic-Nic but they were closed for lunch. Most shops are closed between 12:30-2:00pm for Almoco. We went back after we had showered and eaten lunch ourselves. We brought Romeo so our errands could double as a walk. We learned from Ernes earlier that the rental car place (7 Lombas rent-a-car) is next to the big market halfway down our rua. “Near the pet shop?” John asked, “Yes. Inside the pet shop” Ernes replied. Of course; the pet shop also rents cars.

I went inside and there were two women at the cash register/rental car desk. “Falas Ingles?” I asked. They both spoke English, so that was a good start. I told them I was interested in renting a car. “When?” they asked in unison. “Tomorrow” I replied. They looked at each other noncommittally and one of them responded, “Ummmm, sure.” They asked when I would like to pick it up. “10:00am?” I asked, becoming less and less sure. “10…10:30am” the girl who had taken to responding, said. With that I left, hoping that there would be a car in the morning.

Romeo’s newest friend, Lele, belongs to the Chinese owners of a store next to the pet shop. There are a few of these stores that sell clothing, shoes, small appliances, souvenirs, and other essential and non-essential items. Romeo makes the owners a little nervous because of his wolf-like appearance, but their dog really likes Romeo. After they played for a few minutes, John and I walked Romeo down toward the harbor, and this time I took pictures.




IMG_0240Above this restaurant is lomba de cavaleiro which takes you to Mira Mar’s complex, Furnas, and eventually, Ponta Delgada.


IMG_0248This is a pretty good shot of the whole vila.

After the harbor, we walked to the fruit market Lina told me about, above the fish market. I had walked by this market at least two dozen times before and had never know there was a fruit market, but you can smell the peixe from a block away, so when she said it was above that, I knew exactly where she meant.


The fruit shop is exactly what I’ve been looking for! After my trip to Ponta Delgada on Wednesday and then going to the fruit market Friday, I was a happy girl. John and I were planning on making carne asada, a traditional Portuguese meal for dinner, so I grabbed some carrots for that, cucumbers for a salad, and some bananas because we finished the ones Lina gave to us. The whole bill was €2.05.


We had to get some cervejas for our dinner too, so we went to Barracas, the market close to Pic Nic after that. I had to ask for help because I could only find non-alcoholic beer or a 30-rack. John and I aren’t big drinkers (….until Day Sixteen), so I don’t want to buy that many. I asked the cashier for help and he opened a box up and fished six Sagres out for me which he put in a plastic shopping bag. I grabbed two boxes of wine for us to drink, and then we went home.


IMG_0251John and Romeo wait outside.

We cut up all the vegetables for the carne asada but the first thing to cook was just the beef, which I bought cubed. The marinade was one beer, ¼ cup olive oil, an onion, garlic (which we’ve been too cheap thus far to buy, so we forego), salt, and crushed red pepper (which we also don’t have). That cooked at around 300 degrees for almost two hours (while I was at ALKE teaching) and then I came home and added the potatoes and carrots we had cut up earlier and cooked it for another 2 and a half hours, until John came home from practice. We ate it with salad and what I thought were savory rolls but turned out to be pineapple and coconut pastries.


Lina had sent me home from work with fresh pastries left over from an event she had catered that afternoon. We had those for dessert; things that looked like elongated crème puffs, and tiny little clouds of fried dough. We ate half the box and saved the rest for Ken&Bobby, but Adam and Majiid ate them Saturday night while we were all out. Sorry guys!


Then, to finish off the night, we Skyped with this little cherub:

IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0277

Friday Night’s ALKE workout:

John had brought me an agility ladder from Mira Mar’s complex, so after I warmed the ladies up, we did 15:00 solid minutes of ladder drills.

First circuit:

:30 / :20


Lateral box blasts

Trail leg squat Right


Trail leg squat Left


Stability Ball:

:30 / :20

OH squats

Russian twists


Rev. crunches

Navy seals


Knee tucks

Jumping jacks



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