Day Seventeen / Domingo!

Portugal: Day Seventeen (decimo setimo dia) Domingo!

I had more of a food hangover than an alcohol one when I woke up. My belly hurt from all the delicious food I ate due to my complete lack of discretion over how-much-is-too-much. I woke up a few times before my alarm went off at 10:00am and it was pouring. I got up at 10:00am, brushed my teeth, threw my contacts in, and took Romeo for a short stroll. At 10:20am I got in the rental car and drove it the two blocks down our street and one block down the tile sidewalk to the Pet Shop / 7 Lombas rent-a-car to where we’d picked it up just 24 hours earlier. I looked up and just as I’d feared it were closed. Even when the girl on Saturday morning told me to bring it back at 10:30am, I knew they wouldn’t be open. It’s Sunday and nothing (except Pic-Nic… and the other snack bars I don’t frequent) is open. I left the car but took the keys and my receipt to Pic-Nic for a galao. At about 10:40am I went back to 7 Lombas and they were still closed. I walked home in the rain.

John and I had breakfast and some instant espresso and decided to take Romeo for a walk to 7 Lombas. It was 11:30am. They were closed. This time, I put the keys and the receipt under the driver’s seat and called it a done deal. We went home and it was just starting to lighten up. Just after noon I took off (sans Romeo) for my 7 miles. Three of my super awesome running girlfriends (two of whom ran the Chicago Marathon last weekend) were running the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. I wished them luck and took off thinking of them. Around mile 4 the sun came out and it got really hot. I figured out that if I cross the river and ran to the left and back, and to the right and back, I only had to do 4 laps around the vila to get all my miles in. Each time I ran near the Pet Shop I peaked to see if the car was still there. It was.

A few minutes after I got back, Pedro picked John up. I got cleaned up and Pedro came back for me. His sister and nephew were in the van, too. Pedro’s sister is just like him—incredibly sweet. We picked up Bobby and headed up lomba de cavaleiro towards Mira Mar’s complex. Pedro told me and Bobby that he would drive us home right after the game, (1) so we wouldn’t have to wait for the players to shower, and (2) he had too many players in the van to fit us.

The first half of the game was really exciting to watch, and they even had a few opportunities to score. John, Majiid, and Ken all started. At halftime it was tied at zero. About four minutes into the second half, Micaelense scored. About 30 seconds later, they scored again. Eventually they put Adam in, which at first I was excited about, until I realized they had put him in for Majiid. At the 85th minute, they took John out. “Game over!” I yelled and our section laughed, but it was short-lived. The ref called five minutes in stoppage time and at the 94th minute, Mira Mar scored (I couldn’t tell you details, but check out Ken’s Blog). I yelled and cheered even though we lost less than a minute later; it felt not-as-bad to lose 2-1.

IMG_0789Even though the rain had stopped and the temperature had climbed, the clouds were still sitting perilously low.

IMG_0795Johhny B !!

Bobby and I met Pedro, his sister, and his nephew, and headed back to the van. We dropped Bobby off and Pedro said he would take me to drop his sister off so I could see a lomba I hadn’t been up yet. There are seven, and so far I’d seen four: lomba de cavaleiro, lomba de alcaide (where Lina & Ernes live), maybe ¼ of lomba de pomar where I tried to run, and lomba de pos where I have sort-of-successfully run.

His sister lives up lomba de loucao. Everyone here is extremely welcoming, and Pedro’s sister is the epitome. She wanted to show me her house, so I followed her to her door. I saw all their shoes lined up in the hallway between her garage and the kitchen so I kicked my flip-flops off as I asked, “Should I take my sho—”. She cut me off “NO NO NO NOOOOOO!!” I was sure I had offended her, “Desculpa, desculpa, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” I repeated. “In Canada, they take their shoes off because they have thick carpet. Here, we have tile; your feet will be too cold!!” She exclaimed as she hugged me tightly. This was my first cultural faux-pas (that I know of). I put my flips back on and followed her inside. She was still hugging me, repeating “oh my god. oh my god!”. Her home was beautiful, and immaculately kept (like all the homes we’ve seen). She told me about how she’d lived in Bermuda, how Pedro had lived in Bermuda, how much she liked being able to show me her home. After she had shown me every nook and cranny of her house, Pedro took me home. A few minutes later, John rang the doorbell. Someone else had driven him home while Pedro was out fraternizing. He was starving, so we went to Pic-Nic and ordered burgers and fries. We do this about once a week. We order their Pic-Nic Burger which comes with lettuce, tomato, cooked onion, mayo, ketchup, ham, and fried egg. Recently, one of the servers at Pic-Nic that we’ve made friends with has been putting bacon on it, too. #nomnom #thisiswhyirun

I was going to make pasta and sauce when we got home, but we were so full I decided to make the sauce Monday night instead. I Skyped with my parents for a while and we watched 2 Guns with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. Except for another Mira Mar loss, our weekend was great.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.31.47 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.37.40 PMWho’s cuter? #family


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