Day Twenty (Ponta Delgada with the girls)

Portugal: Days Twenty (vigesimo dia) Ponta Delgada with the girls 

I got up early enough to shower, walk Romeo, have some bolos levedos and um maca for breakfast, and put away the laundry I did the night before. If we use the washer and dryer (or electricity in general) after 10:00pm it is cheaper. Carla, with Lina sitting shotgun, picked me up in her Mercedes wagon, but we only got about halfway up lomba de cavaleiro before Carla decided we weren’t going to make it. We were putt-putting up the hills and she said something was wrong with her car. We turned around and traded cars with her mom (who friended me on Facebook, found a really old picture of me, and commented on it: “Hi Liza, I don’t speak English”). After that, we were on our way. Again.

We had to drop Carla’s Honey off first. Honey is her six-year-old French Poodle, who needed to be groomed. Honey is 9kg (about 20lbs). I told Lina and Carla that before John and I moved to Povoacao, we were looking for apartments near Boston. I always told potential landlords and leasing agents that we had a “small, adult dog”. They began laughing and saying things like “he’s not small!!”. All of a sudden, Carla stopped laughing, “Wait. That’s what they told me about your dog when they asked to rent!” Luckily, Carla is a dog-lover and when she saw him for the first time she was only worried that the apartment would be too small for Romeo. It is not, but now that he knows how to get out, he thinks he is big and bad.

We went to Lina’s house next to drop off Tuna Caserole for Xana. Then we hit the mall. This time we had lunch in the food court at a place called Hamburgerology that serves ridiculous Azorean beef burgers. Carla and I got ours on the super bread and Lina had hers with a side of rice, with some veggies and cheese, mediterranean style. Food-court-food here is not like American food-court-food. Sure, there is a Burger King and a Pizza Hut, but the burgers today and the bifanas on Saturday are actually fresh, delicious, and locally grown (or bred). After the mall, Carla had to get her nails done. She dropped me and Lina off and we walked down to the marina again and she showed me another small mall down near the water. We walked and talked in the sunshine for about an hour before we went to get Carla, who wasn’t done yet. After another short stroll, we met Carla and took off to get a pastry. Pao de Rei is the same shop we went to before (the king’s bread). I got something that was like a Boston Cream Doughnut minus the chocolate glaze but filled with crème de ovo (egg cream, which you find a lot here, and is delicious), I also picked up some rolls for home this time. While I am trying to practice my Portuguese, and I do try to order when we go out, I asked Lina to help me order rolls. I’m still learning!!

Before we went to get Honey, we stopped at a place called the Cash-and-Carry so Lina could get some supplies for Toronto Nights. They are having a Pizza Rodizio Saturday night, which is like an all-you-can-eat (and drink) dinner for €8.50. Lina is making me a pizza with nao queijo.


This place is like a BJs or a Costco with very fresh produce. Lastly, we went to go pick up Honey and head back to Povoacao. This time I was careful not to look at my phone so I didn’t get sick in the backseat. I got home with time to spare before class, which if you care to read, will be at the bottom of this post. John had a game against Aguia (the only team they’ve beaten so far!) so didn’t come home until after midnight.

When I got home from ALKE, I made myself some white rice and (now that I have a can-opener!) some beans. Well, I thought they were chickpeas, on the label it looked like there was some meat, but I thought that was a serving suggestion. It was not. Along with the chickpeas, there were hunks of beef or pork(?), some black sausage (blood pudding?), and what I thought was squid. I’m OK with eating local fare, but I like to know what I’m eating. I picked at it a little, mostly ate the rice, then gave up and had cereal with soy milk. I went down to Pic-Nic and had um copo vinho branco (a glass of white wine) and did some blogging. Boa Noite!

Tonight, after we warmed up, we did eighteen exercises, each for 1:00:

1. Push ups 2. FWD lunges 3. Burpee SPLAT 4. Navy Seals 5. Box runs, right leg 6. Box runs, left leg 7. Thrusters 8. Right side plank 9. Left side plank 10. SB roll outs 11. Plank 12. Full sit ups 13. Step-ups 14. Sky divers 15. Drop squats 16. Hip bridge 17. Leg lowers 18. Plank


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