Day Twenty One: WAIT.. what’s a kilo again?

Portugal: Day Twenty One (vigesimo primeiro dia)

As soon as I got up, I went to marinate the meat for our carne asada. It was delicious the first time we had it. I took the meat out of the freezer and took off the saran wrap. I bought a bigger package this time, and it smelled totally wrong. I flipped over the wrap to read the label. Oh, it was pork, not beef. No worries. I put the meat, two mini beers, a chopped onion, and olive oil and salt in a large glass baking dish. Romeo and I got ready to run. It had been pouring when I woke up, but it seemed to be easing up.

I wanted to do 5.0, so I took Romeo for my first two laps around the vila. Right before we got back home, the sky opened up and we got soaked. I dried and dropped Romeo off and headed back out to finish my run. Luckily, the rain eased up again and the sun came out.

When I got back, John and I headed off for ALKE Fitness. I considered myself warm, so I foam rolled while John rode the bike.

We did 3 rounds of two tri-sets:

  • DB Bench x15
  • Box blast w/weight x10E
  • Decline sit-up w/weight x15
  • Single Leg RDL x15E
  • Single Arm bent row x15E
  • SB Pikes x15

I have been trying to figure out the KG dumbbells since we got here: I fully understand the rate of kilogram:pound. It is 2.2 lbs for each kg, i.e. a 5kg plate weighs 11lbs. However, I was convinced that a 5kg dumbbell also weighed 11lbs and couldn’t figure out why I FELT SO WEAK. Why could I barely throw up 15kgs total (7.5kg each… approx 16.5lbs) dumbbells on the bench when I could throw up 50lbs (two 25lb dumbbells) at home? I kept asking John: does the handle weight a lot? What is the difference? The 5kg plates don’t feel as heavy as the 5kg dumbbells, right?

Math is hard enough, but when I’m trying to catch my breath and keep up with John it is almost impossible. On my third round I got through 7 DB bench presses before I almost dropped the weight. I switched them out for the last few reps. What was my problem?! After John and I discussed for a moment it hit me: a 5kg dumbell has two 5kg plates on each end. Meaning it weighs 22lbs, not 11lbs. And the 7.5KG dumbbells I had were twice that; I was throwing up 66lbs, not 33lbs! While my biceps were beginning to hypertrophy, my brain was beginning to atrophy.

I felt like the opposite of this: Read. More. Books. I downloaded Freakonomics to make up for my downward spiraling intelligence.

After the gym, I cut up more veggies for our carne asada. I quickly realized we were going to have way more food this time around. I met Bobby at the gym to commandeer his speaker and I invited him & Ken over for dinner. After I taught at ALKE, I went home and added the potatoes, carrots, garlic and churrizo to the meat and onion mixture that had been cooking for a few hours. I Skyped with my ex-ex-ex-roomie Cathy in San Diego.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 8.38.07 PMTiny little me and John in the corner. If you can’t tell, I am repping the Red Sox! It didn’t work this time, as this was right before Thursdays’ Game Two.

Ken&Bobby had gone to the juniors’ training with John and they all came home around 9:00pm. We ate the carne asade with an entire package of rice and the two bottles of €1.89 wine I got from the store under their apartment earlier. We finished the night at Pic-Nic with some cappuccinos and pastries. I have increased my galao intake to two per day, since my milk-hives seem to be getting smaller.

ALKE workout:

We did a cardio circuit first:

:35 on / :15 off

  • Box blasts
  • Squat jumps
  • Mountain climbers
  • Full sit ups
  • 1:00 jog around room


Then, we did a strength circuit, :35/:15

  • OH tricep ext
  • Frontal raises
  • Uneven squats, R
  • Uneven squats, L
  • SB leg curls
  • SB push-ups
  • Alt v-ups
  • Plank

x3, no rest


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