Day Twenty Two…

Portugal: Day Twenty Two (vigesimo segundo dia)

Friday. After Romeo got his morning-relief walk, John and I set off for ALKE. After last Friday’s 7:38 mile, I wanted to see what this Friday held. John went inside to warm-up, and I hit the pavement. This time I finished in 6:47! Unfortunately, this will be the last mile I log for a while officially, because my GPS watch shits the bed on day 23.

John and I decide to do a high rep circuit. Five exercises, 20 reps, 3 rounds.

  • Squat to OH press
  • Tricep throw downs with a cable machine
  • Decline sit-ups with weight
  • Thrust frogs (I did tire flips!)
  • Reverse fly’s (I did decline push-ups)

After that, I did a three plank circuit (center, right, left @ :30 x3). John did leg lifts and suitcases.


The start of week four and we almost have a routine; Friday includes taking Romeo on a long walk to the harbor so I can do some errands and go to the fruit market. We got about halfway down the block and realized we didn’t have a poop bag, but Romeo went this morning. We decided not to worry about it. Then we got all the way down the block, and I realized I didn’t have my check book. I needed to send some cash-money home. We turned around and I ran upstairs and retrieved a poop bag, two checks, two pieces of paper, and a pen.

We walked back down to the post office. Romeo shit while I was in there, so I was glad we went back. The woman in CTT (the Portuguese USPS) didn’t speak very much English, but we managed to figure it out. She sold me two international envelopes, with postage, for €3.80. We walked to Ken&Bobby’s to grab their past-ripe bananas. I wanted to make banana bread again, but the bananas here are so small, and we actually eat a lot of bananas, we had to combine forces. This time I used 9 small bananas (three times as many as I would at home) and I doubled the other ingredients from the last time. I managed to fill my large glass baking pan, and which was enough to share with Lina and Ernes, Ken&Bobby, and still have plenty for our greedy selves.

I had my biggest night at ALKE yet: 17 women. Serenela came with a friend, and Tessa (the Italian/Belgium environmental activist) showed up again. We have a lot of fun, and tonight I was able to workout with them. I’ll post it at the bottom, so I don’t bore you.


I got to Skype with my cousin Meg for a while before John came home. We had spaghetti and meat sauce again for dinner, and then homemade cinnamon buns from Lina for dessert.

 This is why I work out:cinna


I’ve added jogging around the carpet into our routine. So we did :30, :45, and 1:00 intervals. With high knees and skips, too.

After our dynamic warm-up, we started with a core circuit:

:20 on / :10 off

  • Bicycles
  • Rev crunches (with hip lift)
  • Russian Twists
  • Suitcases
  • :30 rest


First Circuit, :30 / :15

  • Trail leg squats L (with aerobic step)
  • Trail leg squats R
  • Staggered push ups (using step)
  • Thrust frogs

x4, no rest

Second circuit, :30 / :15

  • Lateral bounds
  • Side dips R
  • Side dips L

x4, no rest

repeat core circuit.


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