Day Twenty Four.. I complete a lomba and John watches Game of Thrones

Day Twenty Four (vigesimo quarto dia)

It is Daylight Savings time here in Portugal, but we later find out that this hasn’t happened in the States yet. I wanted to run 8.0 miles today, but I have no idea how far that is, and I don’t have my GPS watch. I took Romeo for one extended lap around the vila which took 18 minutes and I figure to be about 1.75/1.8 miles. After I dropped him off, I ambitiously headed off for lomba do alcaide, where Lina and Ernes live. It is manageable, but difficult. I did a few out-and-backs down some parts of the lomba to get a break from the constant ascent. After about 25 minutes, I made it to what I believed to be the top of the lomba. It leveled off for a while (thank ye, jesus), then began to creep up again. Lina told me if I kept running, eventually I would hit lomba de loucao. After a long while, I hit the end of lomba do alcaide, you know you hit the end of something here because there is a sign with that thing’s name on it (Povoacao, lomba de cavaleiro, etc) with a giant red slash through it. But this road kept going after the sign, up a mountainside, and not back around to the vila as lomba do loucau would. I turned around and headed down one rua, when that turned out to be a dead end, I turned around and tried a different one. I kept figuring that if I couldn’t figure out the way, I could always turn around and go back down lomba do alcaide. I came to a rua that went straight down, and I was committed before I had a chance to choose otherwise. However, it didn’t just go straight down, but straight back up, like a giant V. I got to the bottom and halfway back up before I had to break. I paused my stopwatch for about 30 seconds, then hoofed it up to the top. I was on lomba do loucao. I crossed over to the side where Pedro’s sister lives and began my descent. Once I finally, finally, got back to the vila, I was at about 1:18:00. I did two more laps around the vila which I know to be 1.2 miles each, and finished at 1:31:00. I am calling it between 8.25 and 8.5 miles.

I did stop somewhere near the beginning of lomba do alcaide to take these:


Image 3

If you look one set of buildings in from the river road, you can see the golden-yellow curtains from our kitchen.

Image 1

Image 2

When I got home, I packed up my backpack and John, Romeo, and I walked up to Ken&Bobby’s (Majid and Adam live there, too, but we don’t see them a lot) so I could shower with warm water. Romeo LOVES it there—he howls right when he gets in the door. He howls even when no one is there and I bring him on a walk to bring Bobby’s speaker back. I gave Bobby some banana bread the other day, so I think our relationship is coming to more equal ground. Majid is terrified of dogs, but we’ve been using Romeo to break him down. It’s working.

Thank goodness Lina gave us a pizza-and-a-half to take home last night—the only food we have is frozen, and we can’t cook without propane. Luckily, the broiler is an electric function, so we were able to eat it warm, albeit cheese-less. We had it for lunch and again for dinner. Manchester City played Chelsea, so we went to Pic-Nic once I was clean. John and I had eaten lunch there on Saturday; he a Pic Nic burger and me a bifana (which was pretty good). After Chelsea won 2-1, we went home. John has been on this Game of Thrones kick (read: complete and total obsession) so he watched an episode while I finised Freakonomics (which I enjoyed!). We had a Skype date with my parents and my brother at 4:30pm EST, which is usually 8:30pm here. At 7:30pm, I started getting invites to join their google hangout. I was so confused!! I started Facebook messaging my brother saying vague things like “I thought our date was at 4:30?” Apparently, Daylight Savings time happens at different times in different parts of the world. We had gained an hour but Bostonians hadn’t. Not for another week, at least.

Who are these crazy people invading my screen?

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 7.56.34 PM

My Dad is telling a story which I’m pretty sure involved running out of post-it notes. My mother got creative by TAPING a PIECE OF PAPER to her PURSE and trying to walk into CVS. My Dad asked her to please take the note off her bag before she walked in, she ripped the note and couldn’t figure out what she needed. #isthisreallife ?


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