Day Twenty Five… I have a hero, and her name is Jackie.

Day Twenty Five (vigesimo cinco dia)… I have a hero, and her name is Jackie.

Day three sans-GPS watch, but I’m not running so it’s OK. We decided to go to ALKE Fitness a little later (30 minutes) than usual so we would miss the crowd, since we both had to shower there. Ken&Bobby met us, too. As soon as we walked in, Ernes said he had a surprise for us. He said he knew we liked music, so he gave us a music magazine in it’s cellophane wrapper. “Just kidding,” he said, taking it away. Ernes has a very dry sense of humor. Then he handed us the package from home we’ve been waiting two weeks for!! He also bought a giant bag of protein for John, Ken, and Bobby.


My legs were sore from my lomba running on Sunday, so after I warmed up a little with the jump rope, I sat down with my friend Foam Roller.

We did each superset three times:

  • 15 Goblet squats
  • 30 Deaccel jump rope
  • 15 DB bench
  • John: 30 plyo push-ups, Liza: 15 Burpees w/push-up
  • John: 15 SB roll-outs, Liza: 15 hanging leg raises
  • John: 30 hanging rot. knee tucks, Liza: 30 alt. V-ups

Ken&Bobby (among other things) did tire flips and decline push-ups outside.


We showered and headed home to drop our 5 litre water containers that Lina and Ernes fill up for us and the package from home off. I also forgot an important article of clothing when I packed my bag for the gym, and I didn’t want to sit down at Pic-Nic without them. We went home and immediately opened up our package. Of course, this is the first thing we see:


Thanks, Dad. By the time we got this, the Sox are tied in the World Series.

There was PB (thank goodness), dove soap, and proactiv for us. My dad took care of Romeo, equally.

IMG_0346 IMG_0347 IMG_0350Is that Game of Thrones playing on my MacBook?

John immediately scooped some PB into his protein shake and we were off to Pic-Nic for a galao. It’s Monday, so after coffee we went shopping at Fatima’s under the boys’ apartment on Mira Mar’s tab.

John continues to be obsessed with Game of Thrones (until he finished Season three). I cleaned the apartment, and headed back to ALKE for my class. This one was my biggest yet. I had 17 women at the beginning of the warm-up, which was good since I was set up for 18. A few minutes later, Tessa and her friend Yiza (pronounced: Shiza) show up. It messed me up a little, but we were able to make-do. Nineteen women!


It’s hard to run a class this big in a small space with no equipment, but everyone works hard and has fun. I have been trying to change things up as best I can, and the ladies appreciate all of it.

IMG_0355We also started and ended with a 1:00 plank.

When I got home, I finished making dinner. Tonight was a big deal for John: he was asked to be the head coach for the Junior team (kids are between 14 and 18). John asked Ken to assist him and tonight was their first practice. I made frango (chicken) the only way I have made it: with a caramelized onion, arroz, and frozen veggies. John loves it. The kids already love John (he has been doing their strength, conditioning, and agility training since August), and are excited to have him as a coach.

After dinner, John returned to watching Game of Thrones and I read. Then my phone went off and I couldn’t believe my eyes… I thought I was imagining things. My hero appeared, and her name was Jackie:


I was so excited! I cancelled my order with for £120 which works out to be $200. I don’t even care how long it takes that watch to get to me. I am so grateful I have friends like Jackie and Gunter (who happen to have an extra one laying around). Jackie’s sister Nikki has been trying in earnest to hook me up with a new free one from Nike (which is, in fact, how I obtained my first one).

 IMG_0083Me, too. Me, too.

John has suffered from borderline insomnia since we’ve been here. I am oblivious; I went to sleep a happy girl.


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