Day Twenty Six… Pic-Nic gets personal

Day Twenty Six (vigesimo-sexto dia)

I got up around 9:30am, made myself some tea, took Romeo out, and finally, after hearing not a peep from John, I went for a run. It was about 10:30am, and as is my new routine, I took Romeo for the first loop. I took John’s watch, too. I took the long loop which involves some switchbacks on the other side of the river. I am pretty sure it is 1.8 miles, and it took me and Romeo 18:30 to complete it. I dropped him off with still not a sound from John. I set off for another loop (finishing at 35:30) and a half which I think was about 4.0 miles (40:00). When I got home just after 11:00am John still was sound asleep. This time I was concerned, “John! Are you sick?” I said to wake him up. “No. I was up all night, didn’t you hear me?” No, I didn’t hear you, I thought, a freight train could drive down the street and I wouldn’t wake up. I did hear him get up to open the door because it was hot, and then shut it because it was loud, but I fell quickly back asleep after both of those episodes.

He began to get up and I decided to fore-go going to the gym by myself now and instead made a plan to sneak in a session before my class. I showered, and John and I walked to Pic-Nic. Ken&Bobby got there soon after us, having come from the gym. They talked about Game of Thrones, because Ken&Bobby are the ones who got John started on this obsession. John got the sopa de dia which he does sometimes, and today it was a peixe soup. It is only one euro for a big ol’ bowl, and it was pretty delicious. I vowed to attempt to make soup. And peixe. For some reason, cooking fish makes me nervous. I am afraid I will either undercook it or overcook it and it will be dry. I. will. try.

We went home, John to finish Game of Thrones Season Three, and me to get my shopping list and head back out. I am still practicing my Portuguese using anything I can.

  IMG_0400 IMG_0399The one on top has prices because I am trying to stick to our 25 euro portion of Mira Mar’s 75 euro weekly budget. The body parts cheat-sheet is for my classes at ALKE.

On my way to the larger supermercado, I went to DAP, the electronic store where I bought my hair dryer and Casa Batista, which looked like a cute store that sold lots of different things. We walk by them all the time, and aside from that one extremely productive trip, I’ve never been back to DAP and I’ve never been to Casa Batista at all. Today is the day.

DAP, it turns out, doesn’t just sell electronics, but also dining room, living room, and bedroom furniture and furnishings. It is four floors. Other than peaking at toaster ovens (too pricey now that we’re ballin’-on-a-budget) nothing caught my eye. On to Casa Batista.

This store has two floors and a lot of clothing. Mostly women’s and children’s, but they carry men’s and women’s shoes (I did look at the boots), and lots of home furnishings. I looked at the watches, because John needs his to run practices which are always during my classes. But none were cheap enough or plastic enough. So I decided to go to one of the Chinese stores. Actually, I went to two of them.

These stores remind me of the stores in Provincetown, MA. So much stuff so close together you can hardly turn around without hitting a stand for €1/pair earrings, or headbands, or leggings. The first shop had watches, but none that I wanted. The second store (owned by Romeo’s friend Lele’s parents) had a purple plastic watch for €7.50. Perfect.

IMG_0085This Lele. Romeo loves her. And she loves to hump my leg.

I finally went to the supermarcado and got everything except cookies (how could I forget those??). John and I have been eating so many of these biscuit with chocolate sandwich cookies. We have ventured out and tried ones with vanilla in the middle and strawberry. They are all delicious. While I forgot the cookies, I obviously remembered the chocolate. As I told John: I am not going to miss Halloween, just the candy.

Missions completed, I headed home. One of the things on my market list was bolos levedos which Ernes had originally bought for us when he took us to Furnas. I knew it wouldn’t be as good, but I needed some. Ever since that day he took us to Furnas and bought us bolos levedos I have been fantasizing about having one filled with peanut butter. Since we got the package from my dad, I can finally make my dream a reality.

 IMG_0084After that (which was as incredible as I had imagined), John and I got ready to go to the gym.

John and I have been trying to get creative since we’re limited on space and equipment. One thing we hadn’t tried yet (but knew we could do) were single arm shoulder presses with a bar. We used a 45lb bar pushed up against the wall, on top of my sweat towel, with a 10kg plate (John added more weight for his turns once Marco and Ernes saw us putting up the same weight!).

I did:

  • Deadlifts (89lbs) x15
  • Repeats on the sidewalk: 4/ 3/ 2/ 1
  • Single arm shoulder press x10E
  • Push-up rows w/weight x10E
  • x3

Single leg RDLs x10E x3

Mini shoulder-arm circuit x10E

  • Frontal raise
  • Lateral raise
  • Bicep curls
  • Bent rows
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • x2

Remember our friend from Pic-Nic who puts bacon on our burgers and helped me with the final stage of mission-steal-the-tire-from-the-gas-station-with-romeo-attached-to-my-waist? Well, he has a name: Dyago. And he work outs at ALKE. He weighed about 150lbs more at 18 then he does now at 22. He works at Pic-Nic and works out at ALKE and most importantly he reads my blog. And he likes my blog!

John went to shower before heading to meet the guys at Pic-Nic. Arsenal was playing Chelsea at 6:45pm. Ken is a diehard Arsenal fan. I borrowed some plates from Ernes and headed over to my classroom above Toronto Nights. Thank goodness only 11 women showed up. Nineteen is fun once-in-awhile, but too many for every night.

I met the guys at Pic-Nic to “watch the game”/work-on-my-blog-that-people-who-work-at-Pic-Nic-read. Near the end of the game, I headed home to shower before dinner. Since John didn’t have practice we ate at a reasonable hour (9:30pm!). John was in charge of our meal, but I don’t like sitting around so I helped. We had DIY Pic-Nic burgers (with eggs from Lina and Ernes, and bacon) and hashbrowns. #thisiswhyirun



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