Day Twenty Seven… the Red Sox won?

Day Twenty Seven (vigesimo setimo dia)

Usually, Wednesdays are my “off” day from running and working out because we go to Ponta Delgada, but we’re not going this week. I got up and took Romeo out for a run with me. I was just going to take him for the first 1.8 (long loop) but, I was feeling generous so I took him for all 3.0. John and the boys really weren’t going to the gym today, so I decided to go before my class that night.

Romeo tried to “play with” [attack] a pelican, but other than that, our run was uneventful.

John and Ken needed to plan their practice for the juniors, which was funny to listen to because they don’t know all their names yet: “the blonde kid”, “that kids who plays in the back, but is really a midfielder”, etc. Bobby and I talked about student loans, and his impending departure date. Bobby also brought me a bag of over-ripe bananas so I can make them some bread. It’s not exactly the same as I make at home, and I haven’t been able to find baking soda, but it’s still good. John and Ken have to decide at practice who is going to start the game on Saturday. After this Pic-Nic meeting, John and I went home to drop the bananas off, and then went on a hiking adventure.


There is a tiny little street behind the bombeiros (fire station) next to Barraca (super market). It takes you up behind lomba do botao. I’ve been talking in excess about the incline here. This is what is looks like, check out the angle of my feet:


The view is worth the ascent (isn’t it always?). We hike up for about 30 minutes. Along the way we see vaca (cow), um cavalo (one malnourished horse), and hydrangea. I love hydrangeas. We saw Aloe plants, and other succulents, John’s complex, dilapidated houses and lots and lots of ocean.




IMG_0381Here is Mira Mar’s complex


IMG_0384 IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0389Somewhere along the way, John obtained a walking stick. He got one for me, too, but I ditched it for the descent.

We began to see a few houses, so we knew we were getting close to lomba do botao. We turned around and began our descent. When I went running this morning, I thought it was a beach day: so hot and sunny, and only a little muggy. About an hour later it was already clouding up. The view from atop would have been better with less clouds, but it was still linda—beautiful.

At the bottom, we decided to grab those cookies I had forgotten yesterday and so we stopped at Barraca. We headed home to have lunch. We have fruit flies everywhere: I discovered shortly after we arrived in Povoacao that because we leave our doors open we cannot leave our fruit out. All our produce goes in the fridge. This seemed to basically clear up our problem, however today, they seemed to be back with a vengeance. We looked around, but couldn’t see any food that was open, except the potatoes. Fruit flies don’t like potatoes? I questioned rather than stated. Apparently, they do. John went through them and tossed the ones that had been attacked, and now everything we have is closed or refridgerated. A small price to pay for having our doors (we don’t have any windows, save for the one lone skylight upstairs) wide open two days before November. There is no indication that we will have colder weather anytime soon. We hear it rain often at night, but by 9 or 10am, it has cleared.

I had an egg and ham sandwich for lunch. One, beacuse they are delicious, and two, we have a LOT of eggs.

IMG_0394 IMG_0395

I headed off to the gym early, stopping by Ken&Bobby’s to drop off half a loaf of banana bread and grab Bobby’s speaker (even exchange? It’s gotta be close). The gym was nearly empty. I did back squats to military presses, tricep cable throw downs to staggered push-ups, and goblet squats to pull-ups. I foam rolled (is there really controversy over self myofascial release?) because my legs are so sore from hill running and mountain hiking.

IMG_0397Banana bread pre-bake: experimented with putting Chocapic cereal in one half.

I headed up to Toronto Nights and found a very tired looking Lina—she felt as though she had the flu. Not everyone speaks English, and the ones who don’t mostly understand me. I had Sao and Judite to help me translate, and I even learned a few new words and phrases. Without Lina, I had 16 women. Tessa and her friend Yiza showed up and even invited me to a party they are having Friday night. I have plans to go to dinner with Lina, Carla, and Paula—they call it their “Desperate Housewives” night—but I may join them after. They told me I could bring my friends, and I assumed they meant John and Ken&Bobby. One of the diehards in my class, Sao, who grew up in New Bedford, told me her son (who is currently living in New Bedford) told her to tell me that the Red Sox are “wicked awesome” and that he thinks they will win tonight. My heart ached just a little.

I headed home to Skype with my other family: the Luccheses. They caught me up on all-things-Sudbury and Carlos showed his face repping the Red Sox on his shirt, who won the World Series tonight for the first time at Fenway in 95 years. I haven’t been homesick at all, but I seriously wish I was in home in Boston for that.


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