Day Twenty Eight… Portuguese Halloween

Day Twenty Eight (vigesimo-oitavo dia)… Portuguese Halloween

I got up earlier than John and took Romeo out for a stroll. We came back and then went out again for our run—after a month of being here I have gotten on a pretty good running schedule, and Thursdays I do 5.0. Romeo came for the first long lap (1.8ish), and I went back for another long-lap-plus-a-short-lap to finish. When I dropped Romeo off, I grabbed John’s iPhone so I could listen to Lorde (Royals, etc.). About mile 4.0, it started to rain. And then pour. I turned back down our rua to drop off the phone, and then finished my last short lap. I was soaking with rain and sweat, and the boys weren’t going to the gym for almost another hour. I decided to head over by myself instead. My legs are sore from back-squats and lomba running, so after foam rolling I did some stability ball stuff (see bottom of post). Just as I got home, John was leaving to meet Ken&Bobby at ALKE. I showered and met them post-work-out at Pic-Nic.

At Pic-Nic, we discussed plans for Halloween. There were a few small parties last weekend that we chose not to attend, and we don’t have costumes. We were pretty sure we weren’t going to get any trick-or-treaters (I’ve never lived in an apartment that did get any), although some children do go door-to-door for candy. We decided to have dinner at our house and drink wine and dress up (nicely; not in costume). This is also Bobby’s last week in Povoacao—he leaves for Boston on Tuesday so we need to celebrate/mourn. We went food shopping to get some salmon (which Bobby cooked, because I’m still afraid). I marinaded our stew meat in barbeque sauce and beer, which sounds much more delicious than it was. I went by the fruit market later to grab some vegetais for a salad.

The boys didn’t have practice, so when I got home from ALKE they were dressed to the 9’s and preparing our meal. The salmon was delicious and the meat was chewy. Bobby forgot the cards for drinking games, so he (and Romeo) walked up the street to grab them. Shortly after he left, our doorbell rang. John, thinking it must be Bobby, buzzed the door. No one came in. He buzzed the door again, and again nothing. He ran down the stairs to find legitimate trick-or-treaters at our door! We gave them half bueno bars which come in individually wrapped halves. We had two more sets of trick-or-treaters, and then a few kids who were not in costume. We gave them half bars and 1 euro coins. Bobby didn’t give anything to the kids who weren’t dressed-up, or the kids who tried to double-dip by hitting our apartment more than once on their adventures. We all drank wine and played drinking games (fives, 21, spoons) until the wine was gone at which point I promptly went to bed (midnight). John came to bed at 3am when the boys left. My halloween treat for you is a map of the vila de Povoacao with my descriptions there inscribed.

map of povoacao 2

My workout:

  • SB OH tricep extensions (10kg) x10
  • Decline sit-ups (10kg) x10
  • x4
  • Single leg SB leg curls x10E
  • SB mountain climbers w/ext. rot x10E
  • x4
  • 1:00 SB roll outs
  • 1:00 side planks x1E

ALKE @ night:

Black bands:

  • ¼ squat lateral walks
  • full squat fwd/bkwd walks
  • squats x10

5 supersets, :35/:20 x4E

  • 1. A.Drop squats
  • 1. B. Fwd alt step ups
  • 2. A. Dynamic push-ups
  • 2. B. Shoulder press (no weight)
  • 3. A. Alt. lat. squats
  • 3. B. Lat step ups R/L/R/L
  • 4. A. Chattarunga push-ups
  • 4. B. Side plank R/L/R/L
  • 5. A. Rev crunches
  • 5. B. Single leg hip bridge R/L/R/L

One thought on “Day Twenty Eight… Portuguese Halloween

  1. […] Centro de Saude da Povoacao. The hospital is next to the church. If you missed my map, you can click here. There was one couple in the ER waiting room with their newborn. Luisa told me on the walk over […]

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