Day Thirty… Ribeira Quente and Bifanas

Week Five! Sabado, cinco semana.

Day Thirty (trigesimo dia)

Today John had his first game as the Juniors coach. I went for half a run with Romeo and half without (3.0 total). I showered and met the boys at Pic-Nic for some important match. John had seen Ernes at his son’s futsol game that morning. Ernes said he was going to take us somewhere special to have sandwiches for dinner (score!) and we got Pic-Nic burgers for lunch (our once-a-week indulgence). I headed home to catch up on my blogging (massive fail) and Ken and John got picked up by Pedro. I said as long as it wasn’t raining I would hike up the lomba to see the game. It wasn’t, so I hoofed it to the bottom of lomba de cavaleiro where Pedro saw me and stopped to pick me up (score!). I arrived about ten minutes after the start of the game and to my surprise John and Ken were in the stands. They were not officially on the roster as coaches, Carlos A.K.A. “Dragon” (as in Dragon-Ball-Z) is, so they can’t be “in the box” during the game.

The Juniors played very well, and although they eventually lost 3-2, it was a valiant effort. One punk (Mira Mar) player got a red card. They had lost 6-0 the weekend before, so this was definitely an improvement. I sat with Serenela and she helped me practice some of my Portuguese swear words, encouragement phrases, and most importantly my body parts (for ALKE)

Ernes drove us back down to the vila and dropped us off at Pic-Nic to watch the rest of the Arsenal v. Liverpool game and said he would pick us up afterwards and take us to dinner. After Arsenal won, Ernes picked us up and we drove through Furnas into Ribeira Quente (trans: hot river) which has a river right down the middle of it’s vila that flows from Furnas and the hot springs. We parked on the left side of the river.

 IMG_0094John is goofy. Ernes thinks so, too.

He took us behind a cafe to some outdoor picnic tables with big tarp-like curtains and a roof. It was the coldest it’s been since we arrived a month ago, but with long sleeves it wasn’t unpleasant. A waiter brought us drinks and I asked where the bathroom was; Ernes took me through a hallway off to the side where I am pretty sure I ended up inside someone’s home. Soon after, someone brought us a baking tin full of roasted castanhas (chestnuts). This coming Friday, there is a festival in the square where they serve castanhas and vinho tinto. Once we got the hang of peeling them, we found out they were delicious. We were starving so it felt like forever before they brought out sandwiches. Someone brought out ketchup and mayonnaise and my stomach audibly growled.


After several handfuls of castanhas, a waitress brought us five bifanas. If you know me, you know that when they brought out only five bifanas and nothing else I was worried there would not be enough food—but when Lina and/or Ernes is involved, I really shouldn’t be worried. She then brought french fries. Then someone else brought a plate of chicken wings. Then someone else brought six more bifanas. We each had two and Ken obliged in eating his third and our team’s eleventh bifana. I ate another two dozen chestnuts, and we went home.



2 thoughts on “Day Thirty… Ribeira Quente and Bifanas

  1. Love the pic of you two..we bought that jacket together in NY if I remember correctly! Missing you guys lots. Skype date this week please.

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