Day Twenty Nine… Desperate Housewives

Week Five! Sexta-feira, cinco de semana

Day Twenty Nine (vigesimo-nono dia)

I got up feeling great—going to bed early saved me from a wine-hangover. However, John was not as lucky. I had my tea, took Romeo out, got dressed in my gym clothes and waited for John to rise. And waited. And waited. When he finally did get up, the last place he wanted to go was ALKE, so I put street clothes on (read: cotton spandex skirt instead of shorts) and we walked to Pic-Nic. John had two fofas and I had (what else?) a galao.

 IMG_0087It’s hard to get out of bed with this fur-ball on top of you.

I got a message from Lina that I had (another!!!) package at the gym. Eventually, John and I went for a walk with Romeo and picked it up. Luckily for me, it was the speaker I ordered from Amazon. I had it sent to my parents (Free 2 day shipping, thank you Amazon Prime) and then my dad sent it to me. This package came a few days faster than the last one. Good thing for me, because Bobby (and his speaker) leave Tuesday. #sadface #barbieandkenbreakup ?

For lunch, I used some of the leftover rice from our Halloween dinner, cut up a churizzo, and put some eggs on top for good measure. I am beginning to understand why the Portuguese put eggs on everything: they are easy to come by, in massive abundance, and are delicious.


After our walk I got ready for my fifteenth class at ALKE and walked over. The weather was really getting nasty—it turned from just cold and cloudy to windy and rainy, too. I got there a little early so I could foam roll. I saw Diogo from Pic-Nic and was excited to see he had a BC sweatshirt on! I exclaimed “I lived down the street from Boston College!! Where did you get that? Have you been to Boston?”. He told me his cousin was attending university there and I was happy to confirm what a good school it is.


After class (12 women), I hurried home to shower; Lina was hosting a Desperate Housewives night at Toronto for her closest girlfriends. John had practice followed by a team dinner of Rabbit and Chicken Necks (yes). Lina made egg noodles with shrimp and egg noodles with steak, along with garlic bread and salad, and many, many bottles of vinho.


There was only one women at dinner who I hadn’t met before, and she turned out to be the only other women who wasn’t married with children. We couldn’t properly commiserate, because she spoke no English. There was lots of talk of childbirth and babies. We drank and ate and laughed and drank. Luisa walked me home.


Photo from left of the empty place setting (mine): Lina, Lola, Luisa, Diane, Paula, Carla, and my new friend Loraina. Salute!


One thought on “Day Twenty Nine… Desperate Housewives

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