Day Thirty One Part Two (no explicit content)

Mira Mar v. Maritimo

Pedro picked me up about an hour later and took me up lomba de cavaleiro to the complex. I found Serenela waiting in her car and we walked in together. We commiserated on Mira Mar’s need for a win (they have won once since we’ve been here and tied once…. and lost twice). Today is Bobby’s last game, but he didn’t start. It was sunny when we first got there, but it’s not sunny on the side where the stands are, and by the end of the game it is always much cooler. I wore my new Mira Mar scarf:

IMG_0113No biceps, Lee, but you can see how ginormous my shoulders are!

Mira Mar were making good plays and finding each other on the pitch. They were out-possessing Maritimo and maybe 15 minutes into the first half, Felipe (Serenela’s boyfriend) crossed to Majid who tapped the ball into the goal easily. Mira Mar was up 1-0. Maybe four minutes after that, Berto crossed to John, and John knocked one in. Mira Mar 2-0. Closer to the end of the half, John crossed to Majid, and Majid scored his second goal of the day. Mira Mar up 3-0? Crowd was ecstatic. Just before the end of the half Maritimo scored: 3-1.


Second half, Mira Mar started to fall apart (please read Ken’s blog for better details). You could see the guys getting frustrated with each other for bad passes and misplaced blame. Maritimo scored again to take the score to 3-2. John missed two opportunities: once because his teammate was calling for the ball and John trusted that he had a better shot, John passed it to him and lost the opportunity. The second time John got the ball late inside the box and fearing he was offsides, hesitated. There was a foul somewhere outside the box and Maritimo scored on the free kick to tie the game: 3-3. There was 15 minutes of regulation time left. With about 5 minutes left, John took a corner kick. This was their chance to take the lead, which they did when Ken scored off John’s corner kick. Everyone in the complex stood up and screamed; Serenela and I were jumping for joy. What I missed in the excitement was Ken getting a yellow card for taking his shirt off. I didn’t even know who scored—just that John had taken the corner kick. Soon after, the coach finally put Bobby in. There was 4:00 in stoppage time and the boys managed to hold Maritimo off for a win. Hallelujah.

Pedro brought me home right after the game and I started on dinner: homemade Pic-Nic burgers. Before I put anything on the stovetop, I took Romeo for a stroll. Carla and her son Francisco saw me walking by the gas station and she told me she was going to pick me up for dessert and coffee at her house up in lomba de loucao. She had come down looking for me; John and I still don’t have a phone (well, we have several, even one Marco gave us to use, but none with local service) and Carla doesn’t have wifi at home. John came home and we ate Pic-Nic burgers and hashbrowns. John had made plans to go to Pic-Nic with Ken&Bobby to have some farewell beers, so after we ate we walked down and met them. I played half a round of their celebrity drinking game and walked home to meet Carla.

IMG_0428From left: Ricard (in my spot!) Bobby, Ken, and of course, All Star player of the day: John

We went to Carla’s house and had lemon cake and chocolate cake and I drank Porto which is a liqueur from it’s namesake city on the continent. Francisco speaks some English, but he was being shy and would only speak in Portuguese. He is five and absolutely adorable. Carla was telling him that John and I live in their old house, where Francisco lived until he was three. She said we lived there with our dog, Romeo. Francisco has seen Romeo, and to his mother in Portuguese he said “Mom, that’s not a dog, that’s a wolf”.


One thought on “Day Thirty One Part Two (no explicit content)

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