Day Thirty Three.. Bobby really leaves.

Day Thirty Three (trigesimo-terceiro dia)
Cinco semana

IMG_0119goodbye, Bobby.

John and I got up relatively early and I was determined to run. After two days of antibiotics, I was feeling up to it. Much to our surprise and excitement, Ken texted that he and Bobby were on their way to the gym at 10:30am. I ran a quick three and met them there. Bobby was leaving for the airport at 12:30pm, so we had just enough time to workout and have a galao together. John wanted to make it fun for Bobby so we did:

Front squat → OH press x15 (up weight and down reps each round)

Hanging leg raises x15


Burpee SPLAT x15

Throwdowns x15


IMG_0118 IMG_0120

We hung out while Ken and Bobby took turns showering, then we lumbered down to Pic-Nic. It was pretty sad saying goodbye to Bobby, and we feel especially bad for Ken. He will have to hang out with us.

 IMG_0116I think we are trying to bully Bobby into staying. I am not an actress.

We went home and lazed around for most of the afternoon. I needed a beer for my carne asada dinner, and Ken&Bobby had drank my last few remaining cervejas on Halloween. Finally, John and I took Romeo for a walk to Fatima’s so I could buy one for €0.54. None of the boys were home upstairs, so we strolled back home and I started my slow-cook meal. John and I decided to invite Ken over for dinner, too.

I headed to ALKE and John headed to Pic-Nic to wait to get picked-up for practice because the UEFA Champions league is happening (or something). Tonight, I only had 9 women. But they were awesome. One women brings her daughter and tonight she worked out with us. She is in second grade:

 IMG_0453 IMG_0452#baller

I went home and Skyped with Cathy in California, finished the carne asada and waited for the boys to come home. Not only is Ken lots of fun to be around, but he did the dishes after dinner. John and I tried to watch “This Is The End” with Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill, but (shocking) I fell asleep six and a half minutes in.

The end of an era:

IMG_0115John, me, Ernes, Bobby, Ken.


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