Day Thirty Two.. saying “bye” to Bobby

Thirty Two (trigesimo-segundo dia)

cinco semana

I got up with more good intentions to make up for my lack-of-a-long-run-Sunday. If we had been home in Massachusetts, I would’ve run Katie’s Half in Wayland again with the MudHENS yesterday (RunHENS, really?). Overall, the team kicked ass. I believe their leader finished in 1:30, a few more strong runners finished in-and-around 1:40, and some ridiculously awesome chicks who stop along the way to make pyramids (yes, like cheerleaders and/or small children) still finished in under 2:00:

runHENS pyramidNot all my hens are in here, but I miss you ladies!

Here is me and my girl Amy after Katie’s last year, which was my first sub-2 half:

Me&AmyAmy was ridiculous last year, and she crushed her PR this year.

Shortly after I got up, I came to the realization that I was not going to run today. John and I decided to go to the gym early, but Ken&Bobby weren’t ready. We went along ourselves.

Workout (these are my weights, clearly. HA)

  • 10E/15E fwd lunges (20kg)
  • 15 DB bench (25kg)
  • 10/15 push press (20 kg) (John did pull ups)
  • 15E decline sit up (10kg)


John wanted to finish with suitcases, so I dared him to do a 10-down with me. He started his 10 while I held, then vice versa, then 9 each, 8 each.. etc.

After we lifted and had our galaos I felt mostly human again. I vowed to run tomorrow.

We usually shop with the boys on Monday, but since we were up earlier than we are typically, we went by ourselves. John and I went first to Antonio’s (the big supermercado by 7 Lombas rent-a-car) and then to Fatima’s to do our big shopping. I don’t know the Portuguese words for everything that we need:


Lina and Ernes invited us for dinner at Toronto Night’s because it’s Bobby’s last night (cue the tears) before he heads back to Boston to get a job and pay his student loans (I applied for Pay-As-You-Earn.. my payments are officially $17/mo). After we shopped, unloaded, and ate lunch, Ken&Bobby come over and we all walked down to Pic-Nic. Bobby also brought me his overly-ripe bananas so I could make him a banana bread for the road. John & Ken had to go run the Juniors practice and I went off to teach at ALKE. Bobby went home to pack.

I had my biggest class yet; twenty-two women. At some points during the class I had 23, but since Toronto is open for take out from 5-9pm, Lina kept hightailing it down the stairs to throw pizzas in or take them out. I have wisened-up about Monday night classes and made sure it was without equipment:



IMG_0438Some girls make time for fun,IMG_0445Serenela and Candida make time for napping.

After class I scooted home to shower and make myself slightly more presentable. I opted for Nike Legend pants, a t-shirt, jean jacket, and scarf. I knew that Ken & John were coming from practice, so I didn’t need to dress-up. Wrong again; Ken ran home to get Bobbyand he and they showed up in matching black slacks, pastel v-neck sweaters, and dress shoes. John came straight from practice wearing Dri-fit. #atleasticancountonhim

Lina made pazzaroti which is like a calzone, but better because it’s deep-fried. Lina made mine without cheese. Served alongside was salad, garlic bread, and red wine. Ernes started talking crazy about wanting to go to the hot springs in Furnas in honor of Bobby’s last night, but we talked him out of it. #wedontparty

After all that delicious food, wine, and homemade Portuguese donuts (what? yes.) we needed to sleep. Around 11:30pm we made our way back to our respective dwellings. Bobby will be missed.



2 thoughts on “Day Thirty Two.. saying “bye” to Bobby

  1. What a cool adventure it seems like you’re on!

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