Day Thirty Five… The City with Lina

Day Thirty Five (trigesimo-quinto dia)
Cinco semana.

Lina and I went to Ponta Delgada sans-Carla (#sadface). I set my alarm so I could have enough time to run before we left. I did a quick four—half with Romeo and half without. While I was running with Romeo, he started to jump up and bite his leash. I call it the “dolphin jump” because he flails his butt around like a dolphin to get more hangtime. He was doing this on the far side of the river and fell on his back. He got right up, so I guess he was OK. After I dropped him off, I was finishing up my last half mile by the gymnasium. I don’t really like running over there because it is all cobblestone and I worry about rolling my ankles or worse. As I’m having this safety conversation in my head, I toe a rock and go down hard. Fortunately, I was between two cars and caught myself. #pickyourfeetup

Lina rang my doorbell right as the church bells rang 11:00am. We walked across the square to behind the Bombeiros (fire station) to pick up her car. Ernes had dropped it off at the gas station earlier to be detailed. It was not quite ready, so we hung out in the square for a few minutes in the warm sunshine. It is usually very sunny and warm in the mornings here, but by 11:00am or 12:00pm the clouds comes out and the breeze rolls in. I never wear jeans because I am too afraid of being hot and sweaty. I checked the weather and it said 16C and 17C, so I opted for shorts and a long sleeve shirt. People here are dressing like it’s winter and I am in my flips—but I was right. After twenty minutes of pouring rain while we were driving, the sun reemerged and it was warm and sunny for the rest of our city trip.

We went to Lina and Ernes’ house in the Santa Clara section of Ponta Delgada to pick up Lina’s daughter, Xana for lunch. It turns out neither of them know how to drive around the city, so it took us a little longer to get to Xana and to get to the mall then it probably should have, but since we are ladies-who-lunch it doesn’t matter and we enjoy the company. After we ate delicious Azorean beef burgers and got some groceries at Continente (lots and lots of light soy milk for me!) we dropped Xana off at the University of The Azores (this is the only college in the Azores). Lina and I went to the cash-n-carry and then on to my favorite: Pao de Rei. Actually, I’m not sure if I love pastries more than burgers. I love them both. I had another Boston-Creme-type pastry without the chocolate, bolos de berlim I believe. I had a galao, but I am going to stop getting them there because the coffee is very bitter (nothing beats Pic-Nic’s galaos). Lina had a sumo de laranja (orange juice). We headed back for Povoacao.

Lina and I got back around 4:00pm and unloaded all her groceries in the restaurant. I took my soy milk and walked home. I found John there and we actually got to talk about our days with each other, one novelty we have not been able to enjoy since we spend.every.waking.moment.together. Good thing we love each other.

darling you

I went to the gym early so I could work out and John went to Pic-Nic to hang out with Ken and watch a game before practice themselves. I did 10x incline press to x10E bent row (x4) and trail leg squat (20kg) x10E to single leg RDLs x10E (10kg) (x3) and hanging leg raises, toe-to-the-bar with decline sit ups. Ernes was laughing, because I look like a monkey when I do those.

I had to turn the class up a notch tonight because Lola’s comment was still banging around in my head (soft?! She thought my class was SOFT).

No one thought this class was soft.


I headed home to attempt to cook chicken. I showered, blogged, walked Romeo and waited. And waited. I watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and painted my fingernails to match what is left of my toenails (#runnerprobs). It was 10:30pm, then 10:45pm, then 11:00pm. Still no sign of John and he left his phone at home (not that it works without wifi). Finally, around 11:15pm he came home. It was someone’s birthday and the team went to Cesar’s bar for beer and cake. We ate and watched The Internship. I fell asleep.



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