Day Thirty Four… Lomba running

Day Thirty Four (trigesimo-quarta dia)

Cinco semana

Wednesday. What used to be my “day off” has turned into a short run day. However, I wasted my short-run-day yesterday so I could lift with the boys. I took Romeo with me for 1.8 and then headed to lomba de alcaide. This time, I did it without the intention to conquer it, because it is further than 3.2 miles. I got up to lomba de pos and took that as my “break” because it is flat for a while. Then ascends. I play number games with myself while running, especially when hill running. Two more minutes and then I’ll turn around. Fifteen minutes up, and then I’ll run home. After I ran six minutes up lomba de pos which runs alongside a cliff overhanging the ocean (didn’t I say the ascent was always worth it?) I turned around and headed back for lomba de alcaide. I hoofed it up to the bottom of Lina and Ernes’ street, and then booked it back down to the vila. Until the GPS watch from Jackie and Gunter arrives I will not know how far this is, but I think it was 5.0 miles.

John was going to wait until I was back to go to Pic-Nic but I told him to go ahead and meet Ken (we don’t want him to be lonely without Bobby). After I showered, I made my way over. They had already had their galaos and were walking aimlessly when I found them. We went back to Pic-Nic and sat outside in the ridiculously-warm-for-November sunshine. John and Ken strategized about the juniors, who had a game that night against Sao Roque. John and Ken have played against their senior team and lost (see Day Nine). This time, John&Ken (it just doesn’t have the same ring!) were on the roster as coaches, along with Pedro the driver. I was excited to have a night to myself: I planned on eating as soon as I got home from ALKE (instead of waiting three hours) and settling into bed with my book and hitting the hay super early.

John and I scooted to Pic-Nic for one more galao and then he waited for Pedro to take them to the juniors game at Sao Roque. I walked up to Toronto Nights; I had sixteen women in my class. I did isometric-holds immediately followed by similar movements. It was demanding strength-wise, but not cardio. Lola told me it was “soft”. I will get her back on Thursday.

My night-in didn’t exactly go as planned. I got home from ALKE, walked Romeo, and then showered while I made my meat sauce. Ernes gave us a bag of food earlier at the gym. It included canned tuna, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, tri-color rotini, and bolos levedos (because he knows!!!). I used the whole wheat pasta and it was crack. I decided to paint my nails and watch Season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy. Before I knew it, it was 11:45pm and I waited just a few more minutes for John to come home. He ate his pasta and I ate two bowls of Fitness Cereal with chocolate soy milk because I was starving—I’m not used to eating early!!

The juniors lost 10-1. John does something with them that he cannot do with himself or his own team: he is proud of their effort. He says their goalkeeper got a red card 15 minutes in, and they played with a man down. He says they were 3-1 somewhere in the first half, and they finished the first half 7-1. He told them at halftime to think of the second half as a new game, blank slate, 0-0. They lost the second half 3-0 and he told them to be proud. I am glad John & Ken are teaching their players to be so positive, so when they are the senior team the attitudes are different. We all wish the senior team could do the same.



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