Day Thirty Six… a 300 workout and tuna casserole

Day Thirty Six (trigesimo-sexto dia)

Seis semana.


Friday. John got up first and took Romeo out, and we did our typical moseying around drinking coffee and tea and mentally preparing for the gym. John had told me the night before that he wanted to do a 300 workout. I was hoping for 10 exercises @ 30 reps each (easier), but he wanted to do 6 @ 50 (harder). We talked to Ken and made our way over. I didn’t get my new GPS watch yet, and I’m not trying to beat my fastest mile until I do. So I did what I thought was going to be about a half a mile. I sprinted for 3:00 and then kept up a good pace the final 2:00. I finished 5:00 at the top of ALKE’s driveway. We began:

  1. Burpees x50
  2. Inverted rows x50
  3. Curl-press x50
  4. SB knee tuck-push up x50
  5. Rotation cable throws x25E
  6. Jump rope double-unders x50


Here is Ken jumping rope in the parking lot.

 IMG_0465Why, you ask, isn’t he jumping rope inside the Burpee Box? Oh, because he busted the floor. Sorry, Ernes!

 IMG_0466 IMG_0467

We chatted with Ernes for a little while after we worked out and I borrowed his phone to email pictures he had taken of us at ALKE to myself. We strolled to Pic-Nic. After our galaos, fofas, and leite de chocolate John and I headed home, as did Ken.

I was going to make burgers with our ground beef for dinner, but Ernes had given left-overs to John and Ken the day before. It was rice, tuna, and peas layered in an angel food cake pan.

Ken doesn’t eat canned tuna = more for me.

I was off-duty for dinner so I committed myself mentally to go to Pic-Nic and catch up on my blog. So, I spent the afternoon reading a horrible book I am almost done with: The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison. Don’t read it! Even if you loved Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Amazon tricks you into buying it by sneaking it into your recommended reading, don’t do it! I am so close to done, and I desperately need something good to read afterwards. Suggestions are encouraged.

I put together my class for ALKE and John went off to train the juniors. He said he didn’t think it was anyone’s birthday, so he should be home at the typical time. Facebook told me it was Marcelo’s birthday, but they didn’t go to Cesar’s.

This class was a little softer than Thursday nights, but I am guessing the ladies will be sore.

Workout #20
Squat ISO hold
4 rounds no rest (2:00)
1:00 rest

Hip bridge hold
Hip bridge pulse
x4 1:00 rest

SA plank R
SA plank L
x4 1:00 rest

Squat jumps
x4 1:00 rest

SL plank R
SL plank L
x4 1:00 rest

Toe touches
Full sit ups
x4 1:00 rest
Repeat from * 

I was glad to hear all my women complain that their arms are sore after my class. I think balancing out total-body-work-outs with no equipment is difficult, and mostly when it comes to arms. We mainly do stability ball push-ups, modified push-ups, lateral hand walks, and Thursday night I added bear crawls and frogger push-ups. I must do some research so they don’t get bored.

I only had 12, which for a Friday night is on the small side. Lina made donuts today (fresh, homemade, Krispy Kreme style donuts) and after class she gave me a box to take home for me, John, and Ken. I hung out at ALKE for a while after class, trying to get the pictures Ernes took of Bobby’s last day so I could properly update my blog. I tried to email them when I was there this morning, but Ernes doesn’t have his email set up on his iPhone. After about half an hour of trying to message them to myself, I gave up and logged into my own gmail account on safari and emailed them to myself. Success. I went home.

I showered and headed to Pic-Nic to blog obsessively. Marco arrived shortly after I did. Since he has this groin strain he only goes for the first half of practice and does his physio. He got two Pic-Nic burgers, fries, ice cream, and washed it all down with a cerveja. I tried not to think about how hungry I was or the donuts sitting at home—they were probably still warm.

Around 10:00pm I headed home to walk Romeo. Because I wasn’t cooking (just chopping veggies for salad), I didn’t have as much to do to fill my time until John got home. I started to watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy but John showed up just after 10:30pm. Lina’s tuna-casserole-pea-pie was incredible.


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