Day Thirty Nine… sweetbabyMO and Thanksgiving

Day Thirty Nine (trigesimo nono dia)

Seis semana

John was passed out when Romeo and I went out for a run. John had suggested that maybe I take it easy on the running or stick to the treadmill for a few days (treadmill?! When we live in this beautiful place?), but I was feeling better. I took Romeo for 1.8 and did 1.8 alone. Toward the end of my second loop my knee began to bother me. It didn’t really hurt, but it was becoming uncomfortable. I looked down: it was full of green pus. Gross. When I got home I went doctor-Liza on it with my tweezers and after I’d gotten all that I could I cleaned it with alcohol.

When John tried to use alcohol on my cuts Saturday afternoon, I cowered. No way! It was going to sting so badly. I finally let him, but I was not brave. Today, I had my game face on. Once John surfaced, it was clear he in no way wanted to go to the gym. We decided to lift later and I hopped in the shower. John doesn’t sleep well here, and I snore like a grizzly. I tend to do it the worst on my back, but I told him not to make me roll over because of my knee; he didn’t wake me so he didn’t sleep.

We went to Pic-Nic and then met Ken to go shopping at Fatima’s. John went upstairs with Romeo while Ken and I shopped on Mira Mar’s tab and he gathered a bag full of overly ripe bananas so I could make bread. I bought self-rising flour because it has been turning out too dense with my lack of baking soda. With the flour it came out a little dry, but much lighter. Next time I’ll use more butter.

We went to ALKE at 4:00pm and after I warmed up on the bike we did overhead squats, lateral step-ups, upright rows, and back extensions. The overhead squats hurt my hands a little, but other than that I felt good. Ken decided he didn’t have a concussion after all, but he felt like a took a punch to the jaw. We are recuperating.

We went to Pic-Nic for cafes and galaos before I headed back to ALKE and Ken and John headed off to the juniors practice. I had just enough time to make my meat sauce before class so it could simmer. This time, I added some pureed pepper that comes from a jar. They sell it everywhere here in all sizes: from jelly jars to gallon-sized buckets. I didn’t know what it was so I was afraid to try it, but Lina told me what it was yesterday. Sauce was bomb.

John only had the juniors so he was home before 9:00pm. Lina and Ernes had invited us to their lomba for the castanhas and vinho tinto that we missed in the square; they offer the same treat in each lomba on different nights to celebrate what they call sao martinho (Lina said it’s equivalent to Thanksgiving). We opted out of going; we are tired and can’t hang.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, one of the lovely ladies in my class tonight, who is an English teacher at the high school, invited me and “the boys” to celebrate Thanksgiving at the school. They teach them all about American History and they even serve a turkey lunch on the day of the American Thanksgiving. She said we were welcome to join them that day.


Instead of eating chestnuts, John Skyped with his friend Mo (#sweetbabyMo) and I Facetimed with Keith, Nicole and Baby Alex.

IMG_0500I may come home just for this face.

IMG_0553Sweet baby lamb vs. Sweet baby Mo


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