Day Forty One… lomba adventures and futsol

Day Forty One (quadragesimo primeiro dia)

Seis semana

Lina and Carla had invited me to the city, but it is Carla’s birthday next week and we are going in for lunch so I decided to stay home this week. I had also convinced John to walk up lomba de pos with me to see the ocean view I keep talking about on my runs. I wanted to take some pictures. Wednesday is our rest day, so we got up leisurely and walked Romeo and went to Pic-Nic, too. Joe (half of Carla&Joe) was going to switch out our cable box, so after Pic-Nic we went home so he and his buddy could run cable. Romeo was overwhelmed with the excitement of having house guests. When Joe was almost finished we walked up to Ken’s and took him on our walk.

 IMG_0504I’m sorry if pictures of Romeo relieving himself offend some readers. Wait, no I’m not. #sorrynotsorry

We walked over the river and up lomba do alcaide and then turned right on lomba de pos like I do when I run that way.

IMG_0512 IMG_0513This is basically how the weather always is here: it changes so frequently and you can actually see the storm before (and after) it hits.

Romeo couldn’t care less about the dogs we encountered along our way, but the cows he was enamored with:


When we turned around we decided to stick close to the water and take a different route.



IMG_0522John and Ken played with this caterpillar while I took pictures from a safe distance.


We found a fresh spring water fountain and Pedro. It misted on and off during our walk and there was a nice rainbow trying to make itself seen.

IMG_0531 IMG_0535 IMG_0532 IMG_0533

We ended up in the morro which I knew takes you over the car bridge, and then to the gymnasium. Instead, we took another left turn and ended up walking alongside the cliff that overhangs the big beach.

IMG_0540 IMG_0541 IMG_0542 IMG_0543

We doubled back and started to descend again.

 IMG_0546 IMG_0549

John and Ken had practice with the junior team but it was going to be an early night for them. I had already done most of the work for the carne asada. Ernes had invited the boys to play futsol with him in the gymnasium at 8:30pm.


After ALKE (12 women again), I showered, blogged quickly at Pic-Nic and chatted with Marco, and then met Lina in the stands to watch the boys play. Adam was there, as well as Emmanuel. The youngest one there was Kevin, Lina and Ernes son, but you couldn’t tell that from the way he played. He had no fear and would take on anyone who happened to have the ball in a 1 v. 1. He was really fun to watch. Rui was there, as well as another young adult who has some serious developmental delays, named Zeze. He played goalie for a while, but then they let him play out, too. They all made a fuss and called a penalty in his favor. Zeze set up his penalty kick with intense care, made the sign of the cross (!), and then buried the ball in the net. He immediately opened up his wings and flew around the gymnasium like Jason the “Jet” Terry. The gym erupted in delight.

IMG_0556There is Rui. In his blue-basketball-short-glory.

I left a little bit before they were done playing to walk Romeo and make rice. After dinner, I Skyped with banana. #bffl

IMG_0558 IMG_0559Don’t hate me… I miss you!


2 thoughts on “Day Forty One… lomba adventures and futsol

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