Day Forty… Pic-Nic burgers and Rui

Day Forty (quadragesimo dia)

Seis semana

I, again, surfaced long before John (don’t worry about him too much, he starts sleeping better tonight and night forty-one). I took Romeo for a stroll, he wouldn’t poop, and when we got back he kept trying to wake John up and I was doing my best to be quiet. I decided to leave Romeo and his antics at home and run by myself. #puppyproblems

As I was saying the other day, I am so done lapping the vila. I took the long way around (up the river past the boys’ apartment) and then down past Toronto Night’s and the high school to lomba do caveleiro. I figured I would at least run to Mira Mar’s complex and see how I felt. I’ve never run this lomba but John and I walked it once to get to a junior’s game and it wasn’t so bad.


It wasn’t so bad. From the bottom of the lomba it took me about 6:00 to get to the complex, so I kept going up. I ended up running to Carla’s mom’s house which took me 15:00. I turned around and ran through the Mira Mar parking lot for a few minutes to make up for the pace differential up:down and then headed back to the vila to finish what I believe to be 4.0 miles. John was just getting up when I got home, and again, we decided to hit the gym in the afternoon. I got cleaned up and we went to Pic-Nic. Before Ken got there, Rui appeared and tried talking to John. I know you have been dying for a visual, so here he is:

 IMG_0502He is writing on the table. This is one of his many means of communication.

Ken showed up and Marco did, too, and they all talked at length about what Mira Mar needs to do to start winning games (because they really need to start winning games). They are supposed to have this upcoming weekend off, but the league is working to move a game up from December against Nordeste to this weekend instead. The juniors have a game Saturday and Mira Mar is hosting the Honor Cup final on Sunday (Micaelense vs. Furnas’ team). I didn’t have too much input, so I went to work on devouring The Art of Racing in the Rain which Bobby told me to read before he left. I am loving it.

We headed home to get ready for the gym. We met Ken there and did weighted squat jumps, plate pull overs, weighted back extensions and then plate swings, tricep pull downs (with cable) and hanging rotational knee tucks. I said I was toast, but when Ken and John decided to finish with a shoulder-arm circuit, I did not sit out. #hardwordworks

John had practice with the senior team and I had class at ALKE, so shortly after we left our workout I headed back. I had 12 ladies. I put them through 6:00 of a push-up circuit and then we did a strength circuit including lateral squat jumps, hand walks, fwd/lat/bkwd lunges, reverse bear crawls, and single leg Romanian deadlifts.

We were having DIY Pic-Nic burgers, so after “work” I cleaned up and headed to Pic-Nic to blog for a little while. I am getting better at planning ahead, so while I made the Pic-Nic burgers and hash browns I began to marinade meat for tomorrow night’s carne asada. Every time I cook this dish it is different and this time I thought I bought chuck beef but it was more like very thin flank steaks. Whatever; after marinading overnight in beer and onions, I’m sure it will be good. Romeo and I went for our nighttime stroll and John came home. After we ate our delicious burgers, I went back to reading. #bookworm



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