Day Forty Two… the spiderman crawl

Day Forty Two (quadragesimo segundo dia)

Seis semana

My knee is crusting-up nicely and is just a little tight in the morning. I slabbed some of Carla’s antibiotic cream on my wound to soften it up a little and Romeo and I took off. Now that I am getting better at lomba running, I refuse to lap the vila. I do it with Romeo so he can relieve himself and I can have a level warm-up. I drop him off at what I think is 1.8 (waiting patiently for my GPS watch!!) and head towards lomba de cavaleiro again. I figured I’d do just a minute or two more up the lomba and complete 6.0 miles (ish).

AND I remembered to bring my iPhone.

IMG_0561These are the signs I was talking about. This one is telling me that I’m leaving the vila de Povoacao and then shortly after there is a sign welcoming me to lomba de cavaleiro.IMG_0571

I ran up past Mira Mar’s complex and up past Carla’s mother’s house which is where I turned around on Tuesday.


IMG_0569Mira Mar celebrated it’s 75th year (75 anos).

IMG_0562Here, you can see Mira Mar’s complex from above.

I forged ahead another minute and came upon the church where New England Rush slept on the floor during their first trip in June. After a few pictures were snapped I began my descent.

IMG_0568 IMG_0567

When I got home it was just after 11:30am and John told me he was planning to meet Ken at the gym at noon. My overactive sweat-glands were at it again (if you’ve seen me run, workout, or stand in a warm room, you know what I’m talking about!) and the cream I had put on my knee was running into my sock. I changed and we headed over to ALKE.

We did 3 rounds of 15 each:

  • TRX: (5) flys? flies? (WHAT IS THE PLURAL?), (5) Ys, (5) rows
  • decline sit-ups
  • military press


  • TRX pike to push-up
  • SB leg curls (20)
  • the boys did RDLs but I did deadlifts, because I did some RDLs the other day

I saw one of my friends from ALKE at Pic-Nic on Wednesday and for the purpose of this blog post she shall remain mostly anonymous. I asked her how she liked this week’s workouts and she told me she wasn’t going to say anything (she may have been cited in an earlier blog complaining about the ease of one or two classes….), but she wanted more cardio. This was the first moment of concern I experienced over publicizing our Portuguese life. I didn’t want anyone to behave differently or censor themselves because they were worried about it popping up on the internet, and for the most part (except at the expense of myself or John) I try to be respectful about what I write about others. This definitely gave me pause, but I think what she actually wanted was to not be “that girl” in class who reminds the teacher that they forgot to assign homework, so to speak.

I added extra cardio+strength to last night’s workout with two set of 3:00 of quick feet in place to burpee splats on my word. It was difficult, but everyone was giggling by the end, so at least it was enjoyable. Thursday, I introduced Spiderman crawls:

Yeah. We looked just like that.

We also did 2:00 of cardio+strength work in between each strength round, just for kicks.

John had practice with the seniors and I was experimenting with chicken again. This time I smothered it in barbeque sauce before I added my caramelized onion. It was delicious, but I am buying split chicken breast next week, because I don’t know what I’m doing.

Mira Mar was able to reschedule a regular season game for this weekend, so John will play on Saturday night. His junior team will play at 6:00pm and John and the seniors will have their first regular season game at 8:30pm against Nordeste. #pleasewinpleasewinpleasewin


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