Day Forty Five… Honour Cup & Brunch Feast

Day Forty Five (quadragesimo quinto dia)

Semana sete

After last night’s shenanigans at Pic-Nic (yes, in my quiet little mid-twenties life two beers, a shot, and staying awake until 2:00am does constitute as “shenanigans”) we slept in. a little. I bought massa and bacon on Friday in preparation for Giant Brunch Sunday. I got up around 10:00am and took Romeo for a stroll and then strolled to Fatima’s sans Romeo for some juice and cinnamon (canela). I also poked around for some coffee filters or something I could use in lieu of coffee filters. One of the things in our care package from the FH was ground original Dunk Donuts coffee beans. We have no coffee pot. Fatima sells some kitchen-ware odds and ends but no french press (but she does carry several espresso machines) and certainly no coffee filters (which I don’t even know what I would do with any). I went back home to figure something out.

We made hashbrowns, massa french toast, eggs with ham, and bacon. The meat here is so lean—when cooking ground beef you don’t have to drain the grease because there is no grease—and this makes the bacon not so good. It is waxy and chewy and tasteless. We gave most of it to Romeo who was more than happy to oblige in eating our unwanted scraps. I had a ton of bananas, so I made banana bread, too. I also made Dunkin Donuts coffee. I boiled water in our tea kettle and then scooped the coffee right into the boiling water. I let it sit for about 7 minutes french-press style but then instead of pressing, I drained the grinds using a spoon and the tea kettle spout. Hardly any grinds got through, but the resulting drink was fairly bland and weak. Ken said it reminded him of real Dunkin Donuts coffee. Just before we sat down to eat, our doorbell rang. It was Lina and her goddaughter Julia with fresh, homemade lemon loaf. She had already given us some that she made on Thursday and it turned out so well they decided to make more. Since Bobby left everything she gives us (which is a lot of stuff), she gives us three portions of: one for me, John, and Ken.

After we stuffed our faces, ate lemon loaf, and cleaned up, the boys headed off to the complex to watch the final of the Honour Cup. Micaelence was playing Vale Formoso (the team from neighboring Furnas). I decided to stay home, blog in bed, and generally be incredibly lazy. It was cold and they were probably going to have to walk unless someone took pity on them. Someone did take pity on them and they only had to walk home.

I Skyped with my parents for a while and my dad told me all about how the fire department had to come to our house to put out a forest fire my dad had accidentally started with some hot coal from our wood stove. He has a system of transferring the ash to a pail, and after waiting a few days again transfers them to a boulder near the woods so even if there is some hot ash lingering, the boulder won’t start a fire. He said the fire department came and put out the fire before anything terrible happened—the woods are not far from the house, from his stack of wood, nor from the mower shed which is in fact a two-story “play house” that my brother and I helped him build. He is working on a new hot-ash system.

John came home—Furnas won the cup. John made sandwiches for dinner with the canned tuna that Ernes gave to us. #nomnom

As I promised myself I would do, after dinner I went upstairs, moved the coffee table, and did some DIY yoga. #zen #namaste


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