Day Forty Seven… too many words to say

Day Forty Seven (quadragesimo setimo dia)

Semana sete

Since Carla is home with her sick son we are not going to the city today. John and I both slept in and met Ken at the gym at 11:30am. I told John I haven’t been sore and I am jealous that he and Ken always are. He told me to lift heavier, so I plan to. We did:

Front squat to OH press. I did 20 reps @ 45lbs, 10 @ 56lbs, and 6 @ 78 lbs. I will be sore tomorrow. We supersetted these with burpees. Spartan (the obstacle course race organization) is hosting a #30burpees30days challenge. I think I am a day late, but I started today. We did 15 burpee splats for 3 rounds. Day 1: 45 burpees SPLATS.

Next, we did a shoulder burn-out with plates. Seventy-five frontal raises: 25 to your belly button, 25 to your shoulders, and 25 OH. I only used 5kgs.

Lastly, we did bent rows, back extensions, and SB leg curls. On the bent rows I did 20 reps @ each 45lbs, 56lbs, and 78lbs. #iwillbesoretomorrow

We headed off on a mission: the boys wanted their haircut. There is a barbershop owned by Milton (who I don’t know) and Marcelo’s grandfather. He doesn’t speak a lick of English, and John doesn’t want the same haircut at he had last time. It was a little to Euro for him.

IMG_0624Pre-hair cut.

We walked by the barbershop and it was closed, so we went to Pic-Nic for galaos. Marco was there and he agreed to go with us and tell the barber what John wanted. I was excited to see this old school barber in action.


There was one guy in the chair when we got there. After maybe 10 minutes of waiting, John was up. The funny thing about waiting here is there is one of those red ticket machines you find near the deli and butcher counters in the States. The best part about seeing it here is it reminded me of the other funny place I saw one in Povoacao: the emergency room.


Rui followed us in here, probably because I laugh at absolutely everything that he says. He knows some English phrases, and uses them randomly and without pause. “Don’t worry about it”, “Leave me alone”, “How you doin?”, “I’m fine”.. his delivery is hysterical. There is another name Rui goes by, but I didn’t know why or what it meant. I thought maybe that the other name was his real name and Rui was his nickname. Rui showed us this the other day, so I know Rui is his birth name:


It is sort of like a GED for middle school. Rui lives in a home with other developmentally delayed adults, but as far as I know he is free to roam during the day. Sometimes he goes over to the construction site across from our apartment where Lina’s family’s company is renovating an old folk’s home and just picks up a hammer. He is like the mayor.

I finally asked Serenela about his other name at the last home game. Lots of fans were yelling the same name at the referee after he made a terrible call. I learned that it literally translates to “little skull”. Pea-brained. They call Rui pea-brained. Rui followed us into the barber, but didn’t want me to take any pictures.


After John was done, we went home to clean up and eat lunch. John is used to cutting his own hair, but he left his clippers in one of his sister’s empty horse stalls in New Hampshire which is where we put our “storage”. He said it was still too long on top and took my mini scissors to it. If you go to the city tomorrow, he said, please buy me some clippers.


Ken came over and we walked up to Mira Mar’s complex so Romeo could run around untethered. The ladies who do the laundry for Mira Mar fawned over him and brought him a plastic container for water. John and Ken played around with a ball and I read Russell Brand’s My Booky Wook. Romeo had the time of his life. He ran free, took a giant dump, and got himself stuck in one of the goal nets. He managed to get his two front legs stuck in holes, as well as his head and neck. After John and I maneuvered his legs out of the netting, we were able to remove his head. #cutebutdumb

 IMG_0637IMG_0631 IMG_0634

We walked back down to the vila and I stopped at the fruit market. We saw Rui. Again. He wanted to hold Romeo’s leash, but with Romeo’s tendency to flee, John didn’t trust either of them. He kept repeating “Give me the dog. Give him to me. Give me that.” But John wouldn’t relent. When I came out of the fruit market, Rui offered to take a bag for me. I thought he was being nice, so I gave him the heaviest bag which was full of potatoes. He wasn’t being nice, he was being smart. He used the potatoes as ransom for Romeo. John tried to take the bag, “No, give me the dog,” Rui would reply. I finally grabbed the potatoes out of his hands and we walked home. Carla’s mom told me in the square earlier that Carla was going to work at 5:00pm to do a wax. At least I think that’s what she said—she doesn’t speak any English either. I tried to tell her I would bring my gift for Carla then. She had no idea what I was saying, but Carla was at work when we got back. I didn’t know where to get tissue paper or a card so I just used the paper shopping bag the sweater came in and a lined piece of paper for a card. I went downstairs to give it to her.

My class has thinned out a lot in the past few weeks. Only the strong remain. I had 11 ladies but I had only women who don’t skimp out on anything. We did four super sets three rounds each, :30 on / :30 off:

  • Plank to jump rope
  • Frogger push-up to deep squat sit (on stage)
  • Fwd lunge to bear crawl
  • Tricep extension to chaterunga lower

We finished with 5:00 of core. One minute each of: toe touches, leg lifts, suitcases, sprinters’ crunches (:30 each), and a wall sit.

Portugal was playing Sweden at 6:45pm so I met Ken and John there. I tried very hard not to sweat in class so I would be relatively clean at Pic-Nic. The game was tied at 0 when I got there for the second half, and the place was packed. Not long after the second half started, Christiano Ronaldo scored. Even though they would’ve won a spot in the World Cup with a score of 0-0, the place erupted with excitement. Henrique, who works for Mira Mar, began waving his Portuguese flag and enveloped John in it.

IMG_0650 IMG_0652

I do not really understand it, but Marco (and Henrique) refer to Ronaldo as “Messi”, so when he scored they started chanting “MESS-I, MESS-I!” He scored two more times, and the same behavior ensued with each goal. Sweden managed to score off a corner and had another opportunity for a 3-2 Portuguese win.

IMG_0651Here is Marco in the background screaming “Messi” and flying like a bird.


I walked back over to Toronto to grab our pizzas. Lina gave me a free bottle of wine “because Portugal won!”. I left the boys to watch France secure their spot in the World Cup but scooped them up on my way home with the pizzas. I got three: one for each of us. I stuffed my face with half of my sem quiejo pizza, and waited for Lina to pick me up. She had made a birthday cake for Carla and invited me to have it with them. She and Ernes picked me up around 9:30pm. Francisco was sitting on the couch watching TV in a little Hugh Heffner robe when we got there. He is so cute I can’t handle it. Paula showed up with her daughter and they were both in their pajamas. We ate birthday cake and drank champagne and then Lina and Ernes drove me home. If Francisco goes to school on Wednesday, we will continue Carla’s birthday celebration. Ken was doing the dishes when I got home. #loveit


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