Day Forty Six

Day Forty Six (quadragesimo sexto dia)

Semana sete

Monday morning. I woke up before John, but I hadn’t slept very well. I ate a bowl of cereal right before I went to bed and then had crazy dreams. Around 7:00am I noticed John was awake, so I told him all about my armed-robbery-pregnant-with-no-belly-makeshift-pool-in-my-parents’-backyard dream and then promptly fell back asleep. No more eating before bed for me.

I went for a run with and without Romeo to complete 4ish miles. When I got back around 11:30am, John was still snoozin’. We usually go to the gym between 11am & noon, or we go in late afternoon so I decided to hop in the shower rather that sit around in my sweaty clothes and wait. John finally got up just after 12 after another night of horribly interrupted sleep. He and Ken decided to go to the gym at 2:00pm. Having showered and gotten dressed like the semi-functional adult I pose to be, I decided to go to the gym before my class at ALKE by myself. I went instead on a mission to buy boots for myself and a birthday present for Carla. The only closed-toe shoes I packed are sneakers and these night games are getting a little chilly. Carla’s birthday is Tuesday and we are supposed to go to the city for lunch. I hadn’t talked to Carla today, because she wasn’t at her salon yet. I got myself some faux-leather flat knee high boots at one of the Chinese stores that remind me of shops in Provincetown. I bought a sweater for Carla from one of the nicer shops (which I already gave to her by the time I posted this, so no worries about a ruined surprise).

I met John and Ken at Pic-Nic for a post-work-out galao. John got a bowl of the sopa da dia and I followed suit. For one euro you get a massive bowl of fresh soup that is different everyday, and most days they have two kinds. It was cold outside, but we sat out there anyway and ate warm carrot, bean, and onion soup.

When we got home Carla’s salon was still not open. Lina told me later that her son, Francisco, was sick and had stayed home from school. If he stays home from school again, we’ll have to move our birthday celebration. I got ready for my class and headed off to the gym to do the workout that John and Ken had done earlier.

  • 30 goblet squats
  • 30 box jumps
  • I did this set 2x
  • 30E alternating DB bench
  • 30 decline push-ups
  • 30 lat. pull-downs (I did 30 tricep cable pull-downs because the gym was so full)
  • 30 pull-ups (I did 12 minutes on the bike before the pull-up bar was free)

John and Ken had done a few minutes of core at the end, but I decided to do the core work with my class instead. Ernes watched me do my “pull-ups”. I did maybe 5 without touching back down, then 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3… you get the idea. After 20, Ernes asked how many more, and I replied “Ten, I am going for 30”. On my last rep my chin didn’t quite clear the bar. Whatever! Good enough for me. I jumped down and moved the aerobic step I use as a stepping stool, and panted away. Ernes was looking at me shaking his finger; “You only did 29,” he said. Ughhhhh. I turned around, walked back under the bar and jumped up. I swam my legs around like a dying fish until my chin cleared the bar. Thirty. Bam.

I only had ten ladies in class tonight. Even Lola was missing (she sent me a message saying she was sick). Lola and Ana (one of the many Anas) haven’t missed any classes since I started teaching. Ana has lost 4kg. She is a rockstar.


John had junior and senior practices, so I headed home to Skype. First with BFFL Anna, then with crazy cousin Meg (and her dog Mighty, Romeo’s brother from another mother).


I made Pic-Nic burgers for dinner. Tomorrow night Portugal is playing Sweden in the final game of the World Cup qualifier, so we’ll be at Pic-Nic. Instead of burgers tomorrow night, we are going to indulge and get Lina to make us pizzas from Toronto Night’s. Mira Mar doesn’t have practice during important matches.

Instead of crazy burglary/pregnancy/pool dreams, when I went to bed all I could smell was Chinese factory leather because I put my new boots next to my bed. #dontwanttoknowwheretheycamefrom


We finished with core, :30 on/:20 off, 5 exercises 3 rounds: russian kicks, alt. v-ups, oblique crunches R&L, & plank walks.


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