Day Forty Eight… NOT celebrating Carla’s birthday :(

Day Forty Eight (quadragesimo oitavo dia)

Semana sete

Carla took her son to the the doctor because his fever was getting worse instead of better—turns out he had an ear infection! She got him antibiotics but tapped out for the day. Lina had to do some grocery shopping and drop some food off for her daughter, Xana, so we went to the city without Carla. 😦

It was starting to rain when we left and it poured all day. Good thing I bought those new Chinese-store-factory-scented-boots, otherwise my toes would’ve been freezing. We went to the mall for lunch and grocery shopping. I had a bifana and restocked on my soy milk. I even found clippers for John so he could cut his hair.

We went to the cash-n-carry for the restaurant and Pao de Rei for pastries. Finally, we stopped at Xana’s to drop off food. No one was home. The weather wasn’t getting any better, and the clouds seemed to be getting lower. We made one pit-stop on the way home to another mall in Vila Franca de Campo which is a town like Povoacao (only flatter) on the southern part of the island. It is known for having a beautiful beach, but we went to a giant Chinese store (two floors!) inside the mall. Lina’s mother needed a few random things that we were able to get there: magic markers and shoelaces. When we left the mall, you could hardly see 20 meters in front of you. Driving home this route takes you past the lake John wanted to (and succeeded to) show me when we rented a car all those weeks ago.

When I got home, John tore open his package of clippers and immediately set to fixing his hair. He took Romeo for a stroll in the downpour and inquired about practice. Betinho, the president of Mira Mar, said the juniors could stay home but the seniors would practice.

I grabbed my umbrella and set off for ALKE. I had 13 women and I worked out with them because I had neglected my running that morning. I did two sets of burpee splats: a :45 interval and a 1:00 interval. I know I did 20 during the second interval, so I am calling Day 2: 30+ for my 30 day burpee challenge.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 9.51.18 PM

I had thought ahead and made carne asada before I left that morning and had thrown it in the oven before I went to class. John cut up the potatoes and carrots, so when I got home I just had to throw them in to the oven with the meat and onion marinade. When I walked in the door, Romeo didn’t greet me. What is that old saying about dogs? You know they did something bad when they don’t greet you? Now, those of you who know Rome-digs know that he is incredibly aloof anyways, so this doesn’t always ring true for him. Some times he is just being a weirdo. But this time it was true. I had left my coach umbrella on the bed for John, but he must’ve decided not to take it (the rain lightened up shortly after I went to ALKE) but Romeo had decided to make it his play thing. Niiiiiiice. He took the button off the top, which was no big deal and I screwed it back on, but then I noticed that he had chewed up the wooden handle. #whybuynicethingsanyway ?!

John came home and we ate our carne asada. For dessert, we indulged in eating Oreos that I bought in Ponta Delgada earlier. They come in a single sleeve of about 18 cookies for one euro and the creme tastes the same but the cookies taste a little Portuguese. They were double stuf. #nomnom


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