Day Forty Nine… chicken soup and Russell Brand

Day Forty Nine (quadragesimo nono dia)

Semana sete

I had neglected running Wednesday because we were going to the city, but mostly because of the rain. I neglected it the day before that for a reason that I cannot validate, as I do not even remember it now. I ran 4 on Monday and set out to do 6 with and without Romeo this lovely Thursday morning.

I got back around 11:30am and John had not heard back from Ken yet. He was probably still sleeping. We went ahead to ALKE without him. I was happy to still be sore from Tuesday’s workout.

Today we did:

  • TRX trail leg squats x10E
  • Decline sit ups x15
  • Incline bench x15
  • Upright rows x15

@ four rounds

While I stick to my obsessive-compulsive routine of having one galao daily post-workout, John has a routine of his own. He makes a protein shake at ALKE with the ginormous bag of protein Ernes got for him and Ken to share, and then he gets a fofa from Pic-Nic to eat with it.

This is the pastry case at Pic-Nic:

 IMG_0623 IMG_0622The famed fofas are top, right.

It wasn’t raining today, but it was a little chilly and very overcast. Lina was making me nervous in the car yesterday saying that this was a tropical storm that was going to last for days and days. Some of the ladies in my class at ALKE have been trying to prepare me for the wet winter that is typical of Sao Miguel. I guess it is worst come January, February, March. Greeeeeaaaat.

I am getting really good at cooking the four or five dishes I’ve made several times, so today I went wild. I bought bone-in split chicken breast this week instead of a whole bird and I wanted to try to make chicken soup. I boiled the chicken with salt and pepper first so I could make my own stock. Once those were cooked through, I took the breasts out to cool and added a finely chopped onion, a carrot, and two potatoes to my stock. Once the chicken was cool, I chopped it up, threw away the bones (but not the skin) and put it back in the pot. I added the skin too, because John likes it and I was afraid the stock wasn’t going to have enough flavor. After maybe another hour I turned the burner off and let it sit. I planned to turn it on again and add rice and garlic after my class.

John had practice for the senior team, so he got home late. After my class, I went home and did my #30days30burpees Day 3: 30 burpees. I also did a little DIY yoga. The downhill running bothers my back, and the yoga poses in general are good for my zen (which tends to need some help). #namaste


I got a little crazy with the rice and my soup quickly became casserole, but it was still really good! I will add less rice next time and call it soup. It was a nice meal to have after a chilly, cloudy day.

I have been reading Russell Brand’s book and I am not really into it. It’s interesting and he is a good writer, but I have only seen him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. John and I watched an old clip of him interviewing two leaders from the Westboro Baptist Church:

I took to my book a bit more eagerly after that.


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