Day Eighty One… Camp Nou, the Arc, Pizza…. and LOST

Last day in Barca!

Day Eighty One (octogesimo primeiro dia)

Monday (Segunda-feira)

We had basically checked everything off our Barcelona-Bucket-List by day 7 (aside from putting my toes in the Mediterranean). We decided to go back to Camp Nou and pay for the “Experience” of going through the museum, touring the VIP club seats, locker rooms, field, press seats, and boardrooms. Aside from La Sagrada Familia, it was the only attraction we paid to visit. It was worth it—we had a blast and took some more pictures. We took a picture of our seats from the other night. From the field.

 IMG_1358 IMG_1359 IMG_1362

We headed back to the hotel after, stopping for lunch at a traditional Spanish cafe (traditional in the sense that it had plates of the day that were not pictured outside in laminated pages). John had beefsteak with egg and I had chicken “skewers” (read: drumsticks) with croquettes (another typical tapas). We took the Metro back to our hotel to rest up for our afternoon stroll: we were going back to the pier mall (to exchange John’s too-skinny jeans at H&M) and then to the Arc d’Triomf.

 IMG_1371We got to see Big Chris during the day.


We took the Metro to the pier because we were exhausted from our vacation! We are very much looking forward to sleeping in Povoacao with Romeo in our apartment. All this sightseeing is tiresome. While the morning at Camp Nou was cloudy, we were fortunate enough to get a super sunny afternoon. We got to see Christopher Columbus during the daylight and the Mediterranean at the pier. We indulged at Starbucks and poked around the mall. We eventually got back on the Metro and headed to the Arc.

IMG_1374 IMG_1375

I keep bragging about how good a job we’re doing getting around, how city-suave we are, and our trip to the Arc was our first (and only) sightseeing fail. We only had a little trouble deciding which way to go above-ground upon exiting the Metro and quickly found the Arc. I mistakenly thought that if we walked down through Parc Citudella we would just magically “arrive” at the Port de Olimpic. Ohhhhh, how wrong I was.


We did walk through the park until the end (after passing hippies on tight ropes, puppies playing fetch with their owners, and hipsters juggling a soccer ball) where the Zoo is. We walked (the wrong way) around the zoo. We walked and walked and walked along an industrial street to the right of the zoo. “I don’t think we’re going to see the water this way…” I said. Finally I pulled out the map and saw where we were. And where the port was. Eff that! We both said. We had walked too far. We hopped in the nearest Metro and headed home. We stopped at the Bar Granja again so I could grab another (hell, yes!) doner kebab to hold me over until dinner. Even without the sangria sillies it was still delicious.

We lazed around in the room for a few hours and collected our belongings—we were going to have a very early morning. Our flight was going to leave Barcelona at 6:40am (4:40am Azorean time and 12:40am EST… just for comparison!) so we set an alarm for 3:45am (1:45am: Azores).

After over an hour of researching Chinese restaurants and coming up empty handed, we agreed to have pizza again. I added it to my I-can’t-wait-to-BLANK-when-I-get-home list:

I can’t wait to have LEE CHEN’s when I get home


This list also includes:

I can’t wait to RUN WITH MY FRIENDS when I get home. Starting with the Nike Women’s Half in DC. Followed by: Amy. Nicole. Nikki. And the RunHens in general.

I can’t wait to have SAMBA sushi

I can’t wait to have BOOK CLUB

I can’t wait to hold the BABIES we left behind. Some of whom won’t be babies anymore. B&Z,jpgThis was a good day at the FH.. See my Starbies in the background? Yeah, no child (or adult) had knocked it over yet. Good.Day. Also, neither Zaella nor Brooklyn are crying. Success.

There are two La Bella Napolis in Barcelona—one near our first hotel, and the second was three blocks from our current hotel tucked in a side street. We walked down a little after 8:00pm in our sweaties. After talking to the concierge for a few minutes about the best way to get to the airport (we decided to cab it) we walked the three blocks. We arrived at about 8:20pm to three Italian-looking men sitting on the stoop of La Bella Napoli. One of them mumbled “ocho y medio” which I understand, using my Portuguese deduction skills, as eight and a half. We still had ten minutes. We walked back to the main street to hit a supermercat for drinks. I got a water with gas and a lemon soda and John got an orange soda. After the cashier rung us up (which took twice as long as it should have because other cashiers kept handing her chocolate treats, biscuits, and cookies that she added to a plastic bag hanging from her work station—whether it was for her or not, I do not know) she left our three drinks just chillin’ in the bagging area. After I shot John a look of confusion, I asked her for a bag, “That will be two cents”, she said. I’m sure I didn’t hide my look of bewilderment well. After giving her a five cent piece I had to wait for her to stop, talk, and shove some more goodies in her baggie before she finally handed me three cents change and a plastic bag. Well, that was weird.

We walked back to La Bella Napoli and ordered a pizza with ham, salami, black olives, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and half the mozzarella. And a piece of chocolate torte. Literally five minutes later we had our pizza and were walking back to the hotel.

The funny thing about this pizza (and our pizza the other night) is that they don’t cut it for you. It didn’t seem that strange the other night because most patrons had ordered individual pizzas that they ate with a fork and knife. But taking an entire pizza back to a utensil-less hotel room was a different story. We entered the hotel and immediately dipped left into the (currently closed) restaurant. We snagged two sets of silverware wrapped in napkins off of the set tables, but there were no plates. We went to the front desk and the concierge gave us two. We ate pizza and cake in bed on our last night in Barcelona. I think we fell asleep around 1:00am.

Day Eighty… Parc Guell & the best Doner Kebab

Day Eighty (octogesimo dia)

Sunday (Domingo)

One thing about being in Spain (and acknowledging my lack of Spanish) is I feel more confident in my Portuguese. I have often been struck with the thought “I don’t know how to say that in Spanish…but I know how to say it in Portuguese!”. Luckily, everyone here speaks English, or enough English that we can. Except for our waitress at the Magic Wall.


We got up around 10:00am, got ready, and headed out to Parc Guell at the top of the city (after hitting the cafe next door, of course). We took the Metro about 6 stops from Mercat de St. Antoni and then walked another kilometer to the public park. It is up San-Francisco-like-hills which are fully equipped with escalators (again). This time, we used them. In this park, in addition to breathtaking above-the-city views, there were several Indians selling trinkets—magnets, bracelets, earrings, keychains. One of them asked where I hailed from while I was admiring his faux-Turquoise bracelets. I told him the States and he replied “Oh, I thought you were from Italy”. I know he was just trying to con me, but I was flattered nonetheless.


We walked in and up as far as we possibly could, taking selfies along the way.


We didn’t pay to get into the Natura Parc, nor did we pay to get into Antoni Gaudi’s house, but we took pictures from the outside of both.

 IMG_1318The outside of the Natura Parc.

IMG_1320Antoni Gaudi’s house.IMG_1326

We saw a pitch, where some amateur teams were playing.

IMG_1331 IMG_1335

We could see La Sagrada Familia, the Agbar tower, and the Mediterranean.


We walked as high up as we could, past where the real trail ended and where hiking trails began.

IMG_1337 IMG_1339

On the way down, I took some more pictures of the old structures.





After we walked around for a few hours we made our way back to the hotel. On the way out, we saw this street band doing their thing. There was a blind man who was ready to party.

We walked back to the Metro and talked about snacking. Most of the (lower-end) restaurants in Barcelona cater to American tourists by placing pictures of their meals on poster boards outside.


I saw a few with gyros on our street and told John that I needed one. We got off the Metro one stop early so we could walk and look for one of these joints. We found out right outside our hotel (Bar Granja) and sat down to eat. We ordered a pitcher of Sangria for ten euros. John ordered a burger and I ordered my doner kebab off the Sharwarma menu. After we drank I got what I like to call Sangria Silly. Regardless, I’m pretty sure that the gyro was the best thing I’d ever eaten in my life. John said the completa burger con beicon rivaled a Pic-Nic burger. We paid 18 euro and walked across the street to our hotel.

Because we planned to walk back to Las Ramblas (and Cheers!) for the FC Barcelona game, we rested up and showered. We walked back to Las Ramblas, this time in the daylight. We found Cheers easily and it was totally empty.

I got a pint of San Miguel and at halftime (after many more, British-English speaking futbol lovers showed up) we ordered a tapas I had seen everywhere and wanted to try: John went to the bar and ordered in Spanish: “Patatas bravas, por favor?”, the bartender replied, “You want the spicy potatoes?” Yes, sir, we do.


They are like tater tots covered in a mildly-spicy ketchup-mayo-like mixture (at least at Cheers they are). They were delicious. Soon after FC Barcelona won 5-2 (Pedro had a hat-trick in under.eight.minutes.) the bartender asked us if it was “time to get drunk?”, having just woken up from my silly sangria haze, we replied in the negative. He brought us two shots anyways, on the house.


This is the second time we’ve been given free booze. After enjoying them and paying our bill, we went out to stroll Las Ramblas before dinner. Dinner tonight was paella at Cullera de Boix also off Las Ramblas, but I’ll get to that.

We strolled around looking at shops and peaking up and down alleyways. We found a large, outdoor market with men who were about to perform. Awwwww, breakdancers! Light of my life. John and I showed up as the were just getting ready to start, so we were in the “front row”. We watched the introductions, mostly guys from Barcelona and one guy, Johhny, from Puerto Rico. They asked us to scream and started playing MJ. The crowd was clapping along with the music when suddenly they stopped. Just like the Africans selling knock-off Chanel, they looked in one corner nervously. Once they were certain it was police officers they picked up their boombox and skirted off in the other direction. WHAT?! You can’t DANCE in PUBLIC here?! I was so aggravated. I can understand asking people for money, but they weren’t at that part yet. They were at the PERFORMING ARTS part. THAT’S illegal?! John said he knew I was upset because I “got loud”. I couldn’t flipping believe it—outrageous, Barcelona!!!


Yeahhhhhh, and that’s basically all that happened.

We walked onto our dinner destination. Again, because we eat like old people, we were the only ones in the restaurant. This time, we ordered the Sea and Mountain Paella which had chicken, pork ribs, squid, and crawfish. I will review all restaurants on TripAdvisor and Yelp (because they were incredibly helpful to us on this trip), but I was disappointed. John liked it, and the pork ribs were delicious. It took about 40 minutes (pretty typical for paella) and while we were waiting our waiter brought us two glasses of champagne (well, cava) on the house. Which was lovely.


I thought the paella itself was super oily. Our paella at Bosque Palermo (to.die.for) was greasy, but it was more buttery-deliciousness. This one was oily-greasy. I didn’t get any chicken. We still finished it. And like I said, John was totally satisfied.

IMG_1354 IMG_1352

I had high expectations after our first one, and after my doner kebab at lunch, really nothing could compete. I was worried the champagne would show up on our bill, but it did not.

Afterwards, even though I was super-full, I got a nutella crepe from a street-treat-cart. It was a little undercooked, and not nearly as good as the one we got outside of La Sagrada Familia (this one was like a chain, the other one was a soloist, clearly living out his dream expressed in the form of the perfect crepe). I ate more than half of it before I threw it away—I was so full.

When we got back to the hotel, the “full” feeling didn’t go away. As I do sometimes when I overeat (on occasion!!) I moan and whine and hope it will pass. I was so nauseous. I ended up in the bathroom for a while, getting rid of some of the squid-filled paella before passing out. Whether it was the nutella crepe and greasy paella, or the six hours of sangria-beer-shots-and-cava, I’m not sure. But I told John that the next day, even if I tell him I really, really, really want a crepe, not to let me get one.

Day Seventy Nine… Fartons and Sushi

Day Seventy Nine (septuagesimo nono dia)

Saturday (Sabado)

Maybe it was the beers, or the time change, but we didn’t wake up until noon. Lucky for us, this hotel had a “Do Not Disturb” sign we could hang outside our door. A small detail, I know, but our last hotel lacked this. Two of the three days we were there, housekeepers came in while we (tried to) sleep only to hear us cry “Hello! NO! Thank you!”.

This time La Sagrada Familia was on our agenda. We didn’t hit the lobby of the hotel until about 1:00pm and it took about thirty minutes for the concierge to help me buy tickets so we wouldn’t have to wait in line. We chose 2:30pm for our entrance time; we just wanted to stop and get some grub on the way. We walked past a lot of great looking restaurants the day before, on the way to Montjuic. We walked the same way and eventually stopped in a cute little diner. It was a one-man-show. One guy was cooking, waiting and bussing tables, as well as ringing people up. I had sausage and eggs with french fries, and John had beefsteak and fries that came with a salad that had crabsitck and baby shrimp on it. At this point, it was probably about 2:20pm. We still had to walk to the Metro and take it the five stops to Sagrada Familia. I wasn’t too worried about the time.


We arrived at the correct entrance at 2:48pm. “You’re late” the ticketmaster said to my presented-ticket. It flashed red and beeped an unwelcoming sound for the first scanner she tried. She tried another which seemed to allow our late arrival. In addition to the Basilica, I had paid extra to tour one of the towers. Big mistake.


The church itself is just stunning, while also completely overwhelming. While we were in the museum located in the basement (near Gaudi’s tomb) we watched a movie that informed us only just over 60% of the structure is complete. Coincidentally, that night on National Geographic in our hotel room, there was a segment on La Sagrada Familia which explained they were shooting to have it complete by 2026, 100 years since Gaudi’s untimely death (he was runover by a tram!).


We took an elevator up 50 meters, then walked up another 10 (just like the elevator operator instructed us to). We walked over a bridge and then began to descend. There were three balconies we could “rest” at along the way down. It was somewhere after the bridge that I remembered my absolute and completely all-consuming fear of heights. I started to sweat. I managed to snag a few pictures while simultaneously trying to suction-cup myself to the wall behind us.

IMG_1239 IMG_1240 IMG_1241

At one of the “rest” points when John was enjoying the view (as I was hugging the wall saying “yep. Just take a picture! JUST TAKE A PICTURE AND SHOW ME AFTER”) a sweet little Chinese girl looked at me and said “Oh, are you scared?” YES. THAT IS THE WORD. John traveled up another staircase… “THE MAN SAID TO GO DOWN AFTER THE BRIDGE. I WANT TO GO DOWN NOW”. He felt badly that I was missing out on some of the views—I didn’t feel like I was missing out, I felt like I was barely escaping death! So, at the next balcony he said, “It’s OK, I’ll hold your hand. What are you scared of?” And that’s when the tears came. Big, streaming, rivers down my face. Even if I had braved the balcony, I wouldn’t have been able to see anything anyway. Somehow, we finally made it down the spiral staircases. Pfew.

IMG_1229Thank you for sparing my life, Jesus.

After we went through the basement museum we headed out. There is a park across the street loaded with vendors. We saw a man blowing giant bubbles:

IMG_1245I was seriously appreciating his West Coast Chopper sweatshirt.


Nativity scene creatures pooping:

IMG_1258 IMG_1259

And bought a nutella crepe (crack):

IMG_1260 IMG_1261

We made our way back to our hotel and went into a store called Futbol Mania that we had seen on the way to La Sagrada Familia earlier. I had been worried about being late for our 2:30pm reservation, so I told John we’d come back later. After we spent an inexplicable amount of time in this store, we left with three pairs of shorts and four pairs of socks (one for me, even). John found the Mira Mar socks with a better top band so they wouldn’t fall during game. We stopped at the cafe next to our hotel for cappuccinos and a(nother) snack. This cafe sells Fartons, 5 for one euro.

IMG_1267 IMG_1295

John had a fashion show with his new socks and cleats back at the hotel while I looked for a place to have dinner.


Sushi-Yah was the choice for the evening filling both our requirements for sushi and for location (just off Las Ramblas). We walked from our hotel to the end of Av. Paral-lel and saw the statue of Christopher Columbus.

IMG_1280Since 2013 was the year of Selfies, we recognized and honored it with the Vacation of Selfies.


Since we were at the Port de Barcelona, we decided to walk down and see the water.


There was a long boardwalk and eventually a mall (complete with Starbucks and Dunkin’ Coffee, of course). IMG_1286

IMG_1285We wandered through and bought a few things at H&M before heading back to Las Ramblas.

Las Ramblas is a crazy busy street with a quadruple-wide sidewalk down the middle. On both sides there are tiny little alleyways, markets, shops, and restaurants.


We found Sushi-Yah down one of these tiny little alleyways.


It was packed, but there was one half-empty table. We sat down at the other end of it, sharing the space with three Spanish people just finishing up.

We had tuna, salmon, and squid rolls, a shrimp tempura with spicy sauce (crack), a tuna/salmon/AVOCADO roll (no ripe avocados in Povoacao!), edamame, miso soup, and udon noodles. It was all incredible.


Everything came out within minutes of ordering it, and soon our seat-mates were replaced by four Spanish women enjoying a girls’ night out. We walked up Las Ramblas after dinner to see more. We found a “Cheers” that had chalkboards outside saying which games they were showing the following day and we decided to return.

When I read reviews about Las Ramblas I saw a lot of comments about the pick-pocketing (so far, so good!) and also about the Africans selling pocketbooks and ripping people off. Not long after we left Sushi-Yah, we saw a group of Africans selling handbags near the Liceu Metro station. They had their goods laid out on white sheets with rope attached to each corner. When a lookout would see a cop, they would pull on the rope, securing their stash inside the newly created white pouch, and then they would book it down the steps and into the Metro station. John and I watched for a moment until someone saw a cruiser coming and they cleared out. We moved on.

We got Kinder Bueno flavored gelato from a street vendor and walked home.

Day Seventy Seven: NIKE & Newbury Street…AND Day Seventy Eight: Olimpic Stadium and the Castell de Montjuic

Day Seventy Seven (septuagesimo setimo dia)

Thursday (quinta-feira)

We thought having slept so much the night before we would wake up at a reasonable hour, but alas, we woke up at noon. After groggily getting ready we stopped in at el Fornet, the “chocolate cafe” again for cappuccinos and breakfast.


I got a cream filled croissant and John had a frosted and nut covered “pretzel”. We headed off towards Passeig de Gracia (the Newbury Street of Barcelona) to shop. Not to shop just anywhere, but specifically NIKE Barcelona.


We strolled for a while without stopping at any shops; we were on a mission. It was about at 25 minute walk. The only things we did stop for were a few of Antoni Gaudi’s architectural wonders that, in addition to NIKE, are on Passieg de Gracia.

IMG_1057 IMG_1062

The weather was much like Povoacao tends to be: cloudy and sprinkling. Of course, at that time in Povoacao the sun was shining and the air was warm. We stumbled upon Nike in the early afternoon. The store was pretty small with an even smaller selection of women’s apparel. Also, everything was more expensive. A pair of shoes I almost bought on clearance for $75 were 120 (more than $150!). I didn’t buy anything.

IMG_1064Notice how everything is in English? Yeah, we had no trouble communicating in this tourist-driven city.

John found the cleats of his dreams: the new CTR360s. Merry Christmas, sweet baby Bavota.


We went across the street to Zara and I indulged. We also got some gifts for our friends in Povoacao.

IMG_1075 IMG_1069 IMG_1073Barcelona is GORGEOUS.

We stopped in a few more high-end stores and then headed back to the hotel. We stopped for lunch at a Pans & Company which is like Panera-meets-McDonalds (It’s delicious). We went back to our hotel to rest up and clean up for dinner. I did a hallway workout of jumping rope, burpees, black bands and planks. #30burpees30day Day 30 (FINALLY!): 30 burpees with double push-ups.

On the menu for the evening was the city’s best ($$) paella. I did some Yelp/TripAdvisor research on the best place to get some—and I found one whose reviews touted 3 bottles of wine and the “best seafood paella” the writers had ever had. We dined early tonight in hopes of getting to bed early. We were switching hotels on Friday and check-out was at noon, so we couldn’t sleep quite as late.

There was only one other couple in the restaurant (Bosque Palmero on Carrer de Valencia if you ever get the chance to go to Barcelona… Go here!) and the bartender/waitor didn’t speak any English. We got a bottle of the house red, an order of asparagus with mayonnaise (yes), and the seafood paella. The red wine came in an un-labelled bottle, and it was cold—and delicious. The asparagus was the fat, white kind and I didn’t use any of the glop of Hellman’s sitting oddly on the plate. It was also served with lettuce, tomato, and some corn. I put some oil & vineger on it—incredible. And oddly, also cold.


About thirty minutes after we ordered the seafood paella came out. It was everything the reviews said and more.

IMG_1085 IMG_1088

We practically licked the cast iron. After our bartender/waiter cleared the table the real waitstaff started showing up and setting tables (now 8:30pm and a typical dinner time). A waitress came over (who didn’t speak any English either) and asked us to move—a large party was coming in. We watched another waitress fill a pitcher for Sangria out of a spigot on the wall (like those that spout spring water in Povoacao) that produced the house red wine. When I pointed to it, our waitress rattled on in Spanish about it, but we caught the word “Magic”. It was a magic wall.

IMG_1089If I had had my big purse with me, I would’ve stuffed this bottle in it.

We moved and then ordered cappuccinos and two desserts (because why not?); a Catalan version of crème brulee, and an ice cream ball covered in that Tiramisu powder. After we licked those plates clean, she came back and asked if we wanted a “snap”, while miming something that looked like taking a shot. We said no, thank you. She seemed to ask whether we liked the desserts, which we assured her we did. She went to a clear liquor fridge and asked “Honey or strong?”, “Honey?” I replied. Sure enough, she poured of two shots of crema catalana as thanks for switching tables.




Day Seventy Eight (septuagesimo oitavo dia)

Friday (Sexta-feira)

Miraculously, John woke up around 10:00am (I had set an alarm for 10:30am, just in case) and we got our stuff ready to switch hotels.

Originally, I had only booked the first hotel for only three nights because we were entertaining the idea of going to Madrid for a few days. When we decided not to do that, I found a four star hotel that I could get for four nights and pay for with my miles. So, Friday we moved. We went around the corner to our favorite little cafe that we’ve found, el Fornet, and then checked out of The Sunotel Aston Hotel. We decided to huff it the 13 blocks to our next hotel located on Aveniguda Paral·lel. It is on one of the busiest streets in the city, and a whole star nicer than the Aston. We were prepared to just leave our bags as we were three hours early for check-in, but they had a room ready for us. We got settled in and then headed out to walk through Parc Monjuic, another route on my walking map that would take us to the Montjuic Castell, the Olimpic Stadium, and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (which we saw from the top of the Arenas de Barcelona the other day, and looks like a palace). We walked up and up and up (is this Povoacao?!), slowly seeing more and more of the city.

 IMG_1115 IMG_1116 IMG_1122

It was cloudy when we began our ascent, but as we climbed higher, the sky became clearer. Along the way, John spotted a ropes course. We couldn’t go on without partaking. Make sure your volume is up if you decide to watch these.

After about two hours of hiking, we came upon the castell. Which is totally free and completely open to the public.

IMG_1157 IMG_1155 IMG_1152 IMG_1142 IMG_1137 IMG_1136

We continued walking (finally downhill!) and found the Olimpic Stadium which housed the 1992 Olympic Games. We thought it was closed to the public, so we took some pictures from outside the gates.

IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1167

Then we found the public entrance. I’m the first one to make fun of selfies, but in front of the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona? #hatersgonnahate


IMG_1169 IMG_1176 IMG_1182

We walked all around the Olympic stadium and saw the baseball field, the equestrian stables, and the museum (not free and we didn’t even try to go in). We made our way toward the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Again, we were way more interested with the waterfalls, stairs, and other potential pictures. There are escalators that take you up to the art museum, as well as other high points in the park, which seems extremely American. We took the stairs. From this view, you can see the Arenas de Barcelona where we were the other day, oval structure towards the upper right corner.

IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1197 IMG_1198 IMG_1208 

When we walked down the step of the art museum, toward the Arenas de Barcelona and we came into Placa Espanya. We made our way back to our hotel. We stopped at the cafe next to our hotel and had cappuccinos and shared a pineapple cake.

John wanted to have pizza for dinner, so I did some more Yelp/TripAdvisor research and found a nice little hole-in-the-wall 1.5km from our new hotel; La Bella Napoli. It didn’t open for dinner until 8:30pm and lots of reviewers wrote that there would be a wait. We got there at about 8:32pm and were the only people in the joint. The first thing you see is a wood fire pizza oven. Soon after we sat, our waiter brought over English menus. We ordered Peronis, bruchetta, and an eggplant and bacon pizza with mozzarella on only one half. The bruschetta arrived on the table in under 3 minutes, the pizza was out before we had finished our app. Everything was delicious. We had a few more beers (did I mention they had a TV playing Spanish league soccer? John was in heaven) before leaving our signatures on the wall.

IMG_1215 IMG_1216

We passed over Gran Via on the way to the restaurant, a large street filled with street vendors, and had vowed to go back and look for what I call “street treats”. We walked a few blocks down the busy street that was slowly shutting down before our eyes. I saw a few treats that I didn’t partake in.

IMG_1217 IMG_1218

I got my kicks from a chocolate-covered and creme filled churro. We kept walking and then stopped in our hotel bar for a few more beers. John had a little fun with the security camera whose footage constantly plays in the bar.

IMG_1219 IMG_1221

Day Seventy Six.. navigating Barcelona

Day Seventy Six (septuagesimo sexto dia)

Wednesday (Quarto-feira)

We slept in until around 10:00am Azorean time… which was noon in Barcelona. We were totally exhausted from our travels and lack of sleep the night before our trip. We got ready and headed out for the afternoon. We stopped at a cafe on the corner next to our hotel (el Fornet, which turned out to be a chain) for cappuccinos and pastries. Well, I had a chocolate croissant and John had a prosciutto baguette.


I had snagged a self-walking map in our hotel lobby featuring three different routes to walk and see sights. We headed off for route three. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining. We walked toward the route, taking detours when we saw a pretty sight or street. We saw an enormous white-tented market (mercat) and decided to walk through. It was like Eataly but a hundred different vendors all vying for customers. There were fresh vegetables and fruits, cheeses and meats, and raw fish, and butcher stand upon butcher stand. We walked the length of it inside, and then walked back to the beginning on the outside where there were more vendors selling mostly clothing. There were also a few vendors selling books and other trinkets. We stopped at one and bought gloves. I saw a girl wearing a pair of knitted gloves at the Barcelona game the night before that had fingers in one color and the hand another color, with buttons and flowers. This vendor had a black pair with grey fingers and maple colored buttons.


I snagged them and the vendor suggested that in Barcelona I keep my bag in front of me with my hand on it, which I had heard before. I hoped I wouldn’t get mugged. Just like back in Povoacao, we stuck out as foreigners.

We kept walking through the wide streets of Barcelona. While being in a big, gridded, city reminded us of New York, the amount of people (fewer) and the amount of space (more) made it clearly European. The city is beautiful and fairly easy to navigate (if you have any sense of direction, which I don’t—Thanks, mom). The only thing I find completely inefficient are the octagon-shaped intersections which force you to walk down, across, and back to your path rather than walking in a straight line.

IMG_1224This is the real Mercat De St. Antoni, but it was closed due to construction.

We saw another tented mercat near St. Antoni plaza and walked through—this one looks like how Canal Street used to look before the cops got better at their jobs. There are several vendors and half of them of were covered with white vinyl curtains that pulled down quickly. There were towel vendors and slipper vendors, and people selling sweaters and shoes. We meandered through. We stopped on aveniguda de parallel at a tapas restaurant. We ordered prawns, mussels, and pork kebab. Our waiter brought out bread (which he charged us for) and olives. If a waiter brings anything small (like bread and butter, or olives) to your table that you didn’t order, would you be surprised if they charged you? Now, the pan was only one euro, but I was still pissed that it was on our bill. Apparently this is common practice in Europe. The food was decent and reasonably priced (except for John’s soda, which just like the cafe in the Ponta Delgada airport felt it totally reasonable to charge 2.25 for 12oz.). We walked on.

Not long after that, we were in Placa Espanya. We saw a giant arena (Arena de Barcelona) and discussed what might go on there. It looked like a giant stadium, but it also looked like there were shops, or maybe restaurants at the bottom. Maybe those are open to the public, we said. We decided to go in. It was the biggest shopping mall we’d ever been to (five floors? Six?) complete with a movie theatre at the top. After stopping into several stores without buying anything, we went up to the top. The Hobbit was playing (which John has been dying to see). Maybe, we said, they play the movies in English with Spanish subtitles? John asked a woman working: No, she said, they are Spanish-speaking films. Because we’re in Spain. Ha. We walked around the roof, where you can see Fira de Barcelona and the Nacional Museum d’Art.

IMG_1042 IMG_1041

We walked down to the bottom floor (or second to bottom-floor) which was below ground and housed the food-court. We got more cappuccinos and I got another chocolate croissant and John got a cheese baguette. We began to walk home. I saw Ofelia’s Hotel and thought of Ofelia from the FH. I texted her this picture and missed home.


We left the mall going the wrong way and cut through a park to get back on track. There was a dog run with a small fence that Romeo would easily jump. While we were walking by, one of the dogs inside jumped over the fence, then just as quickly, jumped back in. And out again. Back in. His owner was unconcerned.


We found a bunch of kids practicing futsol. We saw a bocce court. We found something my mom would loved: ping-pong tables set up for public use.


Finally, we found the street we were looking for. We stopped at a supermercat on the way back to the hotel to get snacks: bananas, water, fitness bars, iced tea, cookies, Happy Hippos, chips, and crackers. When we got back to the hotel, I looked up a place to have dinner. We didn’t want to spend too much (and had heard—and now seen—that Barcelona is expensive) so I looked restaurants on TripAdvisor. I found a bar near La Sagrada Familia that was cheap and had a lot of good reviews from English speakers on vacation. After we showered and I did my burpees (#30burpees30days Day 29: 30 burpee SPLATS) we headed out toward the Metro. My parents emailed me this picture of their house today:


When we went to Camp Nou the night before, I had seen Sagrada Familia‘s stop on our line. I thought it was in the same direction as the stadium (remember that lack-of sense of direction??), so after a tiny bit of confusion in the station we got in a train going toward Sagrada Familia, which was only three stops away (in the opposite direction of Camp Nou). However, when we exited the Metro we went the wrong way and it took about 20 minutes of walking (finally stopping in another McDonald’s to use WiFi) to find Chill Bar. It looked like an absolute dive, but we sat in a back corner bench on assorted pillows and watched a soccer game while listening to lots of (British) English speakers. John got a burger and I had a burrito (no queso) which were both delicious and cheap. They didn’t even serve Spanish beers so John had a Heineken and I had a Canadian beer. They had a picture on the wall, graffiti really, that matched a piece of street art John saw in Furnas the first time he went to Sao Miguel back in June (before we knew all about the crazy adventure that little trip would bring!). He had Instagrammed a picture of it, so even though I’d never seen it in Furnas, I recognized it right away. I pointed it out to John–it seemed like a good start to our vacation.

IMG_1054 IMG_1421

We had no trouble finding our way home.


Day Seventy-Five… PDL –> Lisboa –> Barca!

Day Seventy Five (septuagesimo quinta dia) Tuesday (Terca-feira) We got up early to be ready for Ernesto to pick us up at 8:00am. Marco was supposed to take us, but then said he couldn’t. Pedro couldn’t take us until after 9:15am, so Ernresto offered to take us. He picked Ken up and then grabbed us. Because Ken packed like he was going on Apollo Twenty Five, it took us a little while to situate our luggage in Ernesto’s car. I had done my thirty burpees before I got in the shower. #30burpees30days Day 28: 30 burpee SPLATS. We saw the cows again on our morning drive. IMG_0979 IMG_0978 We got to the airport just before 9:00am, and the check-in for our flight hadn’t even opened. I pulled a bolos levedos that I’d been hoarding since Saturday’s trip to Furnas out of my purse and split it with Ken. After we went through security, we got raped by the ridiculous prices at the one airport cafe—2.25€ for a can of iced tea? We spent 15€ before we even left the island. Our flight was delayed about 45 minutes, which only made our layover there shorter.  Even though it’s only two hours to Lisbon they served a “light meal”—a sandwich, a fruit puree, and a drink. The tuna had cream cheese on it and I ate it anyways. It was delicious. When we landed in Lisbon, we checked for our next gate and saw that that flight was delayed too—only fifteen minutes. We headed to find what my little heart had been craving since we planned this trip. The Promised Land. IMG_0988 After we got our coffees and a snack, we went back to our gate. Delayed again. Our only concern was arriving on time for our first (and only) scheduled Barcelona activity: FC Barcelona vs. Cartegena at Camp Nou that night. At 10:00pm local time. We were originally set to land at 7:30pm and we ended up landing at 8:00pm. We got our checked bags and headed to find a cab. We didn’t go through customs so we didn’t get caught up. We also didn’t get stamps for our passports. An Indian man approached us along the way and asked where we were headed and we told him what hotel we were staying at. He said he would charge us 35€. I thought that sounded like a lot. We tried to get him down to 30€, but he wouldn’t budge. We left him to find a cab, which he warned us against—with the traffic at “rush hour” it would be much more, he heeded. It was 8:30pm, where in the world had rush-hour traffic? We hopped in a Prius in the taxi queue. It cost us 32.70€. He tried to bring us to the Hotel Astoria first (no, no, sir. The ASS-TON SU-NO-TELL). Thankfully, he turned off his meter shortly after he started his new route to our hotel. We arrived there before 9:00pm. After we figured out how to open our door and turn on the lights (harder than you might think), we dropped our stuff off (valuables in the safe!) and took the Metro to Camp Nou. We had been planning to take another cab, but the concierge urged us to take the Metro—it’s easy, he said. And it was. It was only about a four-minute walk to the station and Camp Nou was five stops away. We got to the stadium 15 minutes before the game started. It was lots of fun for me and John kept saying he felt like he was in a dream. IMG_0998 IMG_1017 IMG_1030 After Barcelona won 3-0 we headed off to take the Metro home again, only the station was closed. It was hard to tell whether it was just this stop or whether the Metro shut down at midnight. Lots of other people were trying to take it as well. After a few minutes of standing there, we decided to walk back to the hotel (only 3 kilometers away). We had no idea which direction to walk (even with my map). We walked into a McDonald’s on the corner and used their WiFi. I took a screen shot of the directions and  45 minutes later we were back at the hotel. Success.

#71, #72, #73, #74 Christmas dinner with the ladies of ALKE

Day Seventy One (septuagesimo primeiro dia)

Friday (Sexta-feira)

Semana onze

Now that I have my GPS watch (THANK YOU, JACKALOPE), I can go back to doing timed miles. I still took Romeo for 1.9 and then booked it for 1.1 by myself. It wasn’t raining and I couldn’t help but be incredibly thankful for running in a tank top, by the ocean, in the middle of December. It is so worth all that running in the rain.

We met Ken at the gym where John told us we were in charge of the workout. While completely capable neither Ken nor I ever take charge of deciding the workout. We stuck with our 300-theme for Fridays and did:

  1. pull ups x50
  2. goblet squats x50
  3. staggered push-ups x50
  4. alternating v-ups x50
  5. hanging leg lifts x50
  6. thrust frogs x50

I finished with 30 burpee SPLATS, and thought about how I won’t miss this challenge. #30burpees30days Day 25: 30 burpee SPLATS.

After Pic-Nic we went home where I wrote a book about how to care for Romeo. We’ve never left him alone overnight and we’ve never left him with anyone other than a roommate or family. John told me I should’ve used bullet points, and I said “but these are bullet points”. It was three handwritten pages. Majid will be taking care of him, and Lina and Carla will walk him in the morning.

The Ernesto from Pic Nic made this beautiful galao for me.


I had six ladies in class. I am going to miss them while we’re away, but we’re going to hold some classes between Christmas and New Years’ so everyone stays on track.

I went home and made meatball subs for dinner. We forgot to buy chicken this week when we went shopping, so I have been trying to be creative with the ground beef. I made them the same way as last time, except I chopped the onion more finely and I let them sit for a few minutes after I baked them so they wouldn’t fall apart in the sauce. John brought Ken home for dinner and we ate the rest of the hummus with some crudite I cut up. The Meatball subs were delish.

Lina had brought me and John back bolas de berlim from her trip to the city today. We shared them with Ken. #nomnom

Day Seventy-two (septuagesimo segundo dia)

Saturday (Sabado)

Long run Saturday. I didn’t take Romeo with me because Majid was coming over to learn about how to care for #sweetbabyromeo. I did 14 miles in the sun. Because I didn’t have Romeo I went straight for the lombas without doing my flat warm-up, which was a mistake. The hills feel a whole lot hillier when you’re not warmed up.

I got home in time to shower and run down to Antonio’s to buy an onion for dinner. We met Ken and Ernesto in the jardim (trans: garden, but specifically the one next to Pic-Nic) and we went to the Terra Nostra Hotel and Gardens in Furnas to go to the hot springs. We walked through the gardens before we got in the pool but I didn’t have my phone (who brings their phone to a pool??), so I got zero pictures for you. Next time.

We hung out in the pool for about an hour and then stopped to get bolos levedos and pastries on the way back. The same place that has the most delicious bolos also has this decadent caramel cake. John got a fried pumpkin dumpling-like pastry that was equally as delicious. We sped home so Ken and John could get to the field for the juniors’ game.


Two weeks ago the juniors’ finally had their first win since John and Ken took over coaching. They won 4-3 but shoulda-coulda won by a bigger margin—they definitely out-played the other team, they just conceded a few silly goals. They were facing the same team again, so I at least was feeling confident for them. The junior Mira Mar team is full of really solid players, they just haven’t been playing as a team. They did in the last game, and they played even more so as one on Saturday night.


Mira Mar had two beautiful goals in the first half, conceding none to hold Maritimo at 2-0. They scored four more gorgeous goals in the second half. At about the 91st minute, Maritimo finally got lucky and scored for a final of Mira Mar: 6 Maritimo: 1. Hallelujah.


I was like a proud mama cheering for those boys–I was so proud and I knew John and Ken were, too. Ernesto and Kevin were there and they gave me a lift back down to the vila. Serenela brought her dog Wendy to the game. Betinho also brought the Mira Mar mascot, Mira, a stray dog that Serenela took in and Betinho adopted.



We went to Pic-Nic to celebrate with burgers (but not beers… John is still “not drinking” after his episode at Cesar’s bar with his team). John forgot to ask for no queijo on mine, but Diogo knows. He called it the “Liza Minelli Burger”. He said he knows because he reads my blog. We went home and watched my favorite movie of all time. Love Actually.

IMG_0929Because love actually is all around us.

In all the excitement I FORGOT TO DO MY BURPEES. #30burpees30days Day 26: EPIC FAIL 0 BURPEES.

Day Seventy Three (septuagesimo terceiro dia)

Sunday (Domingo)

Usually I take Sunday off from running, but I am not going to run when we’re in Barcelona (I am packing jump ropes and black bands), so I ran a 5k when I got up. John and I went down to Pic-Nic and then he got picked up for his game. This is the game we’ve been waiting for/dreading/dying to win. Mira Mar was playing their neighbor and rival from Furnas (the hotel with hot springs where we went the day before? We could see this stadium from there), Vale Formoso (pro: val-fur-MOOS). Ernesto and Kevin picked me up. The sun was shining for the third straight day in a row. I took this as a good omen. Poor, little, naïve thinking Liza!


Vale Formoso players dive more than any other team Mira Mar has played and their captain is the number one offender. They went down screaming in an effort to get yellow cards and free kicks. It worked since that is the way that all teams here play and the way the refs call games. Vale Formoso was awarded a free kick maybe 15 minutes in and scored. Mira Mar was awarded a corner kick which John took. John told me later that he always aims for Ken’s face when taking a corner kick. It’s hard to tell from the stands who knocks in corner kicks. This time it was Ken. Mira Mar tied it up 1-1.


Another five minutes passed and a Vale Formoso player ripped a shot on goal that hit the crossbar and bounced down and out, then another Vale Formoso player headed it over the net. The refs CALLED IT A GOAL. Vale Formoso didn’t even think they had scored! But the linesman and head ref conferred: goal. Mira Mar finished the first half down 2-1.

Other notable things that happened during the game:

Vale Formoso ALSO has a crazy fan lady. Two things our crazy fan lady has that theirs doesn’t?

  1. A fog horn and
  2. All her teeth.

Their crazy fan lady was not a fan of the number of American players. I tried to cheer in Portuguese as much as possible, and stayed away form any slang or swears. No need to repeat embarrassing incidents today.

Vale Formoro scored two more times in the second half. Mira Mar didn’t score at all. Mira Mar didn’t even have a shot on net in the second half. In fact, I think they only had one shot on the net the whole game. A free kick that Berto took (top scorer!) that went super wide.

During the second half, the captain of Vale Formoso kneed Mira Mar’s Marco which sent the crowd into an uproar. One Mira Mar fan tossed his cellphone onto the field in anger and was immediately removed from the complex by the policia.

IMG_0969Here, the man in the light blue hat is removed by the policia.

Marco was later taken out by a Vale Formoso player and landed in front of their goalie so hard that their goalie kneeled down to pick him up; he flopped like a dead fish. The one paramedic (or something half that official) sprinted across the field. Just like the game in Arrifes against Aguia, one of the Mira Mar officials stretched Marco’s back out and he continued to play.

Unfortunately, Mira Mar lost 4-1. We had more pasta and sauce for dinner and went to Pic-Nic to have cervejas. Even John had a few beers to commiserate.

I tweeted @spartanrace about my missed day of burpees. I did 60 to make up for my burpee failure the previous day. #30burpees30days Day 26 take 2: 60 burpee SPLATS.

Day Seventy Four (septuagesimo quatro dia)

Monday (Segunda-feira)

Our last day in Povoacao I wanted to run 6.0. I didn’t take Romeo with me (again) because I wanted to just bang it out. John was still sleeping-off Mira Mar’s tragic loss. When I got back John was just getting up and checking in with Ken about the gym. I went off to the ATM and the hardware store to make a key for Majid. After the ATM, I stopped in at the farmacia to see if they had any insoles. I love my Chinese store boots, but they don’t have any support.

For those of you who follow my #runnerproblems, in addition to runaway toenails (which are currently intact!), my plantar fascitis has sucked since we got here. I still foam roll daily for that myofascial release, but it’s been killing me. I can’t go walking around in my sweet Chinese store boots for 8 days. After some interesting sign language at the farmacia I found Dr. Scholl’s insoles. Cha-ching.

Off to Carla’s dad’s hardware store to make a key, and back to the apartment. John hadn’t heard from Ken but we found him at the gym. John and I did separate workouts today, but I did:

  • Fwd lunge (outside in the SUN) to DB bench
  • SB pike/push-up to goblet squats
  • Decline push ups to burpee SPLATS

#30burpees30days Day 27: 45 burpee SPLATS.

We headed to Pic-Nic for the last time and to shop at Fatima’s. We get home from Barcelona Christmas Eve, so we bought groceries (frozen and non-perishables) for when we get back. Ken came over and they made what we later named “The Povoacao”: papas secos, two eggs, two pieces of ham, two pieces of bacon, and (for them) two pieces of cheese. John made hashbrowns, too. We feasted. Lina and Carla came over to learn how to do Romeo’s collar, since they’re going to be checking in on him and walking him in the mornings.

I ran down to Casa Cheia and bought baby lotion and conditioner. I decided to make chocolate chip cookies for our ALKE Christmas dinner (which I can do since Judi sent us 4.5 lbs worth of tollhouse! Thank you very much). Because I only have one glass baking dish, so it took me two hours to make about 35 cookies, but they turned out well. I used the tollhouse recipe and the only thing I didn’t have was vanilla extract.

I headed over to teach my last class until after Christmas—there were eleven ladies. We did a TON of black bands. My gift to them: Feliz Natal!


After class I headed home to shower quickly and change into non-gym clothes. Ernesto had invited John and Ken for dinner, too. While the ladies of ALKE and I housed pizza (and later homemade donuts) and guzzled wine, Ernesto, Emanuel, Ken, Kevin, and John ate Italian sandwiches behind us. John and I finally walked home around 11:00pm to finish our laundry and packing.

photo 1A small group of diehards!


Since Romeo acts out when he knows we’re leaving, he decided to expel toxic gases from his butthole all night long—until we got up at 6:00am. Another night of little sleep for John&Liza.

#67, #68, #69, #70

Day Sixty Seven (sexagesimo setimo dia)

Monday (Segunda-feira)

Semana Dez

My new watch and I went for 5 miles with Romeo. It was pouring. We didn’t hear back from Ken—and his shoulder has been bothering him—so John and I headed over to ALKE ourselves where we completed three supersets:

  • Squat jump to DB bench
  • Pull-up to pike
  • Plate pull-over to back extension

and I finished with 50 burpees SPLATS

#30burpees30days Day 21: 50 burpee SPLATS.


We hit Pic-Nic and did our usual Monday shopping before we went home. Our other “to-do” list item was to get Christmas lights for the wine cabinet. Which we got at Carla’s father’s hardware store.


John headed off to practice and after class above Toronto Nights I made chicken wings (which had been marinating in BBQ & piri piri sauce since the night before) and sweet potatoes. John said he didn’t really care for sweet potatoes but I know he likes caramelized onion so I tossed some of that on top of some peeled and sliced sweet potatoes and roasted them for about an hour. He devoured them.

Numbers at ALKE are improving again. I had nine women tonight. I used a Shaun T. routine from Insanity. We decided to have a Christmas dinner after class next Monday before I leave for Barcelona.

We got to Skype with Keith, Nicole, and Baby Alex (who has a new talent). He can now put his toes inside his mouth.



Day Sixty Eight (sexagesimo oitavo dia)

Tuesday (Terca-feira)


Four miles and though it wasn’t raining, it was chilly for the first time. I actually wore a long sleeve t-shirt–I also had to wear my Frees because my Zoom Elites were still wet from the day before. We met Ken at the gym, and because of his shoulder and John’s desire to concentrate on his upper body, we all did variations of the following circuit for four rounds:

  • Lateral step-ups
  • Tricep cable pull downs
  • Preacher curls
  • (J) inverted rows / (L) goblet squats
  • SB knee tuck to push-up

and I finished with 30 burpee push-ups

#30burpees30days Day 22: 30 burpee push-ups.

We saw Marco while we were at the gym and he agreed to drive the three of us to the airport on Tuesday. Ken is on the same flight to Lisbon as we are.

I had eleven women in class tonight. They don’t want to stop working out while I am gone, so I am going to leave some workouts for them to do.


No practice meant John and Ken got to watch Championship League games. I made Pic-Nic burgers, salad, and fries for the three of us. I have been waiting and waiting for the Povoacao (what the locals actually call it… “the Povoacao”… “the Furnas”…) to turn on the Christmas lights. I walked Romeo after dinner and THEY WERE ON.

 IMG_0860 IMG_0861 IMG_0862 IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0866 IMG_0869 IMG_0871 IMG_0874

It poured all night, but worse than that the wind was back with a vengeance. The shutters and our bedroom door rattled so badly that John didn’t sleep at all.


Day Sixty Nine (sexagesimo novo dia)

Wednesday (Quarta-feira)

While John was sleeping I went for 7.5 miles. It wasn’t raining, but it was cold. When I got back John was still sleeping so I grabbed a couple Peanut Butter Energy Balls and headed for the gym to do some legs:

  • forward lunges
  • single leg RDLs
  • decline sit ups
  • front squat to OH press

When John got up he had missed the gym (they’re closed from 2:00-5:30pm on Wednesdays) so we walked to Pic-Nic. I am now fully ensconced in my Pinterest addiction, so I spent much longer than is necessary looking up a from-scratch pancake recipe—I was planning on making brinner. After John went to practice, I left for ALKE. I had eleven women again and we did a mini-obstacle course in between sets and I longed for the FH.


When I got home I dove right back into Pinterest and found a hummus from-scratch recipe. Oh, looky here, I had a can of chickpeas. The recipe said that for super smooth hummus you had to skin each chickpea. That sounds ridiculous, I thought to myself. But forty-five short minutes later I had skinned what had to be 300 chickpeas (15oz.). I didn’t have any tahini, so I just put the chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, two garlic cloves, and salt in the food processor I-didn’t-know-we-had. It was delicious.


The from-scratch buttermilk pancakes were also delicious—I had to make the buttermilk and I used granulated sugar instead of powdered, but they still came out really good. I made scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. While the pancakes were cooking I did my 30 burpee SPLATS. #30burpees30days Day 23: 30 burpee SPLATS.


Day Seventy (septuagesimo dia)

Thursday (Quinta-feira)

I went running in the rain. Again. I decided not to take Romeo because he is wet-for-days after torrential downpour runs. Also, he slows me down. I went for 2.5 miles and 15 sprint intervals. #thankgodihavethisGPSwatch

After I dried off sufficiently, we headed for the gym. When we got there, Ernesto told us he was Santa Claus. We were confused until he pointed out the packages on his mini-fridge. THREE packages: two from John’s mom & her husband, and one from my parents. It was like friggan’ Christmas morning in ALKE. We ripped into them before we started our workout. We left a few Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups for him and Lina. We did four rounds:

  • incline DB bench
  • decline sit-ups
  • single arm rows
  • SB leg curls
  • shoulder push-press

I physically couldn’t do my burpees I was so fatigued. We walked home with our gifts. We got peanut butter (x3), inhaler (thanks, dad), chapstick, a tea-bag-style coffee brewer, dunkins’ coffee, gatorade (x1,000,000,000), powerbars (x1,000), pupperonis, the biggest bag of chocolate chips I have ever seen, and about 50 Reeses’ peanut butter cups.


My dad sent his in a real Christmas present box. I am Pinterest-crafty now so I added the box top to our Christmas cabinet since it looks like a chalkboard sign.


John headed down to the gymnasium. They canceled classes at the high school in honor of having a futsol tournament. Ken came by, but John was still gone. He told me he had a death in the family so I gave him a Reeses’ cup. Ken went down to meet John.

When there was a break in the games, John and Ken came back and we all went to Pic-Nic. We invited Ken over for dinner and as long as he brought some ground beef over to add to my sauce. They have a deal over at their shared apartment that Ken will cook (because he is the only one capable) if Adam and Majid clean (including washing the dishes). They never clean, so I told him not to cook. Occasionally they wash the dishes Ken needs to cook their food. He can eat with us whenever he wants.

I had six women in class tonight. It was not an easy one and I had a new woman. Who doesn’t understand English. She kept saying “primeiro….primeiro” which I understand is “first”. She found her few English words between gasping for oxygen “This is my first time!” I know, it’s OK. If it was easy, I told her, I would still have 23 women in class.


I made them do a one minute plank at the end and challenged myself to do my 30 burpees (no SPLAT) in that time. Lola and the brand-spanking-new girl joined me. #30burpees30days Day 24: 30 burpees in 1:00.

I had been doing some research on heavy lifting and bulking up (myth: women will get big and bulky if they lift heavy). I have searched on Google Images “female Olympic weightlifters” and John thought it was hilarious. He thought it was so hilarious that when I came home from ALKE, I found THIS was my background image.


Editor’s note: Female olympic weightlifters are not bulky. Except for Holly Mangold (pictured above).

#64 #65 #66… John drinks, Liza drinks.

Day Sixty Four (sexagesimo quarto dia)

Friday (Sexta-feira)

Semana dez

While I was out doing three (dry!) miles with Romeo Lina sent me an extremely exciting message. Apparently, the watch that Jackie sent to me wasn’t stolen in the mail but it’s been sitting in customs! The Portuguese postal service will only deliver it if I give them 38 for tax! They opened the package and decided it was new. Which it’s not, but I don’t care. I actually ordered a new one from on Wednesday because they had some on clearance for an extra 25% off. Wednesday was the end of the sale and 5 weeks from when Jackie sent it, so I went for it. Now I will have two. Or John can have one. John and I headed the gym with Ken.


Marco, a high schooler who plays on the senior Mira Mar team, was there on his two-and-a-half lunch break from school and we convinced him to work out with us. He struggled, but he did it.

Friday’s 300 Workout, 1 round 30 reps of each:

  • Decline push-ups
  • Curl to press
  • Dips
  • Hanging rotational leg raises
  • Split squats (15E)
  • Suitcases
  • SB roll outs
  • Plate swings
  • Burpees
  • Box jumps

Because I was on day 18 of #30burpees30days I did my burpees and box jumps together. Day 18: 30 burpee box jumps.

After Pic Nic, I couldn’t wait to go home and charge up my watch. It is coming with me on long-run-Saturday.

I headed to Casa Cheia and got some Christmas decorations and soy milk. When they have leite de soja, it’s even cheaper than it is in the city. I bought two Santa hats and 18 ornaments. I put all of the decorations on the wine bottles I’ve been collecting to fill our otherwise empty China cabinet. John and I decided to buy lights to add to our Christmas cabinet. I still don’t think we’re going to get a tree.

Lina had given me an entire meat pie the night before, but we hadn’t eaten it because I had already made my oven roasted stir-fry. John and I invited Ken over for dinner after practice, but they were having dinner with Mira Mar. Which is lovely because it means I get to eat dinner before 10:45pm.

I headed off to class where even though the weather was better I only had THREE WOMEN. I am hoping after the new year that the numbers increase again. The ladies are awesome:


I headed home and heated up the pie while I made a salad. I went to Pic-Nic and walked Romeo. I got home around 10:30pm and waited for John to get home. Typically, when they have a team dinner he is still home before 11:00pm. This was not a typical night, and in fact for me, this night lasts until 6:00am.

John stumbled home right around 2:00am and wasn’t feeling very well. You already know that I was up until 6:00am, so you can use your imagination for those 4 hours in between. It wasn’t fun, but it was funny and I had to wash everything in our apartment. Twice.


Day Sixty Five (sexagesimo quinta dia)

Saturday (Sabado)

Around 5am I contemplated staying up until the sun came up and doing my long run then, but I decided to sleep for a few hours. God bless Sweet Baby Romeo who let us sleep until almost noon.

In honor of getting a number for the Nike Women’s Half and on account of finally receiving my watch, I ran the first annual All By Myself Lomba Half Marathon. I finished in 2:18:30. Romeo came with me for the first three and it didn’t rain. Hallelujah.

John was pretty much out of commission for the day, but I told him he had to rally. Toronto Nights was having a party that I’d been looking forward to. He was more than willing to accompany me, he just wasn’t going to drink. Ken also claimed to be “not drinking” but he failed. We went to Pic-Nic in the afternoon where Ken and John recovered from their night of Absinthe drinking with Pic Nic burgers and Kima.


Before we left for Toronto Nights, I did my burpees. I thought it would be hysterical to wait until I was wasted and do them at Toronto, but I chickened out. #30burpees30days Day 19: 30 burpee SPLATs.

As soon as we got there, Lina poured shots of tequila for me and her. There had been a private dinner party for someone’s birthday and we were given extra cake by one of the party-goers. Some of the girls who work out in my class were there and we drank and danced until 3:00am when Lina served bread and butter (genius). We walked home.

 6_nMe, Xana, Lina

nOh, John.

Day Sixty Six (sexagesimo sexta dia)

Sunday (Domingo)

This time it was me who was out of commission. Aside from a bathroom break for Romeo around 9:30am (John took him, thank you) we slept until 1:00pm. Lina messaged us offering the leftovers from the dinner party. We headed over to Toronto with Romeo to pick it up and invited Ken over to share.

Someone at Toronto last night asked me if I liked it here in Povoacao. I said simply, “Well, we know Lina and Ernesto, so we love it here.”

Lina and Luisa gave us a tray of Cream of Cod, a tray of chicken and rice, a dish of castanhas stuffing, a loaf of bread and a pizza. Hot.

After we ate we went to Pic-Nic for the Arsenal v. Tottenham game. They drew, not that I watched it. I was reading The Book Thief. I began to fade; I was feeling all that tequila from the night before. We went home and I wished we had eggs (the ultimate hangover food) but settled for tuna. I immediately felt better.

I knew I wasn’t feeling well because I actually sat down and watched two movies with John. We watched Invictus in honor of the passing of Nelson Mandela and after I Skyped with my parents we watched Elf in honor of Christmas. I almost went to bed without doing my burpees, but John reminded me. #30burpees30days Day 20: 30 burpee splats.

Week 9 Part Deux

Day Sixty (sexagesimo dia)

Monday (Segunda-feira)

Still raining. Romeo and I went out anyway (#rainorshine) for a brisk 5 miles. Fortunately, it’s not all that cold, just wet and windy. I dropped Romeo after the first half. When I got home from the second half, I changed and John and I headed off to the gym to meet Ken where we did three super-sets:

  • Goblet squat to DB bench
  • Single arm bent row to hanging leg raises
  • SB Pike to pull-ups

I finished with three sets of 10 burpee push-ups. #30burpees30days Day 14: 30 burpee push ups.

It was pouring and there were no seats inside Pic-Nic, so we huddled outside under the awning for our galoes and fofas. We had to go grocery shopping, which is unpleasant in the weather, but we managed. I wanted to finish my postcards, but bailed. They cancelled the junior’s practice because of the weather and I had cooked chicken soup the day before, so we were even lazier than usual.


After class at ALKE I came home and we ate my epic-fail-chicken-soup. Why was it so bad? I know you are dying to know. First of all, I put too much rice in again. It is chicken casserole, and not in a good way. Note to self (and readers) next time: NO RICE. Also, piri piri is a fairly hot spice used frequently in Portuguese food and I usually use it in my tomato sauce now that I’ve experimented successfully. However, there are two varieties: a powdered spice and a hot sauce. The powdered spice lends itself easily to over-doing it and has a different (read: not yummy) flavor. The sauce is yummy and easier to dictate amounts. I’ll let you guess which one I used. Damnit. John is a decent and loving human being so he told me it was good, but that he just wasn’t very hungry. HA. I finished reading Orange is the New Black. I loved it.

While I was in bed finishing Orange is the New Black I got a very exciting message from my running-buddy-homegirl Jackie. Even though I have no idea where I’ll be on April 27th, I entered the Nike Women’s Marathon random draw for their DC half marathon. And our group was selected!! We got giddy and then commiserated on #runnersproblems



Day Sixty One (sextagesimo primeiro dia)

Tuesday (Terceira-feira)

Still raining. Romeo and I headed out for four miles in the sideways rain and 50mph winds. We did 2.5 together and then I did 15 sprint intervals alone. I got home freezing and completely drenched so I decided to shower and DIY yoga instead of trudge back out in the rain to the gym. John went off to meet Ken and the rain began to ease up. I went out to finish my postcard mission, but the stamps were more expensive than I had planned on and I only had enough dinheiro to send half of them. I met the boys at Pic-Nic, where we had to sit outside again. The weather was mildly better.

John had practice and I didn’t want another dinner disappointment so I stuck to making pasta and sauce. It was delicious. I had nine women in class and I worked out with them.


I was planning on doing 30 burpees with tuck jumps when I got home but I FORGOT. After I made my sauce and showered I sat down and watched the first episode of Orange is the New Black which was disappointing. In the book, Piper is smart, adaptive, positive, and kind of a badass. At least in the first episode, they make her out to be a sensitive wussy. It was annoying.

I found this great new website to waste lots of time on. Maybe you’ve heard of it, I guess it’s popular for those living in the 21st century and enjoy the internet. It’s called “Pinterest”. Oh, you’ve heard of it? That’s weird. I’m addicted. I found a “pin” titled the 50 best bodyweight exercises and on the list was TUCK JUMPS. I realized I’d never done my burpees and got out of bed to do them. #30burpees30days Day 15: 30 burpee tuck jumps. Since I was warmed-up and out of bed, I took Romeo for a walk. It wasn’t raining.

John came home and we ate and went to bed. The wind gusted so hard that our french doors which-double-as bedroom windows rattled loudly. Sometime around 3am one of the window shutters detached from it’s little latch outside and began slamming against the door/windows. John and I leaped out of bed to secure it again. We ended up shutting them (which took at least 5 minutes, because we didn’t know what the heck we were doing, it was 3am, and we’re hanging out a second floor window in 50mph winds) which made the wind somewhat more quiet, but then the shutters were rattling. Maybe around 5am one of the shutters opened and began slamming again. John took part of our TRX suspension training system and secured to shutters. #genius We didn’t sleep much.



Day Sixty Two (sextagesimo segundo dia)

Wednesday (Quarto-feira)

When I got up, miraculously, it wasn’t raining. I took Romeo for 2.5 miles and then did another five solo. Even though it wasn’t raining, I wore my Red Sox hat anyways. John told me I was silly and that it would blow right off my head. Which it did. Almost immediately, so I dropped it off with Romeo. While I was running alone, I saw my #1 cheerleader. She is short, round and not terribly old (maybe late 50s). She saw me running for the first time about a week ago, when I made her street part of my regular route. She started yelling things at me in Portuguese, few words of which I understood: “car” (carro) and “here” (aqui). When she noticed my confusion, she switched to her small English vocabulary: “I love you! I love you!” She now jumps for joy when she see me running. It makes me want to jump for joy, too. “Obrigada!” I yell back, while blowing kisses. “Linda! Querida!” She yells at me until I am out of sight. Because I lap the vila I see her at least twice, if not three times, but her excitement never wains. #godblessher

Because of our interrupted sleep, John was still in bed when I got back. He got up and went to the gym, and I met him at Pic-Nic after finally completing my postcard mission. We were spared rain most of the day. Around 3:00pm it came back with a vengeance. I didn’t even want to walk the two blocks to ALKE and I told John they would be crazy to hold practice. They had ended early the night before because of the wind. I went to ALKE around 5:30pm to workout and while I was doing forward walking lunges, I had an epiphany. I can only do three before I have to turn around because there is not much space. I did three sets of 30, so there was a lot of turning around. I was thinking about The FIELDHOUSE and how much space we had and how much I miss it and will be happy to be back there when it hit me: one day I will miss this tiny gym on this teeny island, with the nonstop rain so much it will bring me to my knees. We are coming back to The FIELDHOUSE, but ALKE is our “now”. John and I have been trying to live in the “now” and enjoy the time we have here without worrying about things we won’t have when we get home like cars, jobs, and a place to live. I love it here, and I will miss it terribly when we are gone

I did three supersets:

  • Fwd lunges to front squat – OH press
  • SB leg curls SA burpees
  • 1:00 plank to decline sit-ups

#30burpees30 days Day 16: 30 single arm burpees (15E).

Once I finished, I crossed the parking lot to Toronto Nights. The weather had gotten even worse: pouring rain and intense winds. It was about 6:29pm when I heard a loud crash downstairs. The wind had blown a rug around and all but filled the room with water. Lina said she didn’t think anyone was coming and that sounded safe to me. No one came. I asked her to make two pizzas for John, Ken, and I. Lina gave me a piece of baked squash and I sat in the kitchen with Luisa while she made them. It is nice to be surrounded by estrogen. It wasn’t raining when I left around 7:30pm. John and Ken didn’t have practice but were at Pic-Nic watching Champions League games. They came back and I told them that Ernesto had invited them to play futsal. They flipped a coin to decide whether or not to go. The coin flipped in honor of futsal. They both had a slice before heading to the gymnasium to play with Ernesto, Emanuel, Kevin, Majid, Adam, and a bunch of guys I don’t know. The good thing about not having practice on Wednesdays is they can play futsal. I went down (after I ate all my cheese-free pizza…. it is so good) for a little while to take videos of them. I came home and Skyped with Cathy and Krista.

John scores from half-court

We decided not to go to Madrid and just stay in Barcelona for the whole week we are in Spain. We booked a different hotel for the last 4 nights and bought FC Barcelona tickets. Today we had officially been in Portugal for two months.



Day Sixty Three (sexagesimo terceiro dia)

Thursday (Quinta-feira)

Again, it was crazy windy all night, but not raining. In the morning, Romeo and I went out for three miles and then I did one by myself. Even though Romeo had gone #2 when I walked him pre-run, he still elected to take a fat dump in front of a ton of middle schoolers hanging in front of the town hall who screamed in disgust when I picked that dump up with a baggy. Thanks, buddy.

It was barely sprinkling when I got back, but raining pretty heavily when we left for the gym. We did 4 rounds, 10 reps of each:

  • Incline DB bench
  • Upright rows
  • Box blasts
  • Rotational cable pull-downs
  • Decline sit-ups
  • and I did burpee SPLATS

#30burpees30days Day 17: 40 burpee SPLATs.

We headed for Pic-Nic and for the first time in days, we were able to sit inside. It was still raining. We headed home where we were supremely lazy. John asked me if I wanted to go home for Christmas, so we peaked at tickets. Sorry guys, for three grand we will not be coming home anytime soon. We will go to Barcelona and my parents will visit in February. They booked their tickets today. #duddyfamreunitesintheazores

John had no practice which means we got to eat at a decent hour. I made veggies-a-la-Ken and chicken. I roasted onion, red pepper, green pepper, and eggplant, with olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. I cooked up some bone-in chicken breast, cubed it up and added it together. John bought a bottle of wine while I was at class (9 women). #datenight


I got to use my workout from the night before. I also learned a new word this week: “chuva” it means rain.