#67, #68, #69, #70

Day Sixty Seven (sexagesimo setimo dia)

Monday (Segunda-feira)

Semana Dez

My new watch and I went for 5 miles with Romeo. It was pouring. We didn’t hear back from Ken—and his shoulder has been bothering him—so John and I headed over to ALKE ourselves where we completed three supersets:

  • Squat jump to DB bench
  • Pull-up to pike
  • Plate pull-over to back extension

and I finished with 50 burpees SPLATS

#30burpees30days Day 21: 50 burpee SPLATS.


We hit Pic-Nic and did our usual Monday shopping before we went home. Our other “to-do” list item was to get Christmas lights for the wine cabinet. Which we got at Carla’s father’s hardware store.


John headed off to practice and after class above Toronto Nights I made chicken wings (which had been marinating in BBQ & piri piri sauce since the night before) and sweet potatoes. John said he didn’t really care for sweet potatoes but I know he likes caramelized onion so I tossed some of that on top of some peeled and sliced sweet potatoes and roasted them for about an hour. He devoured them.

Numbers at ALKE are improving again. I had nine women tonight. I used a Shaun T. routine from Insanity. We decided to have a Christmas dinner after class next Monday before I leave for Barcelona.

We got to Skype with Keith, Nicole, and Baby Alex (who has a new talent). He can now put his toes inside his mouth.



Day Sixty Eight (sexagesimo oitavo dia)

Tuesday (Terca-feira)


Four miles and though it wasn’t raining, it was chilly for the first time. I actually wore a long sleeve t-shirt–I also had to wear my Frees because my Zoom Elites were still wet from the day before. We met Ken at the gym, and because of his shoulder and John’s desire to concentrate on his upper body, we all did variations of the following circuit for four rounds:

  • Lateral step-ups
  • Tricep cable pull downs
  • Preacher curls
  • (J) inverted rows / (L) goblet squats
  • SB knee tuck to push-up

and I finished with 30 burpee push-ups

#30burpees30days Day 22: 30 burpee push-ups.

We saw Marco while we were at the gym and he agreed to drive the three of us to the airport on Tuesday. Ken is on the same flight to Lisbon as we are.

I had eleven women in class tonight. They don’t want to stop working out while I am gone, so I am going to leave some workouts for them to do.


No practice meant John and Ken got to watch Championship League games. I made Pic-Nic burgers, salad, and fries for the three of us. I have been waiting and waiting for the Povoacao (what the locals actually call it… “the Povoacao”… “the Furnas”…) to turn on the Christmas lights. I walked Romeo after dinner and THEY WERE ON.

 IMG_0860 IMG_0861 IMG_0862 IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0866 IMG_0869 IMG_0871 IMG_0874

It poured all night, but worse than that the wind was back with a vengeance. The shutters and our bedroom door rattled so badly that John didn’t sleep at all.


Day Sixty Nine (sexagesimo novo dia)

Wednesday (Quarta-feira)

While John was sleeping I went for 7.5 miles. It wasn’t raining, but it was cold. When I got back John was still sleeping so I grabbed a couple Peanut Butter Energy Balls and headed for the gym to do some legs:

  • forward lunges
  • single leg RDLs
  • decline sit ups
  • front squat to OH press

When John got up he had missed the gym (they’re closed from 2:00-5:30pm on Wednesdays) so we walked to Pic-Nic. I am now fully ensconced in my Pinterest addiction, so I spent much longer than is necessary looking up a from-scratch pancake recipe—I was planning on making brinner. After John went to practice, I left for ALKE. I had eleven women again and we did a mini-obstacle course in between sets and I longed for the FH.


When I got home I dove right back into Pinterest and found a hummus from-scratch recipe. Oh, looky here, I had a can of chickpeas. The recipe said that for super smooth hummus you had to skin each chickpea. That sounds ridiculous, I thought to myself. But forty-five short minutes later I had skinned what had to be 300 chickpeas (15oz.). I didn’t have any tahini, so I just put the chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, two garlic cloves, and salt in the food processor I-didn’t-know-we-had. It was delicious.


The from-scratch buttermilk pancakes were also delicious—I had to make the buttermilk and I used granulated sugar instead of powdered, but they still came out really good. I made scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. While the pancakes were cooking I did my 30 burpee SPLATS. #30burpees30days Day 23: 30 burpee SPLATS.


Day Seventy (septuagesimo dia)

Thursday (Quinta-feira)

I went running in the rain. Again. I decided not to take Romeo because he is wet-for-days after torrential downpour runs. Also, he slows me down. I went for 2.5 miles and 15 sprint intervals. #thankgodihavethisGPSwatch

After I dried off sufficiently, we headed for the gym. When we got there, Ernesto told us he was Santa Claus. We were confused until he pointed out the packages on his mini-fridge. THREE packages: two from John’s mom & her husband, and one from my parents. It was like friggan’ Christmas morning in ALKE. We ripped into them before we started our workout. We left a few Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups for him and Lina. We did four rounds:

  • incline DB bench
  • decline sit-ups
  • single arm rows
  • SB leg curls
  • shoulder push-press

I physically couldn’t do my burpees I was so fatigued. We walked home with our gifts. We got peanut butter (x3), inhaler (thanks, dad), chapstick, a tea-bag-style coffee brewer, dunkins’ coffee, gatorade (x1,000,000,000), powerbars (x1,000), pupperonis, the biggest bag of chocolate chips I have ever seen, and about 50 Reeses’ peanut butter cups.


My dad sent his in a real Christmas present box. I am Pinterest-crafty now so I added the box top to our Christmas cabinet since it looks like a chalkboard sign.


John headed down to the gymnasium. They canceled classes at the high school in honor of having a futsol tournament. Ken came by, but John was still gone. He told me he had a death in the family so I gave him a Reeses’ cup. Ken went down to meet John.

When there was a break in the games, John and Ken came back and we all went to Pic-Nic. We invited Ken over for dinner and as long as he brought some ground beef over to add to my sauce. They have a deal over at their shared apartment that Ken will cook (because he is the only one capable) if Adam and Majid clean (including washing the dishes). They never clean, so I told him not to cook. Occasionally they wash the dishes Ken needs to cook their food. He can eat with us whenever he wants.

I had six women in class tonight. It was not an easy one and I had a new woman. Who doesn’t understand English. She kept saying “primeiro….primeiro” which I understand is “first”. She found her few English words between gasping for oxygen “This is my first time!” I know, it’s OK. If it was easy, I told her, I would still have 23 women in class.


I made them do a one minute plank at the end and challenged myself to do my 30 burpees (no SPLAT) in that time. Lola and the brand-spanking-new girl joined me. #30burpees30days Day 24: 30 burpees in 1:00.

I had been doing some research on heavy lifting and bulking up (myth: women will get big and bulky if they lift heavy). I have searched on Google Images “female Olympic weightlifters” and John thought it was hilarious. He thought it was so hilarious that when I came home from ALKE, I found THIS was my background image.


Editor’s note: Female olympic weightlifters are not bulky. Except for Holly Mangold (pictured above).


One thought on “#67, #68, #69, #70

  1. She is bulky, but is becoming less so. She is on the Biggest Loser (recently eliminated). Speaking of Biggest Loser-best halloween costume ever!

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