New Year’s Eve, etc. DAYS 89, 90, 91, 92

Day Eighty Nine (octogesimo nono dia)

Tuesday (Terca-feira)

Even though the gym was closed, Ernesto said he’d be there around 11:00am and that we were welcome to go workout. I decided on a midday run instead of my usual morning run (yes, 11:00am counts as a morning run in my new life!). After I took Romeo out I did some YouTube yoga in the kitchen. I woke John up with my Lion’s breath.You don’t even have to watch the whole video for it to be funny. Ten seconds should be enough.

Cathy had ‘fessed up the night before that she sent us a package. We hadn’t gotten it yet, so she checked the tracking and told me it had gone through customs (much more easily than my GPS watch!). Lina sent me a message that it had arrived!

 IMG_1459I texted Cathy right then, even though it was only 3:11am in San Diego.

We got over to the gym right around 11:00am, but the lights were off and the door was shut. Ernesto’s car was there, and he had said if the gym was locked just to knock on his mother-in-law’s door. Well, the door to the gym was unlocked. Ernesto was not inside, but another man, shirtless, doing cable chest flys. Oh. Sorry to interrupt. He quickly put his shirt on. John started talking to him–he spoke English well–like he knew him. I have never seen this man before.

We got to working out in the dark anyways. VH1 I love the 90s was on. Hell yes.

  • Bent row to tricep cable throw downs (JB did back extensions)
  • Single leg RDL to plate swings (JB did single arm curl to press and single arm cable throw downs)

I took my sneaks off and finished with some slideboard work. The floor is really slippery (which sucks for most other things, like lateral squats and anything on the TRX), but awesome for slideboarding-without-a-slideboard. I’ve been wanting to try it, and I took the empty-gym as the prime opportunity to bare my socks.

I did 100 plank hip abductions, 100 mountain climbers, and 25 pikes. Lina came over with our package from the California Trails. We scooted home to open it (and grab Romeo) before heading to Pic Nic. Peanut Butter, gatorade, OPI nail polish, Mary Kay moisturizer, People magazine, and chocolate. She knows me so well 🙂


After our galaoes I headed out to run without Romeo. I did 5.5 and was still feeling good. It was definitely harder to run after doing heavy legs at the gym.

John and I had still had a lot of time to waste before Toronto Night’s opened its doors at 11:15pm.


John made plans to play with his buddies again so Romeo and I went to visit. John came home around 7:00pm and told me he hurt his toe. Again. We made Pic Nic burgers for dinner and went to Pic Nic for coffees before finally getting ready for Toronto.

 IMG_1455Still embracing the selfie.


John made several costume changes before finally ditching his Mumford & Sons vest (he hadn’t packed his black pants to wear with it). I had gone to the Chinese store earlier to buy a skirt, but I bailed, too, in favor of running tights. Yes, those are running tights.


We were the second group of people to arrive at Toronto Nights, behind a women and her two 10ish year old daughters. A lot of people spend the actually passing of the New Year at home with their families and then go out to party. Toronto shut the doors from 11:55 until 12:05 so we could pass the year in peace.

Right at midnight, we did the countdown, snuck a kiss, and then began to eat twelve raisins. You are supposed to make one wish for each raisin and they represent the twelve months (doze meses). After you finish eating them, you go around to everyone you know, double kiss (or man-to-man, shake hands), and wish each person a good year, “Bom ano!”


I only wore my heels until 1:15am. I packed my Chinese-store-boots, they fit inside my big purse. Score.

Lina was serving food at 5:30am, so naturally I asked Luisa all about it.


I knew from the signs around the vila that there was going to be green soup. Her English is much better than she thinks it is, but there was one word she couldn’t figure out. Most of the ingredients I knew in Portuguese anyway: batatas, cebolas, churizo, couve. Couve? What is that? She took me into the kitchen and showed me two GIANT vats of the soup. Couve is a green leafy vegetable, and as John pointed out, it’s in most of the soups at Pic Nic. We enlisted Emanuel’s help. He kept saying it was like an open cabbage, you know, like cabbage, but the leaves are open? This was not helpful. He pulled his iPhone out and tried a translater, but none of its responses made any sense. Finally, we caught Lina. “Co-lard?” Collard greens!! It was collard greens.

We danced and drank and drank and drank. We had made a game plan on the walk over to stick to hard alcohol; I was going to drink vodka tonics and if I took any shots, they were going to be tequila or vodka. John wasn’t sure what he was going to drink but he decided on rum & Coke. I only had two drinks but I couldn’t tell you how many shots I had—it was a lot. When we first walked in I took a tequila shot with Xana and her friends. Later on, I’m pretty sure I took a caramel vodka shot with Emanuel, and I took many, many shots in between. John and I also drank lots of water, and John even made a red gatorade (thanks, Cathy!!) for when we got home. Wait—which color makes a hangover worse, blue? Jessie?

Marco takes more selfies than anyone I know, yes, even me. We took one in honor of spending New Years together. Someone offered to take it for us, but we waved him off. No, thanks. We want it to be a selfie.


Around 3:00am, the music shut off, lights went out, and the emergency lights came on. The power was out! Emanuel ran outside to hook up the generator, the one he had nightmares that they made need tonight. It seemed like it took a long time, but he probably got the music on again in 15 minutes. We continued to dance, but we were fading. John and I talked about leaving early. “But what about the food?” I asked. “What do we have at home?” “I can make pancakes,” I offered. “No, I want real food.” “Then we have to stay.” It was 3:45am. We decided to try to stick it out until 5:30am. Soon after that Lina found me. “I’m going to serve the food in twenty minutes, people are starting to leave.” Hallelujah!!! We stayed, but Marco left after he wrote us this note.


Around 4:00am the power came back on. At 4:30am, Lina and Luisa served the collard green soup, rolls, corn bread, ham, turkey, prosciutto, and cheese. We stuffed our faces. After we had discarded our bowls I asked John if anyone was looking. “No,” he said, “why?” I grabbed a piece of corn bread and dipped it in the pot of soup. “LIZA!” I couldn’t help myself; it was 5:00am and the soup was too good. There was a line to pay tabs, so we talked to Figuras who introduced us to his girlfriend. I asked if she had grown up in Povoacao, and she said she had. It dawned on John that while we had seen Figuras many times that night, we hadn’t seen his girlfriend, John asked “Wait–have you been here the whole time?” While her English was good, she didn’t understand the context; “Yes, I’ve always been in Povoacao.” I was really digging Figuras’ bow tie.


We paid up (big 28 euro bill!) and walked home where we guzzled gatorade and I remembered to take my contacts out.

Day Ninety (nonagesimo dia)

Wednesday (Quarto-feira)

We stayed in bed. All day.

I made PB&J pancakes.


Lina brought over hangover soup.

We ate in bed.

I changed the sheets, we got back in bed.


Day Ninety One (nonagesimo primeiro dia)

Thursday (Quinta-feira)

The gym was closed, so I was just planning to run. John and I took Romeo for a walk and we saw Ernesto driving. He pulled over and told us he’d be at the gym at noon if we wanted to come by. So we went.

  • Single arm preacher curls to dips, 10E x4
  • Single arm lateral raise to military press, 10E x4
  • Hanging rotational knee tucks, burpees, SB pikes, 10E x4

Then I went for my run. I had Romeo with me and he was being a super-running-buddy (not always the case!!) so I was going to keep him. Then around 2.3 we passed our street and he pulled me towards it. OK, buddy, you can bail. I finished 4.

Sometime while John was at practice, I went through my entire blog and wrote down which days I ran how far when I didn’t have a GPS watch so I could put it into an excel spreadsheet. I have a few of these things going for ½ marathon training schedules, so I just input the miles. Without a watch I ran approximately 140 miles. While going through my blog I realized (a) how full of typos it is and (b) how horribly tediously it is written.

I finally had a big group of ladies in class! Nine women came and tore it up with me.


Happy 2014. I made Honey Soy chicken with DIY stir-fry rice and vegetables. #pinterest


Day Ninety-Two (nonagesimo segundo dia)

Friday (Sexta-feira)

Semana Treze

5 mile run. Gym. Pic Nic.

  • Goblet squat to box blast @ 10E/15E x4
  • Split squat to decline push up @ 10E/15E x4
  • 5:00 core; planks, bicycle crunches, leg lifts.

Neither of us grabbed the key when we left for the gym. Romeo was super tired from our run, so I didn’t think he would try to get out (because in locking ourselves out, we also lost the ability to deadbolt the door so Romeo couldn’t get out). Luckily, after the gym Carla was at Pic Nic and I used her key to get ours.

At first I didn’t believe that John didn’t grab the key. Those of you who know John know that he is the eternal jokester. DAILY when we leave he acts like he forget the key, patting down his pockets dramatically. This time, we really didn’t have the key.

I made homemade chili and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from scratch while we read Facebook posts about snowstorms at home (Massachusetts).


John tried to fix his hair-clippers for a while (the cheap pair I got him in Ponta Delgada). I ran to the hardware store to grab him a screwdriver when low-and-behold I saw the bread van! The bread van that brings fresh papos secos and I had heard fofas, too, down into the vila and up to the lombas. At first I passed it and went straight to the hardware store. I have seen it before, but only running when I don’t have any money (or the capacity to hold a bag of buns). There was a line of people, so I hoped it would still be there when I got out. Even though John’s coach works the register at the hardware store, I just said hello quickly and went straight for the key-counter. That guy speaks English. He pointed me to the screwdrivers and I quickly counted out change for Jose. I ran back outside and the van was still there. I got six rolls (they didn’t have any fofas) for one euro and excitedly walked home.

John ended up throwing his clippers away, but I was happy enough that my screwdriver-mission also coincided with the bread-van.

John asked if we could eat dinner before his practice instead of after because he has so much trouble sleeping at night. I am fine with that because I know eating late at night is not good for you, and we have been spoiled for the last few weeks being able to eat early (or whenever the flip we want). We had chili and papos secos at 5:30pm.

The other reason he can’t sleep at night is that he is starting to worry about our return. Our return to Massachusetts (cue the broad, vague terms) where we have no apartment, no jobs, and no cars, or even bikes. Our plan is to move right back into my parents house, but of course we need at least one car if we plan on securing employment. We were able to share a car for the last three weeks we lived in the states (which were also spent at my parents house), but it was made possible by working together at the FH and the generosity of my parents occasionally giving us rides. I am not sure we could do it long-term.

 0103141222Here is my cute mom and her German Shepherd rescue, Nyla.

We are going to start budgeting, researching, and applying ourselves. Lists calm me down. I am hoping I can pass this OCD trait on to John in the New Year.

I had 7 ladies in class Friday night. I am expecting Monday to bring the New-Years’ fitness-&-weight-loss-resolutioners. I did most of the workout with them, and I practiced my Portuguese.


I have an app called PocketLingo. It sends me a daily phrase or word in Portuguese, followed below by the English translation. I really love it when I already know the word (like bolo: cake), even though it’s not helpful; it boosts my confidence. I really dislike when they’re not helpful for other reasons:


I came home from class and worked on my blog (New Year, New Blog Format) and walked Romeo until John came home. He got home a little early, and he hadn’t showered (which he usually does at Mira Mar’s complex). I learned that this is because he went ape on another player and walked out of practice. Remember my posts about how John & Ken are teaching the juniors to be positive and supportive teammates (which is working)? Well, the seniors need the same lesson. Unfortunately, the kid John tried to explain this to speaks zero English, which only escalated John’s fury. John started to walk down the lomba but one of his teammates picked him up and drove him home. This is normally something we would hash-out over dinner, but instead I listened while slurping cereal in bed. #newyear


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