Days Ninety Five and beyond.. Ken comes back and I find Romeo’s twin

Day Ninety-Five (nonagesimo quinta dia)

Monday (Segunda-feira)

6 Janeiro 2014

Romeo and I went for a run in the morning. It is getting “chilly” here, and by that I mean in the 50s. It’s also incredibly humid here, so the air feels especially cold. Now, I know what you’re thinking Mass. Residents, and I am fully aware that I am turning into a baby about the weather. When I get back in the Spring, it will be 50 in Boston. I don’t care, it’s cold here! And there is no heat in houses or apartments (unless you happen to have a fireplace, which some people do) so I sleep in my sweatsuit and hiking socks. It’s so cold, Romeo even sleeps on the bed with us for the whole night (which he usually does for about 10 minutes, and then he gets too hot).

We went out for 3 miles. I dropped him off at 1.5 and finished with 15 sprint intervals. Then, John and I went to the gym, Pic Nic, and Fatima’s. John wants to get on a more regimented program at the gym, some of which I change up because I don’t want to look like the female version of the Hulk who happens to also skip leg day.

  • Single arm squat to OH press → pull ups (and some chin ups…)
  • Alt DB press → lateral squats (JB did lat pull downs)
  • Core: hanging leg raises, roll outs, decline sit ups. 10E @ 4 rounds. My core was still burning from Saturday.

We headed to Fatima’s to grocery shop and then I made a third (and if it turned out bad, it would have been my final) attempt at chicken soup. John only had practice for the Juniors, so we were going to eat after that. I bought a bunch of bananas because the Costa Ricans ones I bought the week before were still lime-green. I read an article about how you can speed-up the ripening process, but I’d say I was fairly unsuccessful.


I boiled the bone-in chicken breasts with salt and pepper, took them out once they were cooked-through, put an onion, two potatoes, and two carrots in the broth. I let those cook for about an hour before I put the now cut-up chicken back in. I taste-tested the broth and it was a little weak. I was worried about putting too much salt in, so I added more pepper. This was my only faux pas.

John left to coach the juniors and I went to ALKE. I thought about all the New Year’s Resolutioners and I got nervous that my routine wouldn’t work if I had too many women (it was only designed for 12, and I only have 13 black bands). But I needn’t have worried; I had 6 women. It was my 50th class.


My soup was delicious, albeit a little too peppery. After my other two failed attempts, I’m calling this a win.


Day Ninety-Six (nonagesimo sexta dia)

Tuesday (Terca-feira)

7 Janeiro 2014 

John’s phone started tweet-tweeting at 7:00am, which is not a time we are usually awake. It was Ken. Ken was in South Africa for a wedding after spending the holidays with his family in Geneva.

Ken is a very smart kid, so I naturally assumed he was hammered if he thought texting us at that hour was appropriate. He kept saying he was arriving that day to Ponta Delgada and could John make sure someone would be there to get him? And then he stopped texting. I was now incredibly confused because I know it is a 12-hour flight from South Africa to Lisbon and then another two-hour flight to Ponta Delgada. John said he was going to land at 1pm, but I knew this wasn’t possible, especially since Ken also said he was chilling at his hotel and wasn’t sure when his flight was even leaving.

We got up and I decided to run after the gym. Again. This whole eating-before-I-run thing is messing with my schedule. My previous routine consisted of getting up, making green tea, getting dressed, chugging water, all while catching up on FB before taking Romeo out to run. I still want to have my cha verde first, but then after I eat I have to wait an hour before I run. This takes too much time, so I ate my PB&J and we went to the gym:

  • Single arm bent row → RDL (JB did flys)
  • Cable throw downs → back extensions
  • Core: leg lifts, suitcases, side bends. I did six rounds at 10 reps, John did three rounds at 25 reps. My belly was still sore from Saturday.

We headed to Pic Nic and on the way we saw Betinho. Betinho doesn’t really speak English, but he sort of understands it. Just like we don’t speak Portuguese, but we understand some of it. It is a funny conversation to watch: John speaks English to Betinho who responds in Portuguese. Apparently, Ken told both Marco and Betinho that he is arriving on the 8th. Which makes sense, even though he said he was coming back on the 7th. We decided it must have been an overnight flight and continue on to get our galaoes.

Before we moved here my Dell died a tragic death. Me being my-sort-of-anti-computer-self just let it sit dead. For months. I didn’t need it; I had (finally….finally!) finished my master’s and I had a sweet Apple computer at work. What did I need my nasty old Dell for? Oh yeah, all those pictures, songs, and documents… hmm.

For my 25th birthday I bought myself a MacBook. Along with that I got discounted data transfer, the only problem with that was I had waited so long that my hard drive was actually dying. Who knew? Not I, obviously.

My options were either pay thousands of dollars to send my hard drive to Oklahoma or New Orleans, or somewhere else in the vague “south” or cut my losses. And then I found the prince-charming of Geek Squad. He told me whoever had tried the transfer before had neglected to realize the important difference between my PC and my Mac. He said he would try again for me. Free unless he could transfer all my files. I left him with a detailed list of things most important to me.

Twenty-four to 48-hours later and he had moved a few photos. Not totally successful, but it was possible! He told me I could only move one file at a time, otherwise the transfer would crash. He showed me how to do it, and made some joke about if I had hours and hours of time to kill I could spend them doing this. WELL, then I quit my job(s), sold my car, and moved to an island the size of Houston. I finally have the time.

But I didn’t do it right away, which is silly because my hard drive was still dying a slow death (along with all things electronic and sentimental stored therein). I gave up on the tunes a while ago because they don’t transfer in whole songs, but short clips that don’t even sound like the original. Which is too bad because I bought a lot of music…. Is Napster still around? Ha ha ha…

I finally started transferring 6 or so years worth of photos and word documents (the second half of my bachelor’s and all of my master’s work). It is the main reason I am behind on my blog.

I made sauce for dinner which we ate at 5:30pm before I left for Toronto and John went to practice. I had a big fat salad when I got home and then went back to transferring files. Ken did not come back to Povoacao.


Day Ninety-Six (nonagesimo sexta dia)

Wednesday (Quarta-feira)

8 Janeiro 2014

I asked John if he wanted to go to the gym, but he reminded me Wednesday is a rest day (which sometimes it is). I went out for a five mile run. Romeo came for half.

I think the reason Romeo can’t run as far hear as he could at home–I could always take him for 3.0 and I could stretch it to 5.0 if it wasn’t too hot, and one time he did 8.0 with me–is the humidity. It is so humid here! Even when it’s not raining (which it often is), the air is like a wet blanket. I think this is why Romeo can’t hang.

The other day when I took Romeo for a long walk I saw his twin. His twin! Remember that time Serenela told me she saw Romeo on the loose but he was really chillin’ with John at Ken’s? She swore up and down that she saw a dog that looked just like Romeo. But I had never seen such a dog.

Then on Christmas Lina told us that one morning after walking Romeo she went shopping at Casa Cheia. She was pretty sure she’d deadbolted the door behind her. However, upon leaving Casa Cheia she saw “Romeo” in the jardim. She said her heart dropped and she went for a closer look. She said this dog was a little too dark and his fur was matted on his but. It wasn’t Romeo.

Romeo and I were just rounding the corner by the gymnasium when I saw the beautiful creature (I didn’t have my phone so I couldn’t snap a pic!). He(?) looked just, JUST just like Romeo! He was a few shades darker, but the same exact color. He looked older, and his tail didn’t stand up anymore so it just fell flat on his back. Also, he wanted nothing to do with Romeo.

There are a lot of street dogs here who wander without owners. Some of them are nice, but a lot of them are nasty. I was worried about letting them play and having no help to break them up if it went poorly so I let Romeo sniff a little but, ultimately we left the doppelganger alone.

After I ran, John and I went down to Pic Nic. John asked me if I wanted to go to the gym then. We can’t, I replied, because on Wednesdays (just Wednesdays) the gym is closed from 2-5:30pm. It was 1:30pm. If we want to go on this day, we have to decide early. We had our galaoes and then went home, where I desperately tried to Skype with my darling friend Carrie but the connection was just too terrible. I started at the top of the stairs where reception is usually the best. Every time I lost her I moved down a step. Finally I was at the bottom and we still couldn’t finish a sentence without “Wait, what? You’re frozen.” Just when I was giving up, the doorbell rang. It was Ken!!

Ken brought us more Swiss chocolates (which are really just Lindt truffles, but he swears they are different) and we caught up on the three weeks we’ve all spent without each other. We took Romeo for a walk and Ken went to get a snack at Pic Nic. In all the excitement of Ken coming back, neither John nor I grabbed a key. We had locked ourselves out. Again.

Never in my life have I been such an incapable human being. Probably because in my past life I just straight-up didn’t have time for that shit. One time in Newton John and I locked ourselves out when we walked to have breakfast and I had to crawl into my bedroom window (luckily we lived on the “garden level”). But seriously, twice in one week? Not to mention all the laundry that falls off my line in between Carla’s salon and her storage room. What can I say? I am not a fan of laundry pins.

Wednesdays are Carla’s day off, so she wasn’t even next door to come to our rescue. And she doesn’t have a smartphone. And we don’t have a regular phone. We walked over to Lina’s mom’s house and Lina called Carla for us. Again, we thank our lucky stars that Carla just happened to be at Pic Nic having a coffee with a friend. A decaf coffee. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but Carla found out she was pregnant right before we moved into her apartment. She was only a few weeks pregnant at the time, but now it is public knowledge. Her belly is starting to pop and Saturday she will find out the gender. Francisco will have a little brother or sister in June.

John and Ken went off to coach the juniors and I went to Toronto Nights. Lina made us pizzas for dinner and Ken came home with John. We get them fully loaded with ham, bacon, pineapple, olives, onions, and peppers. And of course, one has half-cheese.


Day Ninety-Seven (nonagesimo setimo dia)

Thursday (Quinta-feira)

9 Janeiro 2014 

After I ran 3.0 with Romeo, we met Ken at Pic-Nic instead of the gym, where he was having breakfast. Switching things up for the day, I had my galao before working-out and John didn’t have a fofa. We headed to the gym where Ernesto made fun of Ken for having skinny-legs from not working out. While I gained 3kg on vacation, Ken lost 3kg. The difference between men and women #45,749.

We did:

  • Single arm preacher curls → dips
  • Inverted rows (feet on SB) → lat pull downs (boys did military press)
  • Core: hanging rotational knee tucks, burpees, SB pikes

I opted out of military press because after doing this workout last week, I couldn’t lift my arms until yesterday.

John and I started a 30 day push-up challenge today. Day 1: 45 kitchen push-ups.

We headed home to clean up and have lunch and then I took off for some errands. We somehow forgot to buy milk (leite de vaca, cow milk) on Monday. We had it sitting next to our cart and that is where it remained. John’s been drinking my soy milk, but since I can’t count on Casa Cheia to have more I want to buy him a little until we go real-shopping again on Monday. We also don’t have enough towels for when my parents come (or for when Ken comes over after practice sometimes, like yesterday), so I stopped at Euromatos next door to us and bought two nice white towels for 6.50. On New Year’s Day I broke the only real bowl we had (sorry, Carla…) so I went to Euromatos and bought four new bowls for 3.50. I like this store

While I was out I saw the bread van again! And this time he had fofas! I bought seis papos secos e uma fofa. When I got home John and I split the fofa that I heard was better than Pic-Nic’s. It definitely had more cream, but John said it wasn’t better.

John headed up to Ken’s to play FIFA before practice. When I went to leave for ALKE I couldn’t find my key (yeah, here we go again). I assumed John had at least one (hell, he had them both) so I sent him a quick “please-drop-a-key-at-toronto-so-i-am-not-locked-out-all-night” text and headed over to teach.


The end of class came and gent and John had not appeared with a key (the wifi at the guys’ apartment doesn’t work) so Lina offered to drive me up to Mira Mar. Luckily, as I was walking up the street I saw Pedro driving them to practice. #notlockedout

I am attempting to eat a little healthier (read: eat less crap). So for dinner I made zucchini pasta (#Pinterestrulesmylife) and ate it with leftover sauce. Now, I must admit it doesn’t actually taste like pasta but it is so delicious you don’t care that it isn’t pasta.



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