98, 99….100! One hundred days in Portugal

Day Ninety-Eighty (nonagesimo oitavo dia)

Friday (Sexta-feira)

10 Janeiro 2014

When John and I got up there was sun, but it quickly began to sprinkle. I don’t mind running in the rain, but it is sort of unpleasant to sit around in my wet clothes, walk to the gym, warm-up again, and then sit at Pic-Nic in my wet clothes again. So I decided to run after the gym. We did five rounds, 10 reps each, of this circuit:

  • Box blasts
  • Decline push-ups
  • SB leg curls
  • Chin ups
  • Plate swings

Push-up challenge Day 2: 50 decline push-ups. Ken is now officially on board with our challenge. This challenge has some rest days so he will be able to catch up.

I was all nice and warmed-up, so I told John and Ken to go ahead to Pic-Nic and I grabbed Romeo for a run. Four miles of sun-running later, I headed home.

Having been successful with the zucchini pasta, I headed back to the fruit market for more. I was making carne asada for dinner and switched out the potatoes for zucchini. It was definitely a lighter fare, but it was good. I wanted to have a sweet potato after I taught, so I prepped it before I left. I had bought a few at the fruit market earlier, but when I went to peel it it was white, not orange. I had bought sweet potatoes here in Povoacao before and they had been orange. I finished peeling it (I even chewed on one of the thicker peels to try and figure out what kind of root vegetable I had purchased), cut it up, and threw it in a pyrex pan with some salt and olive oil. As soon as I got to Toronto I asked Lina what the hell it was.


Turns out, they have white and orange sweet potatoes here. When I got home, I roasted it, drizzled honey & sprinkled cinnamon on it, and devoured it. #delish


John and I have talked a lot about going paleo when we get home, but the more I find out about it, the more I just want to do my own thing. No legumes mean no hummus, chili, or PEANUT BUTTER (how could I survive?). No corn means no cornflakes. No soy milk which is fine because at home I can buy almond. I’m cool with the dairy-free / gluten-free, but the other stuff is going to have to go. Or stay. Whatever.

After I had my incredibly delicious paleo dessert, I headed to Pic-Nic to try to Skype with my dear friend Anna from home. I always have really good wifi there, so I figured I would be more successful than I had been recently at home. Nope, false hope. We ended up iMessaging for a while, which just isn’t the same. Lina messaged me while I was there and invited us over to Luisa and Emanuel’s for drinks after John and Ken got back from practice. Not long after that, Lina messaged me again saying that because of the rain they ended practice. John showed up at Pic-Nic and we decided to just head home (even though Luisa and Emanuel are our neighbors). Lina tagged us on Facebook, so we told Ken to head back out in the rain, we were going!! John wanted me to make sure he didn’t have to put pants on. Luckily, Lina, Ernesto, Luisa, and Julia were all in sweatpants, too.

 Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.30.16 PM

Even though we said we were not going to stay long or drink very much, we did both. John and Ken finished off at least a bottle and a half of wine and we didn’t walk home until almost 2:00am. We even stayed a little longer because it was raining so badly, but eventually we walked the three doors home. As usual, we were very happy we went.


Day Ninety-Nine (nonagesimo nono dia)

Saturday (Sabado)

11 Janeiro 2014

I had made plans with two girls from my class to go to the pools in Furnas (I am trying to make more friends. It’s working). After I had ½ a PB&J, John and I went down to Pic-Nic. I had my galao and headed to the gym, he got a Pic-Nic burger and fries and stayed to watch Chelsea play. I took the TRX with me, and I was hoping ALKE would be empty enough that I could use it. There were a handful of people when I got there, but they were all on the cardio side. Score.

  • TRX trail leg squats (w/10kg) → TRX pikes
  • Deadlifts → box jumps
  • leg lifts → decline sit ups (w/10kg)
  • side bends → hanging leg raises

I headed back to Pic-Nic where John, and now Ken, were. Eventually we headed home where I had eggs and a bowl of cornflakes with soy milk and bananas for lunch. John took Romeo for a walk and Romeo’s collar detached and Romeo booked it. John came back soaking wet after running towards the ocean to secure Romeo. This is why my dad refers to him as Chucklehead. We have less-nice names for him.

Before I went to meet the girls, I stopped downstairs at Carla’s salon; she was finding out the sex of her baby that morning. I opened her door but she was with a client in the back. She ran into her lobby still wearing her plastic gloves, which were covering the fists she was throwing into the air as she sang: “I’m having a GIRL!” I gave her a big hug. The thing about Carla is she makes you feel like you are having a girl, too. She makes you just as happy as she is. Francisco gets a sister.

I met Leila and Lola back at Pic-Nic at 3:00pm and we headed into Furnas. I have been to the big pool at Terra Nostra a few times now, but Leila said she really likes Poça de Beija (trans: Puddle of Kiss) which are smaller, hotter pools, so we went there instead. I was talking about how Ernesto always takes us because he really likes the pools but Lina doesn’t like them. Lola ‘fessed up that she doesn’t like them either, she just came to hang out with us. She didn’t even bring her bathing suit. So Leila and I enjoyed the pools. She tried to get me to go into the river where the water is NOT warm at all, but I figured it out after only committing my feet.

 IMG_1540 IMG_1543 IMG_1553 IMG_1545 IMG_1547

We stopped for bolos levedos and papos grossas (which is pudding made with corn that Leila loves and bought for me to try) on the way back at the same place Ernesto always takes us. Leila let me drive her Fiat back to Povoacao. While I was driving we saw the Mira Mar van driving to the Juniors game with John passed out in the front seat. Back in Povoacao, we got coffees at Pic Nic and made more plans to hangout.

The Juniors were playing in the city at 6pm so once I got home I made more zucchini pasta and sauce, and another sweet potato (batata doce) for dessert. John and Ken got home around 9:00pm (the juniors WON! Again!) and after I made pasta and sauce for them, I hit the hay.


Day One Hundred! (um centesimo dia)

Sunday (Domingo)

12 Janeiro 2014

Just as soon as John came home from playing soccer, he was gone again. He had a game in the city and they were taking the team out to breakfast first so he had to be down at the jardim around 9:00am. Romeo and I took our sweet time getting ready, I ate a bolos levedos leftover from yesterday’s trip to Furnas with some PB, and out we went. Romeo came for almost 3 miles with me and then I finished 5 more by myself. I went to lomba do cavaleiro past Mira Mar’s complex (heading towards Furnas) instead of lomba do alcaide. Driving there the day before had reminded me how long it’s been since I ran that way. I was glad I did.

I swept and mopped and wiped the whole apartment down and then I went for my galao. I must have hit the after-church crowd, because shortly after I arrive the place was packed. I went home and took Romeo out (the sun was shining.. it was another beautiful day), and got dinner ready for me and the boys.

I made chicken with rice and vegetables (no rice for me). John and Ken brought a bottle of Jameson home with them because they lost. Again. After dinner we played our version of the game Headbands. We each wrote down the name of a character—fiction or non-fiction—and then passed it to the person to our left, we then stuck the one that was handed to us to our foreheads without looking at it. You could ask as many yes-or-no questions as you wanted on your turn until the answer was “no”, and then it was the next person’s turn. Ken is really good at this game, and John and I are not as good. John had “Bruce Springsteen” stuck to his head for almost an hour. John then rigged the game by giving both Ken and me “Hermione Grainger” and convincing us we weren’t the same person. Douche.


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