101, 102, 103, 104.. the end of Week Fourteen (Semana Catorze)

Day One Hundred and One (un centesimo e primeiro dia)

Monday (Segunda-feira)

13 Janeiro 2014

After being duped by Harry Potter we slept until 10:30am. I decided to run after the gym (which has pretty much been my MO since I started eating breakfast—I changed a few other parts of my diet, which I’ll share below). We went to ALKE without Ken (because maybe he was sleeping) and did John’s Day One workout, but I did my own thing.

  • Single arm squat to press → reverse flies (JB: pull ups)
  • John: DB incline → something else
  • I did: Single leg RDLs → alternating lateral lunges
  • Core: hanging leg raises, stability ball roll outs, and decline sit ups. Part of John’s new regimen is increasing reps or weight. So for core we increased to 15 reps (and since I do ball roll outs on my toes and not my knees, I did 30). DONE.

John and I have gotten off track with our push-up challenge and failed to do any this fine Monday. We headed to Pic Nic and went off to shop at Fatima’s before I finally headed out for a four-mile run. I then popped over to the fruit market—I had decided to make a white bean, sweet potato, and kale soup for dinner. Only I really wouldn’t know where to find kale (I never even bought it in the states) so I bought couve because I now know that it is collard greens and it is all over this island. I told my dear friend Anna I was making this (she told me the other day that “avoiding dairy makes me think of you”) and she asked if I had a recipe. Recipe? What’s that? I see it as more of an ingredient list. I have previously confessed in this blog that I never measure anything, but it turns out I don’t follow the order of operations too well, either. There was a recipe that had me sauteing onions before adding vegetable stock (which I replaced with chicken bouillon cubes).. blah blah blah. It’s soup! I put a bunch of water, three bouillon cubes, a can of white beans, one gigantic sweet potato, an onion, a couple handfuls of couve, and three cloves of garlic in a pot and let it simmer for hours. It was probably one of the best (and healthiest!) things I’ve cooked. BAM. This picture doesn’t do it any justice, because once the beans and potatoes had cooked for a while longer, the base became much creamier looking.


Part of my new diet (which I toyed with calling a food-intake guide, because I don’t want to mislead anyone) is eating less gluten. I am keeping it to one serving a day (which is mostly used as a vessel for PB&J in the morning) and I am sticking to my one serving of dairy, in the form of my galao. Other than that I am just trying to eat more veggies and less junk. Today I went for a four-mile run. While I was whipping up my soup (i.e. throwing a bunch of stuff in a pot) I made a big fat salad with two hard-boiled eggs that John made for me while I was running, a can of tuna, a cucumber, some shredded carrots, on top of a bed of lettuce. Delish.

John didn’t have practice with either team so he met Ken at Pic Nic to watch Arsenal play while I went to ALKE. I finally got some new New Year’s ladies. I had three new women (two who speak English very well, and one who understands me. Sort of. I think.) and twelve altogether. It was a fun class, and I had them partner-up to do the exercises. They started by taking turns doing 1 rep each, then 2 reps each, all the way to 10. Some of the new ladies didn’t get to 10 reps every time, so it was a good intro workout.


I headed home and painted my nails, which had been on my list of things to do with my me-time on Sunday but I got too busy cleaning and cooking. John came home and said, even though a month ago he didn’t like sweet potatoes, that he loved my soup.


Day One Hundred and Two (un centisimo e segundo dia)

Tuesday (Terca-feira)

14 Janeiro 2014

John and I met Ken at the gym. I did bent rows and back extensions with the boys, but then did forward lunges and goblet squats for my second superset. We all did three rounds of leg lifts, suitcases, and side bends at 25 reps each. We finally did another day of our push-up challenge after the workout: Day 3: 50 push-ups.

We headed to Pic Nic and then I went off to run, and before I knew it it was after 3:00pm! I had completely missed the bread van’s Tuesday-whole-wheat-papos-secos 2:00pm stop across the street. Which is OK really, since I’m not eating gluten right now.

Romeo came with me for half of my five miles and I think he was pissed because we found later (much later), for the first time since we got here, pee upstairs! He peed on the floor. I might have to reevaluate his running schedule.

I decided to make chili for dinner—it has been so cold here! Lina even said she cannot remember a winter so cold. I put both the blankets we have on the bed that night. We ate the chili at 5:30pm because John was heading off to practice. We are sticking to eating early, which is much better than eating at 10:30pm.

I figured I wouldn’t have quite as many women in class, and I didn’t. Six ladies (all diehard rockstars in my book) showed up and rocked out. It occurred to me that I haven’t incorporated any hurdle drills into my classes, so we did:


Skype is working on John’s iPad we learned when he Skyped his friend Mo that morning, so when I got home I got to talk to my old roomie in California until the iPad died ten minutes later. Oh well, better than nothing.


Day One Hundred and Three (un centisimo e terceira)

Wednesday (Quarto-feira)

15 Janeiro 2014

With two blankets on the bed I slept like a baby until 10:30am. I realized that there has been something significant missing for days now: the church bells have stopped. Abruptly. Maybe after the three kings’ day (January 6th), when they turned off the lights and the Christmas music in the square? I’m not even sure how long. Even though they drove John nuts, I kind of liked them. Especially in the morning, because they are like a really gentle snooze alarm. OK, it’s 9am…9:30am…10am.. and it’s a nice, gentle way to wake up. I have been setting my alarm just to know what time it is, and it’s much more alarming.

Not hitting the gym today, so after my one serving of gluten (the last of the bolos from Saturday! With PB) Romeo and I headed out for 6 miles (I didn’t know about the pee incident yet, so Romeo came for almost three miles). I was feeling pretty good, so I finished 10km. BAM. Officially, my training for the Nike Women’s Half in DC starts on the 3rd of February. I’m ready.

This time last year, it was so cold (in Massachusetts) and I was working so much (and finishing my master’s) that I was only doing two training runs most weeks, one short and one long. I felt like crap but on race day I PR’d. I’m hoping I can crush that record (1:56) this year.

I still had a lot of collard greens (couve) so I checked out some recipes. I met John and Ken at Pic Nic post-run for my galao. They stopped by the gym (which was open, even though it’s usually closed, because Ernesto has an intern right now) to see if they were playing futsol that night. When they got back to our apartment they made chili fries with the last night’s dinner. Then they went upstairs to watch the Hobbit, and that was when the pee incident was discovered.

I had some leftover sweet potato soup and a big salad for lunch while I Skyped with my parents. They’ll be here in just over three weeks, so we’re all very excited. Especially Romeo.

IMG_1581Okay, so that’s not my mom on Skype. It’s The Book Thief which we watched this week. Spoiler alert: not as good as the book.

I made garlic chicken with collard greens before I left for ALKE. I don’t have a Crock Pot, which is what the recipe called for. So I used my skillet with a pot-top on it.


This time I had fourteen ladies (all three newbies from Monday came back!) and it was Julia’s birthday. At the end of class we sang Happy Birthday. Well, everyone else sang it. In Portuguese. I clapped along.


When I got back I made cauliflower “rice” to go with it. I ate my half, but saved the rest for John to eat after futsol. I was impressed with the outcome. Thank you, pinterest, for making me a healthier, more well-rounded individual.


I Skyped again with Cathy so we could more fully catch up. I took Romeo for a walk and we tried to sneak into the gym to watch John play, but someone who was in charge was there and John thought I was going to get in trouble. So we went home.

Day One Hundred and Four (un cestisimo e quarto dia)

Thursday (Quinta-feira)

16 Janeiro 2014

We got up and headed to the gym, where we met Ken. I did cable curls and dips with them, but did squat jumps and RDLs on my own. One-hundred squats later, we reconvened for core: burpees, stability ball pikes, and hanging rotational knee tucks. The boys did 12 reps, but I did 13, 13, and 14 on the last round for 40 reps total.

After we hit Pic-Nic, Romeo and I went for our run. I was planning on doing 4.0, and even though I’ve said this before, I continue to re-realize it; Romeo and I are both much, much happier when he only comes for a short leg, especially after the pee-incident.


He did 1.5 with me and we were both pleased.

Before I left for my run, I put sauce on for dinner. This time I used two fresh tomatoes and no piri-piri. After it sat for about 3 hours, John ate it with real pasta and I had mine with zucchini “pasta”. Delish.

I had 9 women in class and I put them through an obstacle course.


Next week, Lina has a baptism dinner in the banquet hall we use for class, so we are going to have to relocate downstairs to Toronto Nights’ dining hall for a few days. Speaking of Toronto, they are having another Rodizio de Pizza on Saturday night, followed by a dance party, and I could not be any more excited.


John had practice so when I got home I made myself a little dessert of smushed bananas, a spoonful of PB, and a handful of chocolate chips and read my newest book “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini (author of “The Kite Runner”). It started to sprinkle so I waited for it to clear up before Romeo and I took our nighttime stroll. The only nice thing about it being so cold is it keeps the rain away.


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