Day 150.. CARNAVAL!

Day One Hundred Fifty (dia um centena de cinquenta)

Monday (Segunda-feira)

3 Março 2014


I woke up early so I could run 8 miles before the gym—this training run was supposed to happen on Tuesday, but since we were going to Carnaval that night (which was supposed to be an all-night rager) I figured I wouldn’t want to run even one mile the next day. After I finished, I hopped in our car (ooooh, a car!) and went shopping at Fatima’s. John and I met just Ken at the gym—Tori is all set with our gym antics, and who could blame her.

Since it was Monday, the boys did Chest Day. I don’t care as much about Chest Day, and knowing that I was not doing jack the next day, I did Leg Day. We met Tori at Pic Nic for cafes.

I finished mine quickly and then ran home to shower and get ready; we were going into the city since we had a car and it was Tori’s last full day on Sao Miguel. John came home after me and got ready, too. We picked Kori up just after 2:00pm and headed for Ponta Delgada.

I drove and while it was pretty overcast in Povoacao, it cleared up as we drove. I passed someone heading into Furnas and John thought we were all going to die. I lived to tell the tale.


We parked at Portas do Mar where we had lunch. Tori and I had omelets that were made with cooked potato inside (something I had never experienced state-side or abroad) and formed into long, rectangular blocks. They were delicious. John and Ken got burgers and cachorros which are hot dogs covered in mayo, ketchup, and potato sticks on a bun. This is where the cruise ships dock, so all the menus have English translations:

IMG_2051A glass of orgasm, you say?

We walked back to the car and headed for the mall, Parque Atlantico. John drove. After looping the mall once, we went to Continente where I loaded up on healthy snacks (chia seeds, flax seeds, dates, almonds, almond flour…ok, and some chocolates), Tori got chocolates to take back to the states (Kinder Bueno… what else!), while John and Ken stocked up on liquor for the evening activities: Johnny Walker Red Label and ginger ale.

After making our way back to the car, Ken directed us to Pao de Rei, the yummiest bakery. John got a piramides which is literally a pyramid of what tastes like chocolate marzipan covered in chocolate. I don’t know how I have not had this before—it was the most amazing pastry. Ever.

We piled back into the car to drive home—John at the wheel. The sun was just beginning to go down, so the ride was gorgeous.

IMG_2072 IMG_2060

We drove home via the south so we could see the Lagoa de Furnas. We pulled over and looked at all the cooking holes and geysers.

IMG_2082 IMG_2084 IMG_2086 IMG_2087

We stopped again at the teeny foot pool on the side of the road, Poca de Tia Silvina, and put our feet in for a few minutes. When we finally got back to Povoacao it was 8:00pm and completely dark. I was not going to nap anyway, but now there wasn’t much time. We had said we would be at Toronto Night’s around 10:30pm to pregame. While John laid down briefly when we got home, I made peanut butter and protein bars. If I sat down then, I would never make it to 7:00am.


Ken and Tori came over and I was just changing out of my sweatpants. I slid the flapper dress Lina had loaned to me over my head and it clung to me like saran wrap. I hadn’t tried it on before—I just assumed it would fit. It was so tight and so short that if I took more than a few steps I was in danger of breaking the law for indecent exposure. I put a little more make-up and my headpiece on and called it a day. Tori was wearing the same dress that Carla had also loaned to me. John and Ken only used the hats from Joe and Ernesto’s costumes and then dressed to the nines.


We played one round of Kings while drinking (nursing in my case!) whiskey gingers. We got to Toronto around 11:00pm, where there was a full-on dance party already happening. We took several shots and then walked down to the gymnasium before midnight. Yes–the same gymnasium where the boys play futsol.


The party hadn’t really started there yet; the bands were set-up, but the lights were on and a DJ was playing music quietly. We got settled at our table and said hello to people who we recognized. People were dressed up as everything from Dracula (Rui) to Minions from Despicable Me (Candida and Alexandre). There were zombies, and Japanese anime costumes, lots of people in medieval garb, togas, hippies, princesses, and clowns. While there were a few (very few) people not dressed up at all, most people went all-out with their costumes.

IMG_2111Ken, John, me, Lina, Ernesto, and Marco being a creep in the background.

IMG_2110John, Marco and I took our now-traditional “seflie”.

Tori and I decided to hit the bathrooms before the line got out of control. Lina’s dad’s hardware store is right across the street from the gym, so she said we could go there, too. It was still early in the night—the bands still hadn’t started—so we went for it. We only had to wait about 20 minutes before we went xixi and headed back to the party. Because we were drinking, Lina and I almost cried talking about not being near each other anymore when John, Romeo, and I go back to the states. It is not happening soon enough for tears to be anything but hysterical.

 IMG_2121Me, Leila as Rosie The Rivoter, and Lina: CaveWoman.

Once they turned off the lights and the bands started it was mayhem. There were 1,800 people inside the gymnasium and all of them were drunk (except for the children, many people brought their kids). Other than beer, which was for sale, it was BYOB and people brought a lot. It was also BYOS; bring your own snacks. Because it was a marathon, not a sprint, I tried to pound the 5 liter water we brought more than alcohol. I also stuffed my face with all the delicious treats everyone had brought, mostly malasadas which are a traditional carnaval snack. Because I ate (a lot) and drank water, I was still sober when we left at 4:30am.


I had missed a hardware-store-bathroom-trip so I decided to hit the ladies’ room inside the gym alone. Big mistake: I waited in line for an hour and witnessed girls take their shoes off. After I had waited approximately 59 minutes I heard my name being screamed. “LIZA! LIZA!” And then I saw Rosie the Rivoter and Lina: CaveWoman.

Leila and Lina had come to my rescue. Apparently I had been gone for so long, they actually sent out a search crew. At that point—after having waited my turn for so long—I used the confetti-filled but toilet-paper-lacking stall and left with the girls.

We danced, drank, and ate until everyone else was drunk and I was so full my belly hurt. There was a cart outside selling the same cachorros that John and Ken had eaten for lunch. I wanted one so badly, I kept telling everyone I needed to stop snacking so I could fit one in my belly before we left. I took one more bathroom trip with Leila and Luisa, but this time we went across the street to the hardware store. There was no light but Leila had her iPhone. Luisa kept insisting that she was not drunk, but her behavior proved otherwise.

When I got back a little after 4:00am John decided he was ready to go. We gathered our things, said our goodbyes, and headed outside. I had one more line to wait in: I wanted a cachorro. Tori said she absolutely couldn’t eat another bite, so I got three for me, John, and Ken.


We walked home and John said he could’ve eaten another hot dog. I suggested we go back, the night was young!! Since I was sober, I was also totally wired. When we got back I showered (I couldn’t stop thinking about the bare feet in the bathroom… and they weren’t even mine!) and caught up on Words with Friends before falling asleep just before 6:00am.


One thought on “Day 150.. CARNAVAL!

  1. Beautiful pictures along the road and of teh harbor. And of Carnivale. Jon looks a little Shakespearean in one of the pictures.

    There are obviously more tears to come.

    Love you, Mom

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