151, 152, 153… Post-Carnaval & Paleo Brownies

Day One Hundred Fifty One (dia um centena de cinquenta e uma)

Tuesday (Terca-feira)

4 Março 2014

The Morning After

I got up around 10:00am to take Romeo out and my feet were killing me! I had worn sensible shoes to Carnaval (because I’m no longer in my early-twenties) but I think they hurt from standing up all night. There were people sleeping all over the vila; on the grass, near the pier, in front on the bank, in their cars with the doors wide open. I saw a kid throwing up outside Antonio’s while his friends stood around him in a semi-circle, watching. I saw men walking around in skirts, obviously still wearing some part of a costume from the night before. I saw a man peeing as his wife/girlfriend picked up their make-shift camp site. I took note that Pic Nic was open. Romeo pooped and we went home.

I made pancakes for lunch. John got up. We went to Pic Nic where there were still people in costume. I roasted what I thought was a pumpkin (turns out, it was!). I made gluten-free vegan refined sugar free pumpkin bread using My Whole Food Life’s Gluten Free Butternut Squash Bread recipe. Which turned out awesome–I am either getting better at gluten-free baking, or more tolerant of sugar-free eating. I even used Chia seed eggs, so it was vegan, too.


I Skyped with Cathy about her baby shower, which I will be home for. I made carne asada for dinner. I took Romeo out for a stroll, watched 30 minutes of Winter’s Tale, and fell asleep.

Day One Hundred Fifty Two (dia um centena de cinquenta e dois)

Wednesday (Quarta-feira)

5 Março 2014

I had 7 miles to run. I woke up and took Romeo out for the first mile. My calves felt like they were going to explode. Around mile 3 my left foot fell asleep—I’m guessing from the lack of circulation. I managed to get through all 7, finally feeling normal around mile 6. I was suddenly glad for the random extra rest day Nike+ was giving me the next day.

I got home and John and I got ready for the gym. We met Ken and I was glad things were back to normal—Tori is a nice girl, but I was so used to everything being me-john-and-ken. We did Shoulder/Arm Day and I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to lift my arms the next day.

  • Weighted dips to BB bicep curls
  • Lateral raises to upright rows
  • Tricep extensions to planks (boys did cable curls.. no thanks)

Off to Pic Nic and then a quick pit-stop at Antonio’s to get ham & cheese because I forgot to get them at Fatima’s the day before. The weather was beautiful (again) and the sun was stronger than it had been. After I ate and showered I took my laptop back to Pic Nic to sit in the sun. John and Romeo came down and met me for a drink before they walked on and I hit the fruit market.

IMG_2131 IMG_2133

Then it was back home again where I got stuffed peppers ready for dinner. John had double practices so he left before me and got home way after me. I headed off to ALKE where I had a small post-Carnaval class.


I went home to cook my gluten-free, dairy-free, stuffed peppers (ground beef, onion, garlic, cauliflower “rice”):


Skype with my cousin, Facetime with this cherub:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 9.48.34 PM

and make Paleo brownies (almost… I topped with PB frosting.. !) which I didn’t take a picture of, but they looked pretty much the same as the website. I made my own PB frosting which was just homemade PB and soy milk. Next time I would add honey. The next day, the frosting had soaked into the brownies, which made them even more delicious.

I finally Skyped with my parents and John got home around 10:45pm.

Day One Hundred Fifty Three (um centena de cinquenta e tres)

Thursday (Quinta-feira)

6 Março 2014

I had a rest day from Nike+ (thank you, running gods) so I headed to the gym about an hour before the boys to stretch, foam roll, and ride the bike (while reading A Wrinkle in Time and getting Mira Mar gossip from a girl who works in their office). John showed up, and then Ken, and we started Back Day. I was still dying from Shoulder/Arm Day. Pull ups, BB bent row, Rev fly, and Lat pull down.

While the weather was certainly still nice, it wasn’t nearly as warm as it was the day before. We sat inside at Pic Nic and then went home where John got straight into bed which is where he stayed for the next 24 hours (aside from attempting to go to practice that night…and coming straight home). At the gym, he said he felt like he was getting a cold, then completely crashed when we got home. Headache, belly ache… for those of you who follow his health history I think he is starting to flare-up. Hopefully all the rest will keep him from getting worse. #crossingfingersandtoes

I tried to feed him every five minutes, but he wasn’t hungry. I made pancakes for lunch, because I am mildly obsessed now that I’ve mastered gluten-free varieties. I decided that if almond flour is just ground up almonds, then maybe for coconut flour I could just use ground up unsweetened shredded coconut. I made my Corn Almond Pancakes (GF) with coconut “flour” instead of corn flour and topped them with homemade PB and bananas. They actually got pretty fluffy and were delicious, but I Wikipedia’d coconut flour and that isn’t it.


I tried to get John to eat again before practice (actually, I tried to get him to skip practice, which he refused to do), and he finally submitted to eating some bolos levedos. I wasn’t feeling sick, but was still tired from Carnaval (is that possible? It’s been more than two days. I’m not feeling 22). I went down to Pic Nic to get a cafe so I could stay awake during my class.

I went off to teach and John got ready to go to practice. Leila, Lola, Lina and I are planning on going to Ribeira Grande on Saturday for International Women’s Day. The Camara is hosting a run, walk, and family fun event. Nowhere on their Facebook page does it say how long the run is, but it begins at 10:30am and they award prizes at 11:30am. I know there are no runners in Povoacao, so I’m hoping the competition isn’t too great. I keep telling John I’m going to win (it’s possible!!). Alexandra told me there is supposed to be some big storm, but I’m not worried. I have to run 12 miles on Saturday whether it rains or not.


I went home and ate my homemade sauce with chicken (delicious sub) over zucchini pasta. I was halfway through eating when the doorbell rang. I called out, “Who is it?” because even though I was hoping it was John, he should’ve been up at the complex. Sure enough it was he, looking worse than before and claiming he couldn’t move his body. We got cleaned up for bed, I had two (TWO!) of my Paleo brownies (sooooo good) and we both were in bed before 9:00pm.


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