I got up at 4:30am to be in Newton for 6:00am. John said the night before that if he was up, he would drive me. He did get up, so we stopped at Cafe Fresh and then he dropped me off.

I shadowed my new friend Ann Marie until 11:30, went for a run up and down Comm Ave, and then strolled Newton Centre until John came back to pick me up after he played soccer in Bedford. We didn’t think about the fact that it was Good Friday, so when John told me that route 9 was a parking lot, I told him to take the pike. We sat in traffic there, too. Probably everyone cutting out early to go on vacation.

We quickly had leftovers for lunch before I dropped John off at Haskell field to shadow with the Revs Academy. I went to fieldhouse for back day (bent barbell row, pull ups, back extensions, and leg lifts) before heading home to shower. We were driving my dad to South Station that night and then having dinner with Anna and Wendy.

After I got cleaned up, I went to grab John. Once he was all squeaky clean, the three of us piled into our Mazda and we drove into the city.

My dad was taking a 9:30pm train to DC to visit my brother. Once we dropped him off we drove to East Boston and picked Anna and Wendy up. We went to a pub called Kelly’s for dinner. I could barely keep my eyes open. We dropped them off and headed home. Since the pike is a mess on the weekends (remember when it took us two hours to get home from the airport?), we took Storrow drive home.



I observed at Cutting Edge from 7-11:30. My dad was in DC, so John was driving his truck. When I was done with Ann Marie, I drove to the Newton Yacht Club and ran my 8 miles on the Charles River. It was a gorgeous day.

My dad sent me this picture from DC:



I drove home and had turkey burgers for lunch with John who had just come home from his soccer game. I could not physically do anything the rest of the day. I painted my nails, we went to the supermarket, we grilled a gluten-free, half dairy-free pizza (amazing!) and I managed to make my peanut butter, almond butter, and a gluten-free zucchini bread before I passed out.




I slept in to make up for all the early mornings. I didn’t get up until 8:00am. I cleaned a little before John and I took off for the FH. John watched an EPL game.


We stopped at Starbucks where we saw Felicia, who was running the Boston Marathon the next day. She qualified in Chicago… *if only*….

I DIED in Keith’s class. Ninety yards of burpee broad jumps? I want to know what this guy had for breakfast. We brought Romeo with us and I’ve never seen him so happy in his life.

We went home after class where I showered while John made caramelized pearl onions with bacon (a Pinterest find). When we were ready, we headed up to John’s aunt and uncle’s house in New Hampshire.

We had Easter dinner with his aunt Kathy and uncle Robbie, and three of their four kids, and his uncle David and aunt Tina and their two daughters. Oh, and Kathy and Robbie’s fat pugs. They are love bugs.


John’s cousin Sophia is really the only one little enough to want to do an egg hunt, so I did it with her. I opened up all the eggs as I found them and if I didn’t like what was inside, I put it back on the ground. She had so much fun she asked her sister and cousin to hide them again. I found a few more candies I liked the second time around. Then I felt sick from eating them. #damnyoueasterbunny

By the time we got home I was spent. I had made maybe-plans with my two cousins but I couldn’t even imagine going out. By 8pm I was hunkered down in bed.



I got up early so I could run before watching the runners. I was out the door by 6:30am and even though it got to be 70F later in the day, I needed my fleece headband in the 34F that the morning brought. I logged 5 slow ones, went home, showered, and John and I headed out to get breakfast before heading towards the “Six Mile Moment”.

We stopped at J&M’s Diner which is a total mom-and-pop that almost always has a line out the door. The food is only OK and ridiculously expensive. $25 later, and we were en route to the Boston Marathon.

We parked a little bit away from the route and walked. The wheelchair/challenged athletes (amputees, visually impaired, etc) had already started.

IMG_2530 IMG_2528

There was a huge crowd and the course was barricaded off. There were military police and german shepherds galore. The mood was elated. After about half an hour, a couple cruisers, motorcycles, and vans covered in cameras and microphones cleared the course. Then race director MacGilvray in his convertible. THEN—finally—what I had come to see: The elite women. I knew Shalane Flanagan wasn’t going to win (I mean, really?! Rita Jeptoo is a F*&cking beast!!) but she was leading the pack in Framingham.


I think someone should pay me for that picture.

After we saw the front pack, and a few more follow-up groups, we took off for the car: we had more runners to see! We went home to grab Romeo and head for mile 20. My dad was raking the front yard, so John and I grabbed two more rakes and put in thirty minutes of community service before leaving for Newton. We parked in front of our old apartment, met Anna and her dog Tyson, and walked a mile-and-a-half to mile 20.


The crowd was even thicker in Newton, and I couldn’t get a spot where I could see for at least twenty minutes. We didn’t see anyone we knew, but we saw a few of the same challenged athletes that we had seen in Framingham. I tried to get amped up for Chicago—I hear the crowds are good there, too.


Romeo and Tyson made lots of friends and the sun came out in full force.

We had to leave at 2:00pm so John could get to the Revs’ clinic. We walked back to our cars, said our goodbyes, and headed back to Framingham. I dropped John off at the fields, went home to clean, visited my friends Rich & Sara and there now seven-month-old baby, Jack. He is even cuter than the pictures they’d sent me while I was gone. I went back to get John.



I got up early to make Keith’s 5:45am class. Amy and Marc came, and just after we started the warm-up, Meg came. I hadn’t seen her yet, so once she realized through her 5:47am haze it was me, she was very excited to see me. Keith kicked my ass. Again.

I stopped at Coffee Works on the way home for a coffee and headed home to get ready: I was going to put in a full day of work.

The after-school program I used to work for was holding an April Vacation program and they let me work. My dad still works there and he had the same shift as me, so we carpooled (i.e. my dad drove me to work).

The plan was to leave for the zoo at 9:00am. We arrived at 8:45am and after I said my hellos to some of my favorite people who I hadn’t seen yet—Carrie, Joanne, Janaine—we got our groups and got ready to board the buses. Only there was only one bus. We had 90 kids and at least a dozen staff members. It took the bus company an hour to round up two more buses (and drivers). I’m pretty sure they woke the driver of my bus up from nap time at the nursing home. But whatever, we made it.

We got to the zoo after 11:00am, so we went straight to have lunch. I had the best group ever. There are two reasons you get a group like mine (four completely self-sufficient 4th grade girls). One, you are completely incompetent of handling anything else. Two, the director is feeling particularly generous. I’m going with door number two.

We saw the newborn giraffe, visited the petting zoo, went into the deer forest, and saw the macaws. We got ice cream and headed back to the buses.

My dad and I were supposed to go home at 3:00pm but the buses didn’t get back until 4:00pm. I couldn’t tell you the last time I was so tired.

We headed home where I crashed for a little while. I recovered and headed out to dinner. Remember my friend Cathy who is having a little girl in August? I had dinner with her mom, her mother-in-law, and her oldest friend to plan her shower. After a quick pit-stop at Walgreens to buy a ton of 50% off Easter candy, I met them at John Harvard’s.

Her shower is going to be beautiful. I can’t wait to see her. I was incredibly glad when this day was over.

When I got home, John wasn’t there. Crap—he was at soccer. I had forgotten. I passed out until he came home, then talked his ear off and couldn’t sleep the rest of the night.



We had to get up extra early so John could drop me in Newton. I didn’t have to be there until 7:00am, but he was coaching at FH so he dropped me closer to 6:20am at Peet’s coffee. I walked over to Cutting Edge at 7:00am to meet Ann Marie.

I am basically done observing, so I designed programs for her clients for the next two days. She took me through another workout (even harder), I designed a program for her, then I left.

John was just leaving fieldhouse, so I waited at Starbucks. He missed the exit, sat in traffic, and took almost an hour to get to me. We went home for lunch.

I was going back to working at Bosse, which is another big sports club that I worked at for the two years before we moved. I help with AP, payroll, and HR (a tiny, tiny bit). As soon as I saw Deb it was like I had never left.

I only had about an hour-and-a-half of work, and then John came back to get me. I had been planning to run 6 miles with some RunHens but I was feeling very unmotivated. And cold. And tired. After John and I did a little grocery shopping I ran 4 with Romeo instead.

I showered, ate, and went to bed. Two days until I’m in DC with my running buddies and four days until we pound the pavement and I crush my half PR.


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  1. So nice to have you back! Good luck this weekend!

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