Como Chegamos Aqui?

How did we get here?

Did we run here?


No, we didn’t run here. Even though that’s what 40% of my posts are about.

Did we walk here?


No, but we do a lot of that, too.

Did we fly here?


Yes. But that would be the easy answer.

The other easy answer is that John played a lot of soccer and took a few trips. We are here because we want to be, because the opportunity presented itself, and because the timing was good. I’m not saying we didn’t give up a lot to be here, because we did. John took a big leap by going to a foreign country he had really only gone on vacation to, while I stayed behind and kept “our” company running. It wasn’t really “ours” in the sense that we did work under the umbrella of a larger company, but we treated it like our own, and put lots of our own blood, sweat, and tears into it. We left that behind. We left our friends and our families behind. We sold our cars, we gave other material things away.

So, the next question is: was it worth it? You can read and decide for yourself, because we already have.



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