Days 93 & 94.. Plus more thoughts on the New Year

Day Ninety-Three (nonagesimo terceiro dia)

Saturday (Sabado)

4 Janeiro 2014

No running, just gymming. John has a game on Sunday so he just wanted to ride the bike and foam roll. I did some sun salutations to warm up and then did core:

hanging leg raises, decline sit ups, and suitcases @10 x4 rounds. I finished with a 2:00 plank.

We headed to Pic-Nic, of course, where we saw Adam for the first time. He had come back from New Bedford on an overnight flight that was delayed because of all the snowstorms there. We walked home where I cleaned everything. I swept and mopped all the floors and wiped down every fixture in the kitchen and bathroom. We really didn’t have anything else going on.

There was a game on (Arsenal? Liverpool? Maybe it was one of those Manchester teams) and rather than watch it on my MacBook, I convinced John to go back to Pic-Nic. Majiid, Adam, and Filipe were there, too. I mostly burrowed in my computer. I went home before the game was over to make meatballs for meatball subs. I am getting a little too comfortable with the piri piri sauce, so they were kind of spicy but still totally delicious and we ate them with the fresh bread-van papos secos.

I am currently reading Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller which is the second book about the Holocaust that I’ve read since we’ve been here (I also read The Book Thief, which was awesome). I read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.


Day Ninety-Four (nonagesimo quarto dia)

Sunday (Domingo)

5 Janeiro 2014

I had dedicated myself to long-run-Sunday and John had a game in Arrifes against Aguia. The weather was kind of crummy when I got up and John took Romeo for a walk. By the time I had a PR Bar and my tea the sun was coming out. I usually don’t eat before I run, but I’ve been reading a lot of those “16 Beauty Resolutions You’re Making Today” and “Eight Weight Loss Mistakes Runner Make” because they clog up my Twitter feed so I might as well. One of the things I read about running and weight loss (not that I’m trying to lose weight, but I certainly don’t want to gain any!) was about running on an empty stomach. I do this all the time. Everyday. I know a lot of people warn against it, but a lot of people get light-headed or nauseous, etc. and I don’t, so I figured it was OK to workout without eating, but this article says no. Rather than burn up excess fat sitting in your body (which I believed I was doing), your body first burns the glycogen in your muscles. Once you’ve burned all that, then you go on to burning fat but your energy plummets and your performance suffers. Shit. So, they say, if you’re going out for more than 30 minutes, you have to fuel-up at least an hour before so as to not burn the glycogen your body needs to keep going. Ok, this I can handle. I will get back to the Beauty Resolutions later. Which I #canthandle.

Today I was planning to do 8 miles, so I probably would have fueled up either way. I took Romeo for a little more than two, finished three down in the vila before I headed for the dreaded lombas. I saw Pedro picking up some kids in lomba do Alcaide. Usually when I see him and I’m running I just wave and blow kisses but I don’t stop. Well, today I was in the middle of a long hill so I stopped and took advantage. He thanked me again for the Benfica scarf we bought him for Christmas. He was so excited to tell me that Benfica has won twice since we gave it to him. I wished the boys in the car “Boa sorte!” and started to run again. A moment later the red car behind Pedro and the Mira Mar van stopped and the driver started talking to me. In Portuguese. “Falas Ingles? Falas Ingles?” “You speak English? You know that man?” he said, pointing to Pedro’s van. “Pedro! Yes, I know Pedro!” I replied, still thankful for the break this man was giving me. “Pedro is my nephew! My name is John!” I stuck out my hand as I said “My name is Liza” but then I remembered my Portuguese manners and gave him the kiss-kiss. “Keep running!” he bellowed as he pulled away.

I underestimated my loop a little bit, but once I topped the lombas it didn’t really matter. I still ran the tree-tunnel road and came down lomba de Loucao. I ended up doing 10.0. Bam.

When I got back, John was already on his way to Arrifes with Mira Mar. I showered and ate some leftover chili and finally headed down to Pic-Nic where I had my one galao and looked at jobs, cars, and car loan rates. I took Romeo for an extra long walk around the whole vila before we snuggled up in bed and waited for John to come home. Earlier, when I pulled chicken out of the freezer to make soup, John said “We can have soup, or we can have our weekly Pic-Nic burgers…. we haven’t had them this week yet,” and I heard: “You don’t have to cook if you don’t want to,” so I didn’t. I read The Storyteller and waited. And waited. Finally, I looked on Facebook to see if anyone had posted the result of the game. Marco had, because everything that happens to or around Marco he puts on Facebook. I saw that Aguia had won 3-1. Marco had written a whole long post and tagged two guys; one I was pretty sure was Mira Mar’s new goalie, and the other one I didn’t know.

I copy-pasted it into google translate and saw that Mira Mar had been up 1-0 but then the goalie had gotten a red card. What luck. Of course he got a red card. This is the goalie’s first game with Mira Mar; he was playing for a team in a better division (one that actually pays players) but told John and I the other day that he wanted to have time for his studies, and is from Povoacao and loves Mira Mar… and aren’t we so lucky? Because the man we call Bolacha (which means cookie) is not a good goalie. We finally got a good one (and he speaks English, and John said “he’s cool” so that can only help Mira Mar become more cohesive, right?). Because he got a straight-red (without a yellow card first) he could face up to a three-game suspension! Awesome. That’s awesome. Apparently, Marco questioned the ref about this call and the ref (who was the other person Marco tagged in his Facebook post) told him he “had to show some cards”.

Because Bolacha is already playing for another team, Cricket (the second string goalie) stepped in to play for the rest of the game. They took John out and Mira Mar fell 3-1. Marco, and at least five other Mira Mar players were awarded yellow cards. One Aguia player got a yellow card. Marco got his for yelling at another teammate and then told the ref if he gave him one more yellow card, he was going to kill him.

I met John at Pic Nic where we ate Pic Nic burgers. We went home and watched Enough Said with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, and Toni Collette. It was James Gandolfini’s last movie before he croaked and P!nk tweeted that she loved it. It was definitely enjoyable.

But back to the 16 Beauty Resolutions [I’m not] Making Today, which I found on The Huffington Post. Seriously, Huffington? I thought you were progressive, but this just goes to show how archaic thoughts and ideologies surrounding women and appearance are still circulating. “You will never leave the house with chipped nail polish.” Really? Never? Well, Huffington Post. Maybe I will.

When I read the first one, which is technically part of the headline, I was intrigued; “You will never ever go to sleep with your makeup on. No matter how sleepy and/or drunk you are.” Now, I am basically guilty of this daily. It is a combination of being lazy and creative. I am too lazy to wash it off and deal with makeup remover, and I don’t want to waste my pricey Mary Kay eye makeup remover on bedtime. I am also now able to wear eyeliner and mascara to the gym without actually putting makeup on. See?? I clean up the raccoon eye, but leave the makeup on for that casual no-I-don’t-wear-makeup-to-workout!-look. Pshhhh.

Now I will continue to not wash my face out of pure defiance. “You will exfoliate your body once a week.” Like, who is this article actually written for? I don’t even have a job or children and this list sounds exhausting. “You will start exfoliating your lips before wearing bright lipstick.” I’m more of a chapstick kinda-gal anyway, so I won’t be partaking in that particular resolution either.

You won’t wait until your toenails are in the worst shape possible to get a pedicure.” Ok, Huff. Two things here: right now I am my own pedicurist and I happen to do them often. When I was gainfully employed and residing in the US I frequented nail salons twice a month. At least. And two, I am a runner, so my toenails (which sometimes only amount to 8 or 9.. or 6) are constantly in the “worst shape possible”. So again, eff off.

You will actually attempt adventurous eye makeup.” Followed by a GIF of a girl wearing bright pink Las Vegas stage makeup. Again I say No Thank You.


Lastly, I give you this: “It’s officially the new year, and you’ve no doubt made plenty of promises to yourself already about what 2014 will hold. But did you forget to amp up your beauty regimen?”

Apparently, being female I am obliged, along with my resolution to be more patient, to also be more beautiful. I’m sorry, Huffington, but I am losing my patience. Now you’ve gone and messed up my real resolution. Damnit.


New Year, New Blog Format

Same delectable content, new format.

I am not one for resolutions (because why? If it was something you wanted to do, you could Just.Do.It like NIKE. But you haven’t. So you arbitrarily begin to do so on January first only to…not), but while we were at Toronto Nights on NYE John and I both made resolutions.


I resolved? Resoluted? To be more patient. John resolved to be more creative. He was listening to John Legend’s “All for You” which was playing while they served food at 4:30am and he made reference to Valentine’s Day. This could be good, stay tuned.

One thing I have managed to become over the years is more practical. After I traded in the skirt I had planned on wearing for running tights (yes, running tights) I packed my Chinese-store boots in my oversize purse. These heels lasted me two hours. We were there for 6.


We ate 12 raisins at midnight (making a wish for each one, they represent the 12 months), drank champagne and lots of other alcohol, we lost power, Emanuel hooked up the generator, we continued to dance, Lina and Luisa served a feast at 4:30am, and finally we went home.


In addition to being more patient, I am going to change-up my blog. The day-after-the-day-after New Year’s Eve I went through my past posts. Originally, I went through them because I wanted to know, roughly, how many miles I had run when I didn’t have a GPS watch. The answer to that question was about 140.6, but I learned more than that. I learned quite a few things (which is weird, because I wrote it, right?), but these are the most pertinent to this blog and the ways I’m going to (hopefully, because it was a resolution I have like a 90% failure rate compared to deciding to do this any other day) change it.

(1) My blog is full of typos. I know this. I go back and fix my posts long after I’ve published them and fix some, so it’s better. But there are still so many. Mostly I have a really hard time staying in the same tense. I am going to be more patient in my proof-reading.

(2) It’s, and I know you know this, incredibly tedious. Some of you like the detailed minutiae of my day, I know. But some may become bored in my ramblings. or lost. I ramble.

So, I’m going to do a better job of proof-reading and I’m not going to do daily posts. I may post daily (but probably not), but if I do, they won’t be laundry lists of my daily activities. But don’t worry, I’m working hard to ensure my readers are satisfied with my antics and sarcasm.

Here is my last daily blog post:

Day Ninety (nonagesimo dia)

Wednesday (Quarto-feira)

New Year’s Day

We stayed in bed. All day.

I made PB&J pancakes.

IMG_1500Lina brought over hangover soup.

We ate in bed.

I changed sheets, we got back in bed.